Saturday, 11 October 2008

Nick Griffin of the BNP to appear on Question Time?

Nick Griffin - Chairman of the British National Party

Word on the street, is that Nick Griffin is to appear on Question Time, scheduled to be recorded somewhere in Stoke-On-Trent on Thursday 16th of October.

By all accounts, the venue and full list of guests has not been mentioned yet and this may be duff information but I pass it on anyway.

It seems that an unknown BBC representative has been contacting and visiting local BBC stations and informing the staff that they must now "treat the BNP exactly the same as every other party". Now I find that last part hard to believe but stranger things happen at sea.

But just in case, it might be a good idea for local British National Party patriots in Stoke to apply to appear on the programme. You can do that by following this link.

I hear also that the usual suspects are planning to "peacefully protest" outside the venue, if this information is indeed fact.

I am not sure whether it would be good thing to have a "supporters group" outside the venue also or leave the street to the reds to scream and rant. What do you think?

Nick Griffin on Question Time. Now that is something I would pay my license fee to see.


Anonymous said...

leave it to the reds to make a fool of themselfs, they are experts at it.

Anonymous said...

I think security around Nick should be tightened to the levels becoming a corrupt Liebour minister. Just watch for this being a set up, lets face it, "the powers that be" arent going to do a u turn and suddenly let the media embrace those that they have waged war upon for years. This is a fight to the end, make no mistake.

Anonymous said...

I would really love this to happen GA, especially with the current economical situation. But let's be honest: the cowardly bastards wouldn't even share the stage with Barnbrook after his election to the GLA. I cannot see them having the balls to do this, Griffin would embarrass them and they know it.

Still, fingers crossed mate, if it happens it will be a massive boost for the BNP. Especially if the Internazis put in their usual "peaceful protest".


Anonymous said...

Griffin should taughnt them like a boxing challenger would until he gets his fight/debate.

He should loud and clear are you scared, is it because I'M right.

Come on prove it.

Peter said...

I agree with reconquista. Most of the the usual panel on that programme could not live with Nick and they know it, so its easier not to appear for them. The audience would be a set up mainly of long term LibLabCon supporters or members who would be instructed to be as hostile as possible to NIck.

Eventually there will have to be a time when we must be allowed to be on the panel, but Nick himself has said that it would be when question time is in the likes of Bradford or an area like that which would be impossible for us.

This would be the "must watch" programme of the century for me though especially if it were true.

odin said...

Yes, leave the streets to the reds, that's when they make fools of themselves, & give the high ground to us!
If we have a presence, then we will take most of the blame!
Also I think Nick is right, he should pick when he attends things like this!

Anonymous said...

definately leave the streets to the reds, we would have nothing to gain and everything to lose

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see him on QT,he's a gifted speaker. I'll believe it when I see it though,and from the BBC's point of view, Stoke would be a poor choice, too many BNP supporters in the area.

Anonymous said...

"Nick Griffin on Question Time. Now that is something I would pay my license fee to see."

Are you saying you don't pay it now?

Finlandia said...

Ignore the SWP zealots.

Anonymous said...

The SWP are waiting for the BNP to fall into its trap and engage in street politics. Nothing would put the British people off more quickly than seeing fights between Red agitators and the BNP. It would also attract the wrong sort of supporter to the BNP.

Like The Roman said...

Excellent scoop, GA! I only pray that it is true.

johnofgwent said...

IF this is true - and so far I have only the word of a former anglican priest who defected to the catholics, presumably at the same time anne widdecombe did, and for the same reasons, then we all know what's going to happen.

A busload of antifa / uaf are going to do to the recording studio what they did to the Oxford Union.

Let them.

Let their particular brand of persuasion be shown for what it is.

And the LAST thing we need is to provide them a target. Get tickets by all means. But otherwise *STAY AWAY*.

watling said...

Someone suggested NG on the "suggest a panellist" page. Amazingly, Al-Beeb published it.