Monday, 8 October 2007

Have you seen these men???

West Midlands Police have issued a list of their most wanted criminals. The truth is, that in fact they were never wanted or invited here in the first place.

Why not check it out and wonder at the ways our lives have been enriched thanks to our traitorous politicians.

Oh well, perhaps one day they will have to hide in holes to avoid the justice of the True British People.

If you would like to see thugs like those pictured in the list punished properly and then deported then you need to start supporting the British National Party now. Soon it will be too late.

Finally have you seen this man? Surely not another enricher?

Must go. Have to update The Uk Enrichment News.


For further information on West Midlands Police, please check out the following links provided by Mr Smith's Refusal, here and here.


bernard said...

Thank God I don'nt live in the West Midlands.
It must be pure hell on earth up there!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

West Midlands Police?

Please see my post here and N14's post here, both dealing with West Midlands Police. They are not to be trusted.

As to Keith Vaz MP being 'shocked', I can't imagine why. He's one of the most contemptible pieces of NuLab scum to ever crawl the earth. As just one example, please click here to see his being interviewed alongside Nick Griffin.

I wonder if West Midlands Police are looking for the 'people' on the list to arrest them or congratulate them...