Saturday, 1 November 2008

Liars, Buggers and Thieves

The face behind Searchlight
By Albion

But first, to make patriots aware of the good news I feel I should first post the report kindly submitted by Misterfox under the heading ‘How to fight back” You will find this heartening report on the Green Arrow Forum.

STARTS …Over in Essex there is a BNP activist who is even older than your editor and has stood as a BNP candidate in several local elections. He is Sid Chaney, who has launched many legal cases against some of the activities of the left, and the Searchlight organization in particular. Some he has lost others he has won.

He has just informed me of a notable victory whereby as a result of continual badgering of the Association of London Government (now renamed as London Councils) it no longer provides any grant funding to Searchlight. In a letter to Mr Chaney from Christiane Jenkins, Director of Corporate Governance at the association she writes:

"I can confirm that the Association (renamed London Councils in 2006) no longer provides any grant funding to Searchlight. The allegations that you make are of such a serious nature that I recommend that you take this matter up with the police."

And no doubt Sid will!

The monthly grants that Searchlight received, via the London Boroughs Grants Unit, amounted to £21,262, i.e. over a quarter OF A MILLION PER ANNUM! The monthly breakdown was:

Salaries - £11,403; Printing postage and stationary - £2680; Telephone - £2,500; Hire of equipment - £1500; Travelling expenses - £2000; Insurance - £679; Freelance and research costs - £500.

We cannot yet confirm the rumour that Gerry Gable and wife Sonya are to be pensioned off. But we can confirm that London council taxpayers owe a great vote of thanks to Sid Chaney… ENDS.

It does not take an Einstein to suspect that Searchlight and UAF have been funded in the past by a Government department, though I did not realise the extent of this funding.

This huge amount shows just how concerned the government and town councils are over the ever increasing success of the British National Party as an alternative political party. A quarter of a million pounds a year no less, of tax payer’s money!

Do the people know their hard earned taxes are being used to fund violent criminal fascist gangs, I doubt it?

I also find it strange that some of these people who work in these Government departments must have been blessed with at least a half a brain not to be unaware of the criminal activities of some of these groups they recklessly fund, and that inter government memos would have confirmed that Searchlight and its foot soldiers the UAF and other nondescript fascist and communist groups are nothing more than vicious thugs, and whenever they crawl out of their lairs they are the violent animals that are arrested by the police whenever they try and disrupt BNP rallies, meetings, protests and social events.

If there were no objections from civil servants within these departments over the funding of these violent groups, particularly the fascist UAF I can only assume like most people today when voicing an opinion, any opinion that is, that conflicts with the ideologies of our treacherous far left socialist regime, it would certainly mean zero chance of promotion but more likely they risk the loss of their job, their livelihood and their pensions.

I do understand, it’s a lot to gamble.

The easy option is hear no evil, see no evil nor to speak publicly about evil and that is precisely why the eventual car boot sale of this country is inevitable, tragically most of it has already been sold to a foreign government, unless of course the people see through the lies freely germinated by our National Broadcaster and the MSM.

For the British National Party it’s a difficult and long road ahead. There are two alternatives. One really does not bear thinking about and that is to vote for the Libs/Conservatives.

The good news is that the other alternative is to give the British National Party your support. Vote Conservative and this country will continue being sold off to the EU. Nothing will change, I repeat with all sincerity, NOTHING WILL CHANGE, and in fact this county’s demise might accelerate.

The most important message for the people is time is NOT on our side.

The aforementioned list linked with the Fallen List shows the horrifying near terminal state of political and social decay in this country, and its imperative it is stopped with extreme urgency or I fear for the future of this country and its people.

The longer the people believe in the lies of the establishment the harder it will be for the British National Party to clean up the stinking, festering violent mess and to investigate the levels of corruption that has permeated right through government, politicians, civil service and the political interference within the BBC News, Currents Affairs and talks.

I know it will make depressing reading but why not for a start read “Our Liars, Buggers and Thieves” list on the ‘Home of Green Arrow site’ this is NOT mud slinging, it is fact based on reports straight out of the popular press…………………if THAT is any recommendation!

You will find the list of Liars, Buggers and Thieves on the home page of Home of Green Arrow site near the top of the page on the right hand side.

? Google it! As it says on Tele, some viewers might find the following information distressing.

In passing I would like to say every race has a divine right to exist as a separate nation, every race has an inalienable right not to be forcibly integrated with another race if they choose not to.

It is treachery in the extreme for a government to use the threat of incarceration and enacting new laws to achieve this forced diversity and to frighten the people if they protest. Most races have managed to survive separately until the 20th century. The EUSSR is determined to change all that, and it is succeeding.

UPDATE By Green Arrow

Some of you might like to follow this link about the Communist backgrounds of some of those politicians who have helped bring Our Country to its knees.


Anonymous said...

Great news! As Mr Punch would say "that's the way to do it".

ivan said...

Funding stopped ? i wondered why ketlan and denise have been a bit quiet lately over on lancaster puberty.Rumour has it denise has had to find a job. And £2,500 for phonecalls ? gerry gable does like his premium rate lines.


UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples:article 8.1 "indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of thier cultures.
2."states shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of ,and redress for:(a)"Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of thier integrity as distinct peoples,or of thier cultural values or ethnic identities".
(b)"Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of thier lands,terrotories or resources";
(C)"Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of thier rights;
(D)"Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
(e)"Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.
Any way that you look at what is happening in this country today,at the treatment of its indigenous peoples,is a clear violation of the above declaration,and yet no-one is interested in fighting this abuse based upon these articles which are recognised under international law,and to which this administration is a signatory,as it is part of the undhr,if no-one will help our nation will be extinguished,slavery will be bad enough,but to have to share it with cowards would be too much to stomach,the choice is yours.

st george said...

arrow the main website has gone down ?

Airborne said...

Has anyone noticed that the BNP siteis down today. Fishy!!

Wolfblood said...

David "call me dhimmi" Cameron is still signa'tory' to the extreme, violent, communist UAF - 2/3 down kh column -

Tell the people what's being done to them!

Yachts and dots .... join the dots people .... join the dots!

Fyrdist said...

U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:

Arm yourself by saving a copy of the quality PDF document. Refer to it constantly because it PROVES we natives are the victim of ethnic genocide and crimes against humanity.

Why is the U.N., therefore, not here to help?

"U.N."? "JEW.N." more like.

Will someone please inform the British Army about this clear invasion, rape and pillage that is taking place in the land from which they were purposefully removed?

Anonymous said...

I have thought of writing to my M/E/P

Anonymous said...

That is one sinister looking man.