Saturday, 20 October 2007

Barnsley BNP activists attacked in Town Centre

Members of the Barnsley Branch were attacked by left wing scum this afternoon whilst selling papers in the town centre. The police witnessed the event and 2 arrests were made. Barnsley BNP candidate Lisa Brooksbank who stands in the St Helen’s ward was directly behind the stand as the thugs trashed it and kicked it into her. A full report will follow as soon as legalities have been confirmed.

Check out Barnsley Nationalists for Updates

Let us hope that none of our people are injured. We must regretfully expect more of these attacks as the red scum become more frightened by the continued growth of the British National Party.

These fascist thugs who launched the attack must be brought to trial and punished severely. Physical attacks on either supporters or members of any political party is an attack on democracy itself.

Are you man enough to stand with the British National Party activists and Lisa Brooksbank or will you let her and others fight alone for Our Country, Your Country and Your Children's future.?


You can read about some of the red scums heroic exploits here. Be amazed at their daring as you read how they boast about how 30 of them threw bricks at a car and then ran away with "no injuries". That must have took real courage.


Jonathan Wood said...


The Green Arrow said...

Nobody in their right mind condones violence Jonathan. But from your profile I see that you are just a child and reading your blog, clearly not in your right mind.

Thank you for helping to increase the BNP vote.

Nick Griffin said...

Nobody in their right mind condones violence Jonathan.

Rights for whites must be backed up by well-directed boots and fists.

Keep praying for me Green Arrow.

Clive Jefferson said...

J Wood - Again in-sighting violence against a legal, peaceful democratic party.

Oh dear ...this will have to be included in the police complaint against this junior delinquent (and noted pot head and TWOCer)who has actually been asking people to "give the BNP a smack in the face when you see them" on his dribble little ranting blog.

The Anti-BNP are really excelling themselves.

Clive Jefferson, Cumbrian BNP.

Johnathons brother said...

Poor Johnathon, sitting back with his Labour member parents giving him the best education money can buy in a nice white area.....

Shame we all cant live that way hey?