Monday, 15 October 2007

Gordon Brown - Dhimmi Scum

In all honesty, it took me a few years to develop a real hatred for Tony Bliar and so I have to hand it to the unelected Prime Minister of Our Country that he managed to make me hate him within just a few days of taking office. Check out the short clip below of the Brown Clown sucking up to the colonisers.

Again listen to him utter those words all True Brits love to hear "Enrich". No spitting please. It is a dirty habit much practiced by the Enrichers and to be frowned upon. You also have to wipe your monitor afterwards.

What a guy. He has swallowed hook line and sinker, the old story that Eid is the celebration to end "Skip Lunch Month" instead of the truth that it celebrates their Cult leaders attack on a "Caravan" for plunder and women.


Anonymous said...

It should be mandatory that everytime this muslim representative opens his mouth,he's wired up to a polygraph.

I'm tired of this crap as i'm sure most other people are,the future looks bleak!!

ps That gorilla bears an uncanny resemblence to our dictator brown,scary!!! orion

defender said...

here you go mate, have a look at this site for a bloody good laugh/

Aurora said...

What an appalling kiss-butt. What is wrong with this man? Next he'll bend down to the ground and personally lick their boots clean.

bernard said...

So far the media has kept silent because it's supposed to be bad form to go by appearances, but in Browns case I'll make an exception:
He is just utterly repulsive and plug ugly.
I've seen a more genuine 'smile' on an open-coffin cadaver.
And the way his lower jaw dislocates backwards reminds me of the Rat-Eating snake from central america.
Unusually, Brown actually looks like what he is....a no-hoper.