Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I have ate my last Cadbury's chocolate

Didn't say anything about Poland in original adverts. Click for larger image

Cadbury joins the long list of originally British Companies that have betrayed their workers and the nation that gave them the opportunity to build themselves into the large companies they are today. Read the British history of Cadburys here.

Joining the likes of Dyson and Burberry they are sacking 700 workers in Our Country and moving production to Poland whilst the workers trade unions again do nothing. And why? Because the unions are part of the alliance between global business and Marxism and there are no boarders in business or communism. Weird or what.

So when the elections do come, remember what Gordon Brown said earlier this week. "British Jobs for British Workers". Providing they move to Poland that is.

Still going to vote Liebour or are you awake yet to the fact that only the British National Party will protect the jobs of the British Workers and only the independent trade union, Solidarity will truly represent the True British Workers. Your choice. Bleat or roar.

Now I did think about starting a blog site to record all the job losses overseas but in the end decided to record all crimes committed by the enrichers of our society and so created The UK Enrichment News and that swallows time. Any nationalist blogger out there prepared to pick up the gauntlet and create one recording job losses?


Anonymous said...

If ever there was a company that got too big for its boots, its this one, highlighted perfectly when they were found last year to have salmonella in their plants?. Long before that scare, I stopped buying their products, despite being a chocoholic!, due to their arrogant advertising, and I hope this betrayal by "The Nations Favourite" backfires on them completely. Anyway continental chocolate, at 1/3 rd of the price, goes down much better!

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Green we should start a national campaign to stop British people buying there wares. Same post same day. I will never buy my fav chocs again.