Friday, 14 November 2008

So what did India spend OUR money on?

"Please God do not let the Boston results be right"

Remember this? Gordon Brown announcing that he was to give £825 million of Our Money to India in Foreign Aid? You do? Good.

Could come to a town near you one day

Well you will be glad to know the money has not been wasted. Yesterday, India test fired a K15 nuclear capable Submarine launched Ballistic Missile.

Way to go Gordon, now they can Nuke us if we do not keep paying them.

All you Lib/Lab/con voters who are looking for somewhere to live when your homes are being repossessed or when you are being refused treatment to save your sight or life can rest assured that the money you needed to survive has not been wasted. Your financial sacrifices have gone to a good cause. Mugs.

I wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence.
There's a knob called "brightness", but it doesn't work.


English Rose said...

It's outrageous and they say India is going to be one of the richest countrys and it's got quite a few millionaires there, there was no reason why we should have sent them so much money.
How much money was given to the flood victims in Gloucester last year? not nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

time you kept your money to yourself insted of letting these political clowns waste it.

The most important political office is that of private citizen. -Louis Brandeis, lawyer, judge, and writer (1856-1941)

Worth looking in on this guy he is really woke up.


Airborne said...

What the hell is this country on?

Anonymous said...

the observer said
The most likely result of this development will be nukwar between India and Pakstan.
That will solve their population problem then.
Maybe Gordon is better at forward planning than we suspect.
Take his position as world leader in the "fight" against the current global recession illusion.
He created it.
He will "solve" it.
I predict an election combined with an E.U. referendum, conjoined with accession to the Euro-zone.
This will be hoisted as the only way to "save" Britain from the economic problems.
Brown is most certainly the most sinister and creepy politician that Britain has ever had.
Have you noticed the change of his voice to one of subtle and quiet concern, when he does interviews?
A creep of the most flatulent magnitude.
His insides are most likely full of the same pustulent gaseous effluent that emerges from his mouth.