Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Helen Goodman MP and the BNP

Helen Goodman. Liar and Loser

Helen Goodman, the Liebour MP for Bishop Auckland, in her preamble to an attack on the patriotic and ever growing British National Party, first took a swipe at two of its members - Adam and Mark Walker who have both been persecuted because of their political believes saying;
But this is typical of the crazy lies and false victimhood adopted by the far right: wrongly blaming others for their own situation.
before launching into her main attack, which was to compare the BNP with the Nazis. Yawn.

Well if you want to see where a person is going, first see where they have come from and what they have done in the past, which in Helens case is not a lot.

Helens grandparents were fighters in the Dutch resistance (she says) but it is difficult to know whether this is true or not as she was caught bang to rights lying to the House of Commons back in December 2007 when she said that the government did not brief the media in advance of making statements in Parliament.

So once a person has been caught telling porkies, it is fairly safe to assume they will do so again.

Helen is typical of the puppets of parliament, she had the usual pampered upbringing of first going to Oxford and from there straight into Parliament as a researcher for a Labour MP, before becoming a Major Tax Eating MP herself. Again we see we are governed by people with no experience outside of their Ivory Towers and their incestuous relationships.

However she did serve as the Director at the Commission on the Future for Multi Ethnic Britain which produced for the government a rather sickening report that was commissioned by the infamous Runnymede Trust . Serving alongside her at the time, was the professional black, Trevor Phillips, in the press again recently, for patronisingly saying that there should now be positive discrimination for whites. Whites do not want "affirmative action", they want equality in housing and jobs. Actually they want something elso also. Their Country back.

It was the CFMEB which said that Britain should now be recognised as a multi-cultural society and that Our History should be "revised, rethought or jettisoned" in a report that was welcomed by Labour ministers before going on to say that the UK was now "a community of communities" rather than a Nation.
The most controversial aspect of the 400-page report is likely to be its call for a "reworking" of history. It also questions the future of Britishness as an identity, even though only four million people from a population of more than 56 million are from ethnic minorities.

The report says that devolution and "globalisation" may have undermined the notion of Britishness and it emphatically rejects Englishness as an alternative. It says: "To be English, as the term is used, is to be white. Britishness is not ideal, but at least it appears acceptable when suitably qualified, such as Black British, Indian British, British Muslim and so on.

"There is one insuperable barrier: Britishness, as much as Englishness, has systematic, largely unspoken, racist connotations. Whiteness nowhere features as an explicit condition of being British, but it is widely understood that Englishness is racially coded. The unstated assumption is that Britishness and whiteness go together like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. There has been no collective working through of the imperial experience.

"The absence from the national curriculum of a rewritten history of Britain as an imperial force, involving dominance in Ireland, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia, is proving to be an unmitigated disaster."
When you follow the link, take note of the other crimminal traitors who were serving on the Commison at the time of the report. Same names, same maggots. All feeding off us whilst trying to exterminate Our Way of Life and force us into slavery.

Note also the numbers, 4 million immigrants out of a population of 56 million when the report was first published. How many immigrants are there now? 20+ million, some researchers have estimated.

So there we have it. The dumpy and dowdy Helen Goodman. Not only an enemy of the people but one also held in contempt by the house of commons as being useless. Who are we to argue with such honourable members? ROFL.

Come on people. Join the dots and see the big picture before it falls on you and crushes you to death.


Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Oh, what a surprise! Another Labour MP turns out to be an avaricious, deceitful scumbag!

Did you read the Mail today, Green Arrow? Blair is now the highest paid public speaker in the world! If my memory serves me correctly he earned £12 million last year. There's a good picture of him which is worth saving!

I think about the only Labour MP I have any time for is Frank Field.

Anonymous said...

'To be English, as the term is used, is to be white"

Isn't this lunatic of a woman stating the bleeding obvious. As congolese is a term to be black, or an Icelandic person to be white.

All nations, racial groups and tribes since the dawn of time have certain physical characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

What is it about being white English that so disturbs this demented far left NuLabour fool of a woman.

Is it worry that follows her when she returns to her depressing council estate in Hackney, Newham or Slough when she leaves Westminster after a hard days work?

Surely she must be the only one that takes herself seriously. What a bloody red hypocrite.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

The establishment's sincerest form of flattery is calling you a Nazi when you tell the truth on them. (Actually prosecuting you for saying what you think might be their most sincerest form of flattery.)

AbertaweBNP said...

I am very sorry to lower the tone here but are you sure that is not a picture of Worzel Gummidge, if it's not surely they must have been seperated at birth.

( GA Delete below where applicable, I am not smart enough to add the pic )


Anonymous said...

If this woman, and her ilk, in the houses of procurement are not happy with or being WHITE BRITISH then why not take a hike to a country more suited to their colour scheme, buy a sun bed or black up like the Black and White Minstrels and or even dress as their most favoured religion of the day.
I have a friend whos favoured saying for someone or something he dilikes is "If you/he/she/it were on fire I'd not piss on it"
I doubt if I'd go so far as saying that but I understand the gist of his words.
Could they be applied in this case?
Make your own mind up.


Anonymous said...

She is typical of the NuLabor Metropolitan academic Marxists who haven't done a day's work in their lives and get parachuted into safe labour seats over the heads of the local Old Labour provincial proles.

Harridan Harm-men is another example:

"But over the past decade, I have become increasingly disillusioned. I can now see what aggravates so many people about her: the politically correct condescension; smug self-certainty despite a record of incompetence; the whiff of born-to-rule arrogance; the attachment to the shibboleths of multi-culturalism and feminism.

Harman is the embodiment of so much that is wrong with New Labour. Born into affluent privilege herself, Harman is that classic socialist type that regards the robust British working class with suspicion.

But Harriet's greatest vice - and there are many - is her hypocrisy. She is now the Deputy Leader of a party that, in its latest by-election campaign in Crewe, has descended into the gutter of class warfare, deriding its opponents as 'toffs'."

And of course there is the odious Anglophobe Jack Straw

watling said...

In her article Goodman says:

We must learn the lessons of history, and stand up for what we believe in.

One important lesson from history is that Communism = oppression, slavery and bloodshed, yet her party seeks to surrender the UK's sovereignty to the EU so that Europe's Marxists can fulfil their EUSSR wet-dream.

Another lesson from history is that large numbers of people from an alien culture migrating uninvited to a land where space and resources are scarce leads to distrust, anger and conflict. This is what has happened in Fiji and it's what's happening here, although in a slower - and therefore more insidious - manner.

In fact, it's because the colonisation of our country is relatively slow that it's so dangerous. An invading army represents an immediate threat so must be repulsed, but the staggered arrival of millions of unarmed foreigners is more successful because our natural collective urge to resist isn't so easily triggered.

I agree with Goodman that we should stand up for what we believe in, which is precisely what the BNP is doing.

James said...

Im pretty sure she said Danish resistance not dutch...

aside from that its all the usual bollocks is it not?

Just read the comments under the article.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that they all look the same, she could be the Harperson's uglier sister?. Are they being turned out by some factory deep in Shrekland?...And will someone please explain to me the fascination that these so called liberal minded people have with Nazis?. Its Nazi this Nazi that, your a Nazi, she's a Nazi blah blah blah. Are they so brain stunted that they dont realise its they who are the closest thing to modern day Nazis in existence?. Perhaps the EU was set up by REAL ex Nazis after all? as I'm sure has been suggested elsewhere.