Thursday, 11 October 2007

Police guidelines for Eid celebrations

As is usual in a Cult Celebration - something has to have its throat cut

I am not sure how peaceful the previous "Eid Celebrations" in Rusholme have been in the past but if the police figures of 70 vehicle seizure warnings being issued at last years event, they are not that peaceful. But we shall see what we shall see.

The Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations (how much does that cost the tax payer) has issued what seems a threat to me to the local True Brit Community.

If anyone is intent on causing problems for the local community, then please stay away.
Disrupting the working, traveling public, half of Rusholme roads are to be sealed of and so peaceful is this celebration expected to be, that they are increasing the numbers of police patrolling the streets. Again one wonders who is picking up the bill.

Dhimmi Superintendent John O'Hare has issued the following statement of servitude on behalf of his masters. Roll on elections for Chief Constables.

"Eid is a very important part of the Muslim calendar and we are extremely proud that Rusholme is a focal point for the UK Muslim community.

We welcome visitors to the area and hope the celebrations are enjoyable for all."As part of the policing operation, and to allow the local Muslim community to celebrate their religious festival with minimal disruption, an increased number of police officers will be patrolling the area and will be diverting traffic away from Wilmslow Road during the celebrations.

This may mean that journeys through Rusholme are likely to take longer than usual."I would like to ask residents, and students who might be new to the area and not aware of these celebrations, to be patient with these traffic disruptions and respect this very important Muslim festival."

Now the turnips might tell the Dhimmi True Brits that Eid is to celebrate the end of their "skip lunch festival" of Ramadan but those of us who have been forced to study the cult of the Dead Paedophile know different.

The first Eid was celebrated when their cult leader was still alive and doing what his followers continue to do today. Rape, murder and pillage.

Caught with his robber band attacking a "Caravan" of merchants to rob and steal the women, his force was attacked by a larger force of the Qurashi, whose lands he was raiding. As a result of defeating this force, Eid then became an annual "Celebration" of how Allah had intervened to save Muhammad the Madman. Another Moslem lie bites the dust to the truth.


A Free Man said...

I dont care if muslims slaughter animals as their religion prescibes, I dont care if they flay their own backs or cut the heads of their babies, thats fine and dandy.

the problem I have is that they live on our continent, in our lands, taking our money raping our women and claiming what is our inheritance. FUCK THEM.

Let them worship as they will but in Morocco, Algeria, Iran and Saudi, not Belgium, France and England.

najistani said...

Our inheritance with soon be their inheritance as our culture is destroyed.

Islam is the only religion which is more obsessed with unbelievers than it is with its own followers. Muslims define their own identity solely in opposition to the Kuffar. Islamic accomplishments are so negligible that they have no positive cultural features with which they can identify. Hence the unceasing and implacable aggression toward civilized peoples and envy of their accomplishments. The development
and deliberate cultivation of hatred
is such a central feature of Islam that there is nothing that we
Kuffars can do, or not do
, that would make our univited guests hate us any less or any more.

Rage is so intrinsic to Islam that external events are irrelevant. Hatred of non-Moslems is the pivot of Islamic existence. Muslims are bound together by a shared and carefully nurtured animosity to 'The Other' developed from earliest childhood, which ignites a permanent fire of tension between Moslems and non-Moslems. Ever since Jihadists started immigrating into the West, we have become all too familiar with concepts such as 'Killing the unbelievers wherever you find them' and the tribal polarities of Dar al-Harb versus Dar al-Islam , Ummah versus Kuffar etc.

This venom manifests not only as highly publicised murderous attacks - 9/11, 7/7, Beslan, Madrid, Bali etc but as less well publicised local instances of 'street-jihad' - small scale SJS murders, child abductions , rapes and general gangsterism. Muslims do not necessarily want to kill all unbelievers, since Muslim culture is predatory and parasitic and
incapable of sustaining itself. Large numbers of non-Muslims have always been kept as 'dhimmis' - second
class citizens who supported their indolent masters by their labour and payment of the crippling 'jizya' -
the infidel poll tax. But if the kuffar is not killed, it is essential that he must be thoroughly humiliated.

is very important in Islam - second only to killing. Humiliation of the kuffar takes a number of forms:

1) Dhimmitude - economic
and social oppression
bordering on slavery.

(2) Sexual predation - historical white
and modern day pedophile rings and rape of 'uncovered

(3) Cultural humiliation - muslim cultural triumphalism and destruction of the kuffars' culture.

Most counter-jihadists are familiar with humiliation
by dhimmitude
and Islamic sexual predation, but cultural humiliation doesn't get as much publicity in the blogosphere, and yet it is a growing danger that deserves far more attention.

At first sight the idea of muslim cultural triumphalism seems absurd. Dar al-Islam produces nothing of any cultural significance that Dar al-Harb wants . But the fact that they have nothing to offer doesn't stop them imposing their cultural presence with domineering and triumphalist structures.

A major expression of cultural supremacism in Europe is the building of large, aggressive 'in-yer-face' mosques in prominent locations. For example, the London megamosque will be next to the
Olympic site
and will be many times bigger than any Christian building in London - an edifice of Stalinesque gigantomania . What Muslims lack in quality they attempt to make up for in size and numbers. Nevertheless, large piles of masonry still can't compensate for the inherent cultural barrenness of Islam, and the main effort in cultural humiliation is directed at destroying the kuffars' culture rather than creating anything new. Constant attempts are made to restrict the public celebration of traditional kuffar festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Also, and most importantly, the religious artifacts of the Kuffar, especially 'idolatrous' images such as crosses, carvings, statues and stained glass windows, are regarded as Jahiliyya - worthless trash. Today, as all throughout its past, Muslims devalue the civilisations which they attempt to supplant through the defacing of ancient historical and religious sites. Any culture that is pre-Islamic is considered to be jahiliyya, that is, from " the time of ignorance .

As the European Jihadist population increases in number and expands outwards from its ghettos, we can expect escalating attacks on the physical remnants of our culture, especially sacred sites such as churches.

Eventually the architectural and artistic heritage of Europe will go the way of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Islamic multiculturalism will not have produced 'vibrant cultural enrichment' but cultural desolation.

Anonymous said...

Riots just the norm in good ole London town.
RE:EID read the reports of the 2006 festival of filth in Scotland,this is just another excuse for muslims to take part in what they do best.