Friday, 3 October 2008

Where is your evidence Cameron?

David Cameron and fellow thugs and at the end. Cry babies.

David Cameron has said that the British National Party is an "appalling bunch of racist thugs" who are a "threat to our country".

But those worn out phrases no longer work Cameron. Times have changed, people now have access to the truth and can see the truth when they look into the faces of the BNP activists knocking on their doors and delivering them the truth in local Patriot leaflets.

And just as the BNP now have the ability to bring our fellow True Brits the truth, they also now have the ability to teach them history and remind them of just what sort of people govern us now. Thugs, drug takers, criminals and thieves.

Check out the image at the top, of the infamous Bullingdon Club that incidentally the groveling establishment controlled news media have been told to stop showing. See you in Court.

The drug taking Cameron is number 2 and the Turk, Boris Johnson at number 8. Both big fans of Islam, Boris has stated many times how proud he is of his links to the Cult of The Dead Paedophile and Cameron is famous for this shameful statement;
Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.
Now when it comes to real thuggery and drug taking, let us check out the past of these two over privileged clowns.
Cameron was member of the club at a time when it was de rigeur to engage in the ‘man of the people’ pursuits of washing down “a cocktail of drugs with an honest, working class box of chips and a five pound bottle of wine”.
And how does Cameron remember his days when he was a member of that bunch of thugs shown. When 550 windows of Christ Church's Tom quad were smashed in one night. When Boris Johnson was crawling around on all fours in the hedges of the botanical gardens trying to evade the police. And when like all thugs and bullies turned into a sniveling pathetic and sad namby-pamby when caught and cried like a baby.

No, "the blissful sponge of amnesia has wiped clean the slate of memory" from their minds. But not from the minds and memory of the British National Party.

How dare Cameron smear the good honest hard working activists of the BNP with a personal past that would put a Liverpool Drug Dealer to shame.
The Bullingdon modus operandi is to book a restaurant under a false name, smash it up, and throw large amounts of money at the upset owners — a form of behaviour which dates back to Victorian times.
And that is what Cameron does now. He operates under the false name of Conservatism, when at the end of the day, he is a destroyer. First of public houses and now of a country. One day we really should hang him or at least imprison him for treason.


Fyrdist said...

Brilliant article, GA!

10 out of 10 for your research and links. Thanks for them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Bullingdon Boys, everything that our fathers fought for now belongs to Islam. What diabolical force made Camermoron and his ilk turn away from the British way?, after all their own forefathers would no doubt have been the stiff upper lipped Englishmen of yesteryear. Surely the lure of Saudi money cant have been the main reason, as wealth they already had?. Was it self preservation, insider knowledge that one day darkness would inevitably envelope the world, better to run with it than against it?. Some form of satanism? does anyone remember the series of "conspiracy" programmes which went undercover to a secret convention for world leaders where an effigy was burnt and they all dressed up with masks on?. Insanity? inbreeding and weak feeble mindedness?, unlikely. Perhaps they know that the end is near, and this last frenzy of ferral feeding off the masses a last ditch high. But equally they must know that Britain is/has reached a point of no return, and their long inherited power base will no longer protect them from even bigger predators who arent likely to recognise or respect their nobility, or show them any leniency for selling out those who had entrusted them with their futures.