Thursday, 20 November 2008

The BNP. Are they the new Jews?

Jews wearing the infamous Star of David badges

This is a bump of an article I wrote back last year. With the release of the Role of Honour, I think it appropriate to push it back to the top.

In Nazi Germany, Jews and other races were forced to make a visual display of their racial origins by suffering the humiliation of being made to wear badges.

Today, it seems that the new Nazis who have infiltrated all walks of life in Our Country would treat members and supporters of the British National Party the same way.

Numerous official bodies disallow BNP members from applying for jobs and were the people applying for these positions colored, you could rest assured these organisations would be rightly paying out millions of pounds in compensation for discrimination.

Now the Royal Institute of British Architects is getting in on the action of persecuting BNP members and attempting to prevent their advancement within their organisation.

Riba has ruled that anyone standing for election to their council would have to declare whether or not they were B.N.P. members.

Jack Pringle, the current Riba President said he had been planning the change for some time. Notice "he" had been planning the change and was responsible for pushing the rule through despite concerns about his actions from other leading British Architects that his actions bordered on "McCarthyism".

This is because one of Riba's most highly respected members, who is also a former BNP candidate had the temerity to stand against him last year.

The honorable architect was Mr Peter Phillips who was attacked widely when his announcement to stand last year was announced and there is no doubt his chances of winning were scuppered by the lies of the Tri-Axis establishment.

A former Riba President, George Ferguson ends the article by saying;

"I think this is a very difficult balance to strike and if this is in place it should only apply to extreme movements like the BNP ... But the problem is that although I find the BNP a repellent organisation it is not a proscribed party."

And he is right on just one thing. The BNP is not a proscribed party and being a member should not prevent a person in working for any organisation.

What I find repellent are the new Nazis who try to tar the British National Party with the label when it clear that the BNP is the only political party that speaks out for open debate and free speech for everyone. The BNP will not go quietly to their end. They will fight and they will prevail.

Perhaps the most obvious political effect of controlled news is the advantage it gives powerful people in getting their issues on the political agenda and defining those issues in ways likely to influence their resolution.


LionHeart said...

Things are going to change, its disgraceful treatment of British patriots.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the BNP

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Got to agree with you green arrow the B.N.P. members are persecuted at their work place especially from the authorities who would rather employ a foreigner or a Muslim extremist

But one day the B.N.P. will get their just rewards for know body can call them liars or cheats and certainly not traitors

Anonymous said...

Well, the sooner BNP members are out of the closet, the better. The don't ask, don't tell, policy is just ridiculous.. The fact that a BNP member can not be in certain positions or do certain work, should warn the populace of the current fascism we live in.

Yes, BNP persons who have been outed, may be in danger, but this is as much a wake up call to them as to us, that we really are in serious danger anyway, and we have to prepare for our safety and be able to defend ourselves, and organise ourselves even more in that respect.

I've never been in the closet about my sexual preference, and I have had to stand up for myself on many occassions, threatened by muslims, blacks and sometimes even my own brothers as well. It can be good for the BNP to know what it is like to live like a homosexual. Because at the end of the day Alexander the great wasn't particularly a closeted cowardly fag. I hope the bNPs will make no apologies and demand their rights and jobs back NOW!

Anonymous said...

No,this Jew claim has already been bought by the Muslims!
They are the oppressed, apparently!

Fyrdist said...

The BNP and Jews: quite a similarity.

The Bosheviks were a threat to the West, its decency and its social order; the BNP are a threat to Britain's indecency, and its disorder.

Bolsheviks were GUILTY -we are INNOCENT.

Anonymous said...

I sent a letter to the Head of RIBA

Anonymous said...

This political witch hunt and intimidation of the BNP will only make us stronger.
It also exposes the lies and hypocrisy of the fascists who are pretending to be anti fascist.

Anonymous said...

Yep The Decent Party and indeed The BNP are a threat to all that is desgradeing and destructive!

It will stop the destruction of this country at the hands of unlimited greed