Friday, 5 October 2007

Way to go America

Once they become a majority in an area the enrichers soon show their real loyalties.

I will be expanding this article later in the day. But for now, you really must go and watch a real American hero in action here.

Grateful to A New Knighthood for the full story that can be read here.

Way to go America.


Celtic Morning said...

I expect British patriots to do the same when the Swarthies try it on, placing the Black Flag of Islam above the Union Jack. Or lib/lab/commies try the same thing with the Stars of the mongrel European Union. Bring it on.Congratulations to the American vet and lets hope they have plenty more like him.

The Green Arrow said...

Celtic, I have made a vow. The first time they fly the eu flag over our town hall, I intend to go and cut it down and bugger the consequences.

The Spook said...

and that's exactly the kind of thing it will take on a regular basis for the appeasing morons on both sides of the pond to wake up and realize they're playing with a ticking time bomb.