Tuesday, 2 October 2007

France, DNA tests and an idea for the BNP

Now lets see if I got the Welsh right this time.

Over the English Channel, French Dhimmi Quislings are up in arms over the fairly new French Presidents announcement that new immigrants claiming family already settled in France be given DNA tests. Who in their right mind could object to that?

Well Civil liberties groups reacted furiously to the government plan put forward by Thierry Mariani, an MP of the governing UMP party and a close confidant of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

It envisages DNA tests for applications for visas of more than three months when there are doubts about an immigrant's birth or marriage certificates.

The move would allow officials to 'propose' to applicants that they take a test at their own expense to prove a biological link with other family members.
Within a new immigration bill being introduced to the French parliament is a desire to impose tighter conditions for families seeking to enter France to join their relatives.
Mr Mariani said DNA tests would be a "sure, rapid' way to address the problem of 'documentary fraud".
A report this summer by UMP senator Adrien Gouteyron said there was often doubt over the authenticity of papers in family applications for visas.
He claimed that in African countries such as Senegal, Ivory Coast and Togo up to 80 per cent of birth and marriage certificates were forged.
Government statistics show there are 23,000 immigration cases a year where visa applications involve children, meaning DNA tests could become widespread.

Immigrant welfare groups said the plan was unacceptable. Well they would, wouldn't they?

Daniele Lochak, a former president of GISTI, a group providing information and support for immigrants, said: "It's obvious that applicants who refuse DNA tests will have every chance of having their visas refused." Why else carry out the tests numbnuts?

The cost of up to £350 for a test is also likely to be beyond the reach of many immigrant families although they always seem to find the thousands of pounds to pay the people smugglers. Who cares. You can read the source article here.

On the down side for Our Country, one knows exactly where the deported immigrants are going to head for next. Your place.

But this article has given me an idea. We have already seen how DNA tests have been used to solve crimes many years old, some even decades old. Well a crime is a crime no matter when it was committed.

A British National Party Government should DNA test every single person admitted to Our Country over the last 50 years who claimed to have family ties in Our Country. Should the DNA tests prove that they are not here legally then they and any offspring should be deported without any form of compensation other than the compulsory purchase orders put on any property they own. This housing can then be used as council accommodation for the True Native Brits.


Celtic Morning said...

When families are desperate to be reunited,whats wrong with them reuniting in their native lands? We have surely had enough of"extended families" and its time overdue to say "no more." They will be bringing the family goat over next- unless they already have.

bernard said...

'Bringing over the family goat?'

Quite regularly. It's called Bush Meat, and is probably responsible for the sporadic outbreaks of foot and mouth disease.