Friday, 31 October 2008

Bali Bombers soon to discover the truth

Soon they will be burning in hell

Soon, very soon, the international news agencies are going to be carrying the report that the three followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile, pictured above have gone to discover the truth about life after death.

The three "Smiling Assassins" as they were labelled after carrying out the 2002 Bali Bombing in which over 200 people had their lives cut short will soon face a painful death similar to two drug smugglers who were executed in the same manner that they will soon be experiencing.

The three men will each be placed, at separate locations in front of 12 men. Three of those men's weapons will be loaded with live ammunition. Nine of them will be firing blanks. The firing parties have been practising now for awhile. You can read the details here.

One thing I do know, is that the ammunition used will be 5.5 mm bullets and that should make any serviceman sit up and think. I know many armies use that calibre bullet but personally if I had to shoot someone, I would prefer a 15 mm or at least 9mm bullet in my rifle or pistol.

And if I knew I was going to be shot to death, then let it be something with a real bit of clout so it is over fast. No wonder the drug smugglers lived on for seven minutes after being shot. This time the Officer in charge of each party will be required to fire an "amnesty" shot to the head if required and he probably will be.

Now the following is something for all you dyed in the wool liberals who believe that Our Country can live side by side with those who have chosen to follow the teachings of a perverted paedophile.

One of the killers when asked whether he had twisted the words of the Koran, he spoke for all of Islam when he replied:
'I know better than you because I am Muslim and you are kaffir (infidel). You kaffir know nothing.'
And just so we understood where Islam is coming from and where he is going(hell) he qualified that statement with:
'To all Islamic people, especially Mujahadin (holy warriors), wherever they are, it is your obligation to claim war and kill the persons involved in the execution like (Indonesian President) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.'
Now I do not wish to wander off too far but think about this, whilst these killers were being tried for their crimes, we in Europe were paying three million euros towards building one of the largest mosques in Germany. As one of Germany's new master race said, during the opening ceremony;
Ruettgers, affirmed the right of 3.3 million Muslims in Germany to build mosques as big as they liked.

"We need more mosques in this country, not in inner courtyards, but visible and recognizable ones,"
You think the London Underground murders were bad, well we have not seen anything yet. You think that we were lucky that the bombs used in recent attacks did not go off?

They were never meant to! They were warnings about what they, the colonisers could do, should they choose to. The captured terrorists were just sacrificial pawns in an opening gambit and our treasonous leaders will have made concessions that we will not know about until we have a BNP government.

Our sympathies go out to the families of all who died in Bali, especially to those of the 88 Australians who have helped show us the truth about the Religion of Peace. do not let their deaths be in vain.

Here is a poem that I have posted before.

The Voice

The voice that whispered in my ear
In urgent tones precise and clear Said:
"God is hate and God is War
And God wants blood - so make it pour.
And if you sacrifice your life,
Leave behind your child, your wife,
You'll win for all eternity...
A place in Paradise. Trust Me!"

I packed explosives in a car,
Parked and waited near a bar,
Then watched the strangers milling round
Scream as thunder shook the ground.
Devastation everywhere... broken bodies lying there;
I'd brought them death, I'd brought them hate -
And won the key to Heaven's Gate.

But Heaven's gate I couldn't find.
Confusion, panic gripped my mind.
I searched and searched, but all I found was one
vast portal underground.

The Devil opened up the door.
I saw a hundred souls or more
Seated round in a fiery room,
Their faces wreathed in pain and gloom.
"Meet my bombers," Satan cried.
"Mine was the voice, the voice that lied.
"Join the dupes whose souls I've won -
"Deluded fools, every one."


Anonymous said...

Yep. They will only meet Death and as they say what goes around...

And the visible colonising symbol (the Mega -Mosques continue their march across this nation, acts of visble domination and betrayal.

So nearer Remembrance Day for the millions of British who died in both wars and at this time a Greater Manchester Council are considering letting a mega - mosque be built on the site of British soldiers war graves.

And today a council official said there was a 'problem' with the wording on my poster.

The poster began...'I am English'.

Our 'own' are sowing our ( and there) extinction.

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