Monday, 13 October 2008

Was Joerge Haider killed because of this speech?

I think, that most thinking people believe that the "apparent" collapse and subsequent "assistance" of the world money markets has been planned for a long time.

First, to personally enrich beyond imagination, a relatively small group of individuals and secondly help bring about the New World Order which they say will be required to put "everything right again" and which these "chosen" individuals will control.

In the above video clip that was filmed just 16 days before his possible murder, Joerge Haider talks of the involvement of some of the banks involved.

What we need, is protection from ruinous products, because in reality the banks are a big mafia which have poisoned the whole world...with these products.

By using everything (financial ideas and products) from America and today nobody wants to be responsible.

It is the small man who will suffer because he will lose his job and payment.
As you can see from the constant interruptions to Mr Haider, this kind of talk is not popular with the "elite". Couple that with all the other "truths" that the heroic Haider spoke about before his death and you can understand why the "elite" would like to see the end of him.

So just how to get rid of this man who was a major obstacle to their plans for the enslavement of the world population?

Well one of the most popular methods for killing someone without the public becoming alarmed is Assissination by car accident. Lots of people die in car accidents.
"For secret assassination, either simple or chase, the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated." CIA Assassin's Manual

Vehicle ‘accidents’ are used as a way of assassination precisely because they are such a common cause of death. It is easy for the authorities to claim that anyone crying foul play is simply a ‘conspiracy theorist”. - David Shayler, Former MI5 Agent.
Airbags functioned. Roof intact. Engine not pushed back.

One of the most well known techniques for taking out a person traveling by car is "The Boston Brakes" method.

Microchip transceivers are installed into the victims vehicle enabling the assasins to take over control of the steering column and braking functions at a location and time of their choice.

The target is then put in a situation where he believes himself to be in danger and accelerates his vehicle to escape. The assassins then take control of the vehicle and the victim is doomed and if necessary are on hand to finish of the victim under the guise of giving assistance.

No doubt soon, the press will be announcing that Mr Haider was speeding, over the drink limit and also had signs of drug abuse in his blood stream.

There have been several famous cases where it is believed that the "Boston Brakes" method of murder has been used. One is the "assassination" of Major Michael Marman and the other is that of the, unwanted by some, Princess of Wales. The above video was included because it refers to the "Boston Brakes" method of murder.

Fortunately for Nick Griffin, we have people in the BNP who know of the kind of tactics employed by the agents of the New World Order and hopefully they should protect the Chairman of the British National Party. We want a live leader not a dead martyr.

Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery.

UPDATE 13 October

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Red Squirrel said...

This is what I was thinking GA, that this excellent man, Joeg Haider, had been murdered. A sad loss for Nationalism.
I will copy this video and provide a link to your site from RS blog.

Anonymous said...

An interesting post. Sadly, I think I have to agree with Red Squirrel's conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, before reading the comments left on You Tube, while watching the video I too noticed the looks on the other panel members faces.

Anonymous said...

GA, any chance you could install the Follow This Blog tool? I find it is useful in keeping me updated.


Fyrdist said...

A well-researched article there, GA. Nice one.

Well it seems that we all concur:


Spread the word, people.

Ps, didn't the State also get rid of Ian Stuart in the same way?

Alex said...

I've found this article on the subject yesterday. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he was assassinated, especially after seeing the video where he denouces the bankers. The timing is certainly very suspicious.

bernard said...

It certainly looks suspicious as Haider was in a government car at the time of the accident, so reports said.
Nick Griffin uses private cars.

Anonymous said...

Yeah whatever, still the only good fascist is a dead one!!!
I personally despise the new world order, still good ridance to the twat!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you should call Jorg Haider a fascist . He was a nationalist who was highly popular and didnt sing to the new world order song sheet. Therefore he had to be eliminated.He had to be abused and insulted by the Frankfurt school acolytes.(come on to call someone a "twat" really reveals your level of IQ.) Open your eyes a bit more,read a bit more and you might understand what is going on in this world and I m sorry it doesnt easily fit into marxist stereotypes. Start asking why.To paraphrase Goethe, theres none so thoroughly enslaved as those that dont realise they are in chains.

Alex said...

@anon 6:38

I would guess from your comment that you're some kind of antifascist yes? Perhaps even from the UAF?

What exactly are you lots doing to stop globalism wich you claim to be against? At least this 'fascist' had enough balls to go on national television to try to denounce what's going on. That probably costed him his life, and you're saying he deserves that for standing up to the globalists? You're all a waste of oxygen, seriously. Keep fighting the only group in Britain standing up to the NWO. Great job...

And btw being proud of who you are and opposing the dispossession of your people isn't racism, it's common sense.

Anonymous said...

I will call it a killing joke......oh and i really don't care about any of you, or your points of view, or your silly so called friends and leaders.
There are no chains around me.....i broke them 20 years ago.....take care...thanks for letting me comment, take care.

Anonymous said...

Yes "thanks for letting me comment", something which your own websites wont allow. Though of course you wont see anything wrong with that, how them nasty "Fascists" allow free speech, even from detractors. Those nasty "Facsists" may well be the last line of defence between you and the New World Order, though again you probably arent able to work that one out. No wonder the country is in such a mess.