Wednesday, 29 October 2008

How the left shoot themselves in the foot

The True Brits can see past the tools of the "elites" lies

The problem with the state controlled press is that they are still living in the pre-internet days. They are dinosaurs and their day is coming to an end.

They think they still have control over what the pubic read and watch on TV but that is no longer the case. Let us have a look at the garbage put out by KentNews and carried in a few other local rags that they control.
The far-right British National Party has unveiled plans to stand candidates in every ward in Medway in the next local elections after claiming “huge support” across the towns.

A spokesman for the fascist neo-Nazi group said they hoped to send BNP members out into every one of Medway’s 22 wards ahead of the 2011 vote to spread their message of hate.
They think that by throwing out the tired old "far right" and "fascist neo-Nazi" statements that people will be put of supporting the British National Party but the people are wise to them. They now know when they are being fed lies.
  • They visit our sites and blogs and discover the truth for themselves.
  • Our activists are constantly delivering the truth to their front door.
  • Our paper sellers provide the real truth.
So they read and learn and they have seen with their own eyes how Our Country,Their Country, is being stolen away from them and when they read that "all the major parties" are against the BNP, they know why. The global marxists plan for a New World Order in which they are destined to be slaves for a self perpetuating, unelected "elite".

And when the warped left publish articles containing the likes of the following snippet:
White supremacist author Arthur Kemp hit out at non-white immigrants saying: “It is wrong for Africa to come to Britain and turn Britain into a mini-Africa.

“That is what is happening today – the Third World is colonising Britain and only the BNP opposes this process.”

such is their arrogance, they think that those statements will alienate the True Brits from the patriotic British National Party.

When in fact, it only confirms in their dwindling readers minds what they already know. That Our Country is being colonised and their jobs, homes and way of life taken away from them.

Jack Large, 14. Enriched unto death

Finishing off, today I sadly added the name of Jack Large who was murdered in November, 2007 to the ever growing in size - The Fallen List.


ivan said...

Well done green arrow.i picked this story up early this morning with the old sabotage lies,it reminds me of reading the noddy books all over again.One day some of these cretins will be sending their C.Vs off to VOICE OF FREEDOM.Wouldnt it be great interviewing them why they want to join a nationalist newspaper ?

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

It's been a while since the adjective 'neo-nazi' has been used! I think the media may step up their smear campaign due to the recent financial downturn.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Jack Large. Another young life sacrificed on the high altar of this violent and unwanted enrichment madness. WAKE UP ENGLAND !!! You are half the problem!

Anonymous said...

Lot's of pro-BNP comments on the online version

ivan said...

Worker loses case against store.

Mohamed Ahmed worked as a fork-lift truck driver
A Muslim man who sued supermarket firm Tesco for religious discrimination because he was asked to handle crates of alcohol has lost his case.

Anonymous said...

I typed "reporter Simon Robinson your medway, Kent" into Google images and got this: (on the left)

I'll place a hundred on it being the shit who peddled those poisonous lies in that paper

Anonymous said...

They simply do not want to
face the fact the majority of Brits DO NOT want Britain turned into a "mini Africa" or anything else
Africans have Africa we have only one small island.

Anonymous said...

you can now collect your hundred, that is him.

Anonymous said...

GA you should put their photos up when they write lies like this.

Expose them and their real motives.

Fyrdist said...

I'll second that, GA. Let's have the photos of our enemies plastered across all websites we can secure the use of.

These kind of filthy lies must be ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED.

Let's have this shit on the website.

Ps, I've emailed you.

Whistleblower said...

Here, here.

Let's have blog that gives the details, crimes and pictures of those in the press that wish us harm. I have a few already. There are many also on Redwatch.

Anonymous said...

Having tea with the minister(as you do) I tentatively mentioned the enriching of our inner cities and how The Left Has Lost.
"Those b******'s" spluttered that nice man.
Emboldened I confessed to supporting the BNP and I got a huge wink an extra cake and a sherry.
Word is out!
Felicity K

Anonymous said...

I've left a comment we'll see if its posted.
These are dark and exciting times and how we behave will be our legacy to our children.
We have no need to go down the Redwatch route, though I understand why peoples frustration suggests it.
On 4th of November 2008 our American friends may be catapulted into the "End Times" with the result of their election.
No matter who wins, a line has been drawn in the sand, now is not the time for the weak.
Barack Hussein Obama has been feted(and fooled) by the Left, he may have his finger on the Nucleur button this time next week...or the silent non screaming/crying/demanding minority may ensure that he loses.
When America coughs, the world gets 'flu.
Let's be standing by as the competant nurse for our people.
W.A.S.P asylum seekers?
I'll hide them three to bed under the floorboards.

Anonymous said...

"a community of communities" rather than a Nation.

in other words Multiculturalism doesnt work will not work and never has worked and really lets face it all its about is destroying a nation that has a right to its nationhood!

It fairly transparent that the wheeling out of the neo nazi hate stuff as lost its power a while ago...may are waking up to the fact that labour et al are a destructive and degradeing force in this country and we dont want it anymore!

Salford Supporter said...

An orderly protest outside this rag should be staged. Surely the local populace and readership want and expect impartiality in reporting from the newsmedia. The BNP supports multi-party democracy as the British way of government - how can we be 'fascist'. The Nazis believed in racial supremacy and imperialism - we do not.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I'm surprised the newspaper didn't call itself racist for having the photo of a buxom white lass on it. Clearly an almost naked appeal to white racism, eh? Shouldn't they lose their newspaper license and go to reeducation camp?