Sunday, 23 November 2008

What Now - Street Judges ? No Thanks.

ANTIFA are wetting themselves hoping they can bring out this chap in all of us.
But hard as it is for me to say it, this is NOT the way to go.

by john of gwent

I was going to post this as a comment in the article that Sarah, Maid of Albion posted here. But then I realised my words would fill it. So I'm going to have to put up a full article.

The point I wish to emphasise was where Sarah said :-
"However, I urge any BNP member or sympathiser who is currently reading this to demonstrate ultimate restraint in the face of what is going on"
Easy to say and damned hard to do. But if I can do it, so can you. Twenty Six Years Ago I was Public Enemy Number One Hundred And Six (or thereabouts) in the eyes of the Animal Liberation Front. Public Enemy Number One, in return for his efforts to explain to the public why he was doing what he was doing, was foreced to endure "being a hate figure for the animal rights movement, assaults by masked terrorists, bombs sent to his children, letters laced with razor blades, a suicide bid by his wife, and more than a decade of attacks and abuse". And when, shortly after his home received a nailbomb by post and I and two of my colleagues had fire bombs planted under our cars, I learned a lot about myself and a lot more about the attitides of these people and their "supporters". If you can spare me a minute or so I'd like to pass some of that on.

It has to be said that the actions that have led to the current situation have been festering for quite a while. The information that has been made public was stolen a while ago, and varous legal measures were put in place to try to prevent what has happenned, but let us be honest, the people that the BNP are up against have no interest in the law or its upholding.

Over on a forum i find an interesting place to be from time to time, "UK Debate", one of the members was kind enough to regurgitate this from the "Daily Star" at the time of the RWB festival.
AN anti-fascist organisation hell-bent on violence is targeting the British National Party’s summer festival. The hardline group Antifa – who advocate the use of extreme violence against neo-Nazis – are calling on members to descend on the Red, White and Blue Festival next month. The organisation has members all over Europe and were responsible for the decapitation of the waxwork Adolf Hitler at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. They are now targeting the BNP’s festival. Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”
Now you must remember that this is one tired and ageing communist who thinks he can use his cosy relationship with the red-masthead press to try and put a bit of fear about. We all know the glorious Antifa Brigade managed to drum up at least half a dozen hoodies whose idea of creating mayhem was to engage in a disorganised fracas in a Derbyshire farmyard and some adjoining back lanes that forces of law and order accustomed to dealing with real troublemakers found few problems in rounding up. And you can be sure that right now each of their prize troopers collected that day - and all their drinking pals - are in the limelight (well, the infrared sights at least) of a whole load of CCTV cameras.

You have to understand there are two totally separate sets of oafs indulging in this campaign. If they are the same oafs, they are bigger fools than I could ever imagine. You see, the "Animal Liberation Front" and the "Come Home To A Real Fire Buy A Cottage In Wales And We'll Give You A Real Welsh Welcome Pal" brigade share two things in common. They both have a collection of foot soldiers who can be called upon for the low level mayhem - the road sign and wall daubing, and the crank phone calling, and the numbers that do THAT far exceed the numbers who feel motivated to chuck the odd rock, or more. When I stood in the front line the dodgy phone callers used to skulk in pubs near public phone boxes, working up the courage, or finding it the "dutch" way, to go to a dark booth in a dark alley and ring my office to leave messages that would make a trooper blush.

Why did they use darkened BT phone booths in dark lanes ? Because they needed to perform their acts one-handed. The other hand was being used to perform a completely different kind of act to make use of the adrenaline rush they got from their low level criminality. How do I know this ? Well, whereas many of the tossers left messages on my office answerphone, one or two got the pleasure of speaking to me in person, and one fool was on the phone so long, we got a trace. The phone box was well plastered in certain secretions when the police arrived, and whilst, alas, there was no DNA profiling in those days, we DO know the guys blood group. Because the lab in which I worked was one of the few equipped to perform the analysis, so the stuff was brought to us to be analysed. While my gear was in their hands, I was able to find something else out about the mentality of these people. Either the guy doing this was finging me as a substitute for geting his girlfriend pregnant, or he had lots of helpers in that phone box with him who were barely able to get anything up, for the "sperm count per ml of material" in those samples wasnlt going to impress any real women anytime soon.

So next time you get one of those calls, GA, don't forget to ask him how long he's been practicing getting the words right while dialling left handed. You could ask if his tackle's getting a bit sore what with him having to queue up behind all the other callers waiting to insult you.

The other thing to remember is to try and keep the little shit on the line. If he's calling from a phone box, "CLI" is automatically recorded these days, even if it is "withheld" from you, but if the idiot is using a mobile, hoping that a SIM bought for cash no questions asked is a guarantee of anonymity, then this is how he will be found out.

You see, I've worked on analogue and GSM mobile and satcom systems in my career, so I know that one thing the cellular towers that take the call do is measure the signal strength and signal to noise very carefully, so they can hand off a moving caller to the next base station. Not politically correct these days, I know, but a basic feature of the system. So if you make a call from a mobile, EVERY cell mast in range not only receives your signal but also measures the strength of that signal. And strength of signal means proximilty to the base station. It's as if there were a lot of bits of string between you and the mast. And we know the length of each bit of string, and if we have enough measurements, we can triangulate on you as surely as the gestapo grabbed the french resistance, or our chaps grabbed the german spies in our midst.

Because if you make a big enough fuss someone somewhere will be forced to retrieve those records and then the place where the call came from will be located. So it all comes down to political will on the part of your chief constable to find and punish the perpetrators of these actions that violate the Telephony and Wireless Telegraphy Act and subsequent Telecommunications Legislation.

So remember, all you UAF scum out there picking up those phones with your left hand in a damp call box this rainy night, or tanked up on cheap booze with your new SIM card, it could be you the finger of fortune picks out tonight but you're gonna see the hand on the end belongs to the long arm of the law and not the Lotto Millions Machine.

So just remember, if you are lucky enough to get one of these cranks ringing you, the chance of them actually doing anything to you is minimal, because the last person a firebomber wants to firebomb is a bloke who had a call ten minutes ago saying "oi nazi we're coming to burn your house down" because now you're waiting for them with a lumberjack axe aren't you.

That said, it cannot be danced around for any longer. There are some hotheaded scum out there for whom the excitement of the phone box is no longer enough to get it up. For them, the brick, the mask, the crowbar, the boot and the explosive device are the way to go. But thanks to the fols having a practice kickoff at RWB, today's equivalent of PC George Dixon Has Their Number

I've attracted the attention of just one such piece of scum in the past. Twenty Six years ago in fact. I came out of a lecture theatre and as my boss's boss got in his car and drove down the hill there was a muffled "whump" as an incendiary device went off. Two more devices were found decorating my boss's car and my own. The trigger mechanism was a dead ringer for the one in the bomb that took Airey Neave's legs off. Proof positive if I ever needed it that there used to be cooperation amongst the violently militant of all causes in this country, and even more reason to believe the people whomight do this are marked men.

The question you have to ask is what sort of person goes round firebombing cars and wishing people physical harm in their cause ? Well, Antifa's own website declares their dedication to physical confrontation in the furtherance of their goals and their contempt for legal political activity and the democratic process. There is only one fate that awaits such men. A number of low velocity bullets in the head.

It is unbelieveably important that no-one, no-one does anything regardless of the provocation against you to give any politician or other slimy weasel in our establishment the slightest excuse for not condemming such scum as terrorists.

The hardliners in Antifa are praying (well, the minority who have a god of any sort are anyway) that a combination of inaction by the police, and weasel words by slimeball UAF supporters like Diane Abbott MP (who on "This Week" a few nights ago told Andrew Neil it was a good thing the names and addresses of these racists were known to all in this country) will topple a few into following the example of Mr Stallone's character.

DONT let them have their way.


odin said...

Dead right mate!

The Green Arrow said...

JOG thanks for the post my damn internet connection as been down since early afternoon and am now trying to catch up before my visitors come to firebomb me.

When they left a message on my answer phone they neglected to say when.

That is two tapes we and the police now have.

More please brain dead red.

BFB said...

My cousin was recently shot 14 times by two gangsta's and one was subsequently charged with attempted murder and tried at the Old Bailey (I posted about it on my blog). The second gunman is still on the run.

At trial the captured gunman argued that he wasn't in the area at the time of the shooting. However, triangulation from three nearby masts proved conclusively that not only was he in the area, he was on the same street (he phoned his accomplice minutes before the shooting).

He was sentenced to seven and a half years for attempted murder, later increased to 17 years on appeal.

Every single phone call - landline or mobile - can be traced to it's source to within seconds of the call being made!

If the police took these threatening calls seriously they could have every single culprit in custody by now.

Anonymous said...

i read this site this post Defence gets my vote well worth reading GA

Anonymous said...

I hate blogger GA im no good at all this posting links and stuff Awaiting A Western Renaissance,Defence
the link i gave aint worked so i'll try again, if not its here i read your site every day to and this one Battle for Britain
or here their are more i like these 3 tho are best