Monday, 20 October 2008

When are you going to f***ing die?

Now who said that? Well I will tell you first where it was said. It was shouted out at the Herne Bay by-election, where the British National Party candidate managed to collect 399 votes in a very difficult area.

Now, as to who it was shouted out by, it was one Bunny La Roche, who along with four other protesters shouted down the returning officer, by screaming out abuse during the announcement of the results.

And what was the response of the conservative candidate and victor, tory Jean Law, on hearing "Boiler" Bunny shout out; "When are you going to fucking die Whiting" to the 75 year old BNP candidate?

Strong condemnation? No, don't be silly. They are all "jolly good pals and jolly good company people", as you can see by her reply when questioned about the disgraceful behaviour of the agents from the UAF/LMHR/SWP rat pack.

"That is what democracy in Britain is all about - being able to say what you believe.

"Bunny is a great lady. Her protests didn't spoil my celebrations at all."
Oh well. We all know they are in collusion with each other, the local press and the Tri-Axis parties and this is the kind of behaviour we expect from the red rat pack. So we move on.

But first a bit about the stunted Hobit, Bunny La Roche. Why, after planning the "outburst" at the Herne by-election for months, was there such a pitiful turnout from the red brigade?

Is it because "Boiler" Bunny is loathed by everyone (link to red site warning) she comes in contact with, even her fellow reds?

Currently hacked off at the fact that the UAF has sent a tiny, local anti-democracy group, a bill for £1800 for costs incurred during their pathetic attempt at the anti-BNP demo in Stoke. Most of the cost being for Bunny's disruptive attendance!

Because, Bunny you see is a full time paid member of the Socialist Workers Party and as the red rag points out.
Having thoroughly pissed off pretty much everyone on the Stoke activist scene, Bunny has certainly merited the payment!
Bunny came into her unpleasant element again when she ran up against Stoke SP comrades. She went from sweetness and light at the founding meeting of North Staffs NSSN to an aggressive bully at the anti-fascist rally held a few days later.

When we turned up at the rally with our banner she *commanded*(!) we take it down because “it was agreed” no party banners or placards were allowed (we refused).

Needless to say her concern for this spurious agreement (if indeed it ever existed) evaporated when her fellow SWP’ers disembarked their coaches and broke out their SWP-branded ‘Smash the BNP’ plaques.

Then at last week’s debate, she harassed our paper sellers and leafleters by telling them where and when they could/couldn’t sell/leaflet, led the charge in shouting down - with some Labour people - one of our comrades who pointed out the rise of the BNP in Stoke might have something to do with the identikit policies of the mainstream parties, snapped at the coffee attendant to make sure one of our comrades paid for his drink, and curled her lip at the activist on the NorSCARF stall - for the crime of daring to carry Searchlight material. It beggars belief someone obviously unsuited to this kind of work, let alone a full time position in a socialist organisation, has been so appointed. What does this say about the SWP?
I think it says all we need to know. The SWP/UAF/LMHR are an undemocratic organistion, that knowing it cannot win at the ballot box, acts as the militant wing of the their paymasters, called the Labour Party.

Anyhow, here is the link again to the red rubbish, should you wish to read more about the ever popular, stunted hobbit and "Bunny Boiler", Bunny La Roche, SWP/UAF/LMHR.

Sir Henry Morgan is correct by pointing out that reading the comments over on the linked red site, is like watching cats fight. Go read them. Have a laugh at the beginning of the end of the SWP. Here are a couple of tasters.

I’m at a loss to work out what’s happening here. What does ‘assistance’ mean? In other words, what exactly are you guys being billed for? Is it itemised on the account? Traffic control? Banners? Just turning up on the day (shades of ‘Rentamob’)? Was there some understanding beforehand that they would be financially recompensed for anything?

Frankly this sounds like a shakedown operation. Gerry Healy and Lyndon LaRouche would be proud of these guys.
£1,800 to travel from London to Stoke.
How does Bunny get such cheap deals from Virgin?
The sister is a genius.
While we’re on the subject of invoices and refunds…I paid subs to the SWP for years, and donated to the annual ‘fund raising’. As the general aim was to ‘build the party’ and this hasn’t happened, is there any way I can get my money back?
I’m amazed any one even listend to Weyman’s lecture on antifascism as he has done nothing credible in that field the entire time he has been at UAF,then
neither have UAF done anything.

What do they do with all the money they collect to fight fascism, if they then charge local groups for the “privilige” of their company?

And what exactly did this Bunny Boiler do in Kent that was so shocking?

I had to smile when I read about the itemised bill landing on NorSCARF’s doorstep. This is unfortunately a common tactic of the SWP towards campaigns it feels it should be running but doesn’t control: Sink them with bills!

Wee man Bennet and the poisoned dwarves of the SWP cc must realise their demise is on the horizon. They are in freefall. Hooray!!the good ones have not the guts to challenge the bullying that is now central policy in everything they do. They are nothing but oafish yahoo infiltrators

Alf G - This is not merelt tittle tattle. This is about the most sizeable organisation on the left doing serious damage to the anti-fascist movement. After bullying and bypassing local activists, they are now trying to bill them for the pleasure in an attempt to grab trade union money that was donated to someone other than themsselves.

Do UAF/LMHR practice transparency when it comes to where the money donated from TU’s is spent? That money is given nationally to fund full-timers, campaigns and interventions such as in Stoke and Derby etc. Why on earth would they be trying to bankrupt a local group, which is potentially what they are trying to do (unless they wouldn’t have billed them if they didn’t know about the donation)

And there is lots more there to read and laugh at.

Why does LMHR (a supposed “antifascist” campaign group) charge so much for its services if it is supposed to be stopping the BNP? I would assume that rather like Searchlight (whose books, unlike LMHR/UAF, are open to inspection)fighting fascism would be a non-profit, at all costs operation. Evidently it has not.

most activists of any standing now have no time or respect for the swp - esp. the jumped up freshly ‘trained’ full timers who think they own the entire movement even though they are just out of university and middle class fools who act like they are on drugs.

It’s so good to see a really effective ‘United Front’ at work.

A truly new and novel way of smashing the fash.

We beat each other up ( metaphorically, at least I hope so ! ), and the fash all fall down laughing helplessly at us !

And yes girls you are correct.


Aberdeen-Patriot said...

I see the little stunded socialist runt has stood for the Respect Muslim party, and this is who the conservatives are in bed with.

Brill article green.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


You gave a "Redsite Warning". What on earth for? I just read it all, and all the comments. It was like watching a sack of cats. Absolutely hilarious. They hate each other worse than they hate the BNP. And they've started asking questions about the SWP's accounts. This can only get better.

Anonymous said...

I haven't laughed so much since the Coverts accosted Bennet for pies in one of their YouTube Vids.
Now fellow patriots of the BNP letssober up here.
This is the Opposition!
Stop laughing!
They want to embed themselves, copy BNP tactics, "build class based resistance".
They haven't worked out yet that class has nowt to do with it. Nurses, bin men doctors teachers (even the odd ballerina) are straining to hear the Right Music.
Thank you GA for a wonderful post.
We should print some of these out fpor inclusion in our literature, giving proper credit of course?

Cllr John Oddy said...

It would appear that not only have the “Great Unwashed” been upset by Ms La Roche but the people of Kent are up in arms over her unpleasant outbursts (thisiskent). She appears to be drumming-up support for your British National Party, perhaps you should send her a membership form!

How are you, you old pirate?.

Anonymous said...

from the same site if you can stick with the delicious in-fighting a VERY interesting read well worth a c@c job These are council flats gifted to this lot ahead of those in need. It's outrageous that councils let the great unwashed q jump like this to no doubt spy on BNP activity in communities, or am I going mad and GA are you 11 lol!


gary, you say: “Linday lives in a council flat, not sure if its with John Rees and I don’t care. She earns the same as anyone else in the party.”

I am sorry, but I have researched the SWP’s finances in some detail, I was intending at one stage to write a detailed article about the finances, but I was persuaded not to. This was based upon detailed information from pepole who used to be very close to the cc. I have to say that not everyone who works for the SWP earns the same. Not by a very long chalk.

I don’t want to go into this in detail, and certainly not regarding individual cases, but the SWP has had in its gift a number of council tenancies, so the fact that someone is a council tenant is not necessarily indicative that they would have been housed there based upon the council’s point system for social need.

But without saying too much, we could observe that the SWP is an unusual organisation with regard to how amazingly secret the money is.

Comment by Andy Newman — 14 October, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

Anonymous said...

I've sent this link to everyone in my addy (especially the lentil munchers)
Yes I do have friends who munch lentils hopefully this will make them pause to think before paying union dues or buying horrid red propaganda to feed this lot of freeloaders.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hello John

Keep waking up in the morning, so I'm ahead of the game.

And yourself?

I write on the Wiganbnp blog as well these days. Take a visit - it's on GA's sidebar