Sunday, 12 October 2008

Your Choice

Posted On Saturday, 11 October 2008 at at 21:30 by Mr Cognisant on the excellent site known as Awaiting A Western Renaissance

Your Choice

A rather upsetting day today, upsetting because of the death of Joerg Haider another of the aware lost to us, I should imagine the internet is buzzing with theories, unsurprising really, given that the car crash is a favourite assassination technique. The state has told so many lies, committed so many duplicitous acts, that even should they be innocent in an event, many will not believe it so, the old fable of the boy who cried wolf too many times, comes to mind.

Perhaps it was an accident, they happen with frightening frequency, the car, this little metal box, transformed then into a metallic coffin, perhaps we shall never know, never have answers, its just another soul leaving this mortal coil. Joerg Haider’s suffering is now over, it is for his children to grieve and for his wife to face the future alone, his mother to will not enjoy her coming birthday, no smile shall radiate in the house of Haider for some time yet, Joerg Haider is free, no longer burdened with dilemmas of this world, no longer forced to fight for all our futures, he has done enough and for that we must thank him.

I have yet to take in opinion, yet to browse this other world, this highway of trafficked thought, yet to delve into the myriad of opinion, found in this, the other place, perhaps today I don’t want to. It is enough for me, to know that another is lost to us, one less to face the evils of this age, yet we cannot give in, cannot let them take, without at least some voice, some shout of righteous anger. We must all be prepared to die, nationalists more than any other, for we are besieged, surrounded, out-numbered and out-gunned and the mercenary and the spy walk among us, yet for all our sakes and that of even the selfish, the uncaring we must stand, we must stand when all is said and done because we have no choice.

This is not a joyous weblog, it doesn’t revel in the trivial, squeal at celebrity and dance to orthodoxies tune, here truth must out and sense one hopes prevail, here you read of our march to death, the descent of the white and the rise of others. I wish I could tell you, that there will be a glorious day, a day when truth will prevail, when each race will live at peace, each within their natural milieu but I cannot, we have a fight, a battle raged now for so long, yet for each voice they quieten another shouts, for each of the fallen, another stands, that is the way of us, is it not, to battle against insurmountable odds, a trait imbued into us, as we honed civilisation from the northern wastelands.

As we imposed our will upon the frozen tundra, look what we have created, look at it, all this farther than the eye can see we made, crafted, shaped and yet we fall now, death from many cuts, from a spear driven with force into our very side. I for one cannot let them take it, not without speaking out, not without protest, we are the quiet ones, not for us negro-like riots, not for us the deranged behaviours of Mohammedans, nor do we burrow like woodlice, eating into society from within, we stand as we have always done, stoic against the oncoming rush.

The stress levels upon a nationalist are immense and sometimes the sacrifice is great, sometimes we all must take a rest, leave it to others to tell our sorry tale, I lose count of the number of nationalists who take a break, little realising they retire from the field, it is hard, it will always be hard, because those who conspire against us make it so. For all that they would be powerless, should the people arise, should the people wipe their eyes and realise the plans a foot, yes the streets would run with patriot’s blood, as they send their minions against us, as evil endeavours to stamp out good.

Evil must never triumph, never take command of the people and lead them to harm, such as now, now as the rich profit and the people cry out in anger, yet amongst us, mingling, dancing, sowing discord goes the leftist, this gleeful monster, glib of tongue and keen of eye. “I will help you”, this monster cries, “fight the bosses, equality for all”, sometimes, a tired people believe. They throw out tradition and install a mockery, they are led by the nose to oblivion, leftist ideology leads only one way, to that desolate place where death stalks the living and the people are afraid to speak.

So what do we offer, we evil nationalists (sic), this squabbling mass of in-fighters, as of yet nothing, nationalism is yet to find its feet, dizzied as it is from years past ,should it find its place, then change will be swift, noticeable and dramatic. Unemployment would cease and all would have property, a place to call home, no longer would the banks hold debt over us, the people would work to benefit themselves and the criminal a pariah.

Would we kill as they say, not unless attacked, not unless forced, would we imprison en-masse, do we not anyway, every society has those that work against it; sometimes removing such people is not only correct but mandatory. Now a nationalist can languish in jail, should they preach a counter message, should they tell truth instead of leftist egalitarian drivel, should they work to preserve the people against the lefts genocidal wishes, surely therefore the lefts treachery deserves a cell, deserves excising from societies heart.

Or would you have them free, free to lead you to the gulag yourself and the people to ruination, there is nothing, nothing more pernicious than the left, nothing more poisonous to society, give the left a chance and they will set race against race, brother against brother and rich against poor, create turmoil where it need not reside and deliver us all to hell. The left see the world as a factory all of us products, united in uniformity, diversity for them is but a tool, to needle the west and upset rightist opponents.

It is we, we nationalists that preserve diversity, that value culture and respect difference, we broker no deal with evil, seek not to create a world of sameness, yet for diversity to work it can never be localised, never forced upon a host peoples, a ruse, until the majority become no more. What right have whites to impose themselves upon other cultures, yet what right have they to impose themselves upon us, what right for us to ravage their resource and they ours.

Our way is better, will always be better, respect amongst all nations yet self protectionism, certainly it will destroy the global elite, rupture the power of the banks and create a world as yet unseen, yet why must mankind be a slave to money, why must my labour or yours profit others, more so than you who have worked for it. Why must a mass horde, seek a better life in the west to the detriment of western peoples, when they could and should have such in their own natural milieu.

Why must this mass army of the needy mean the death of the white-man, cannot we all share this world, can I not marvel at the strangeness of other cultures, without seeing it on my city streets, must I swap continuance for chicken tika malsa, freedom for tyranny, close my mouth lest it offends, even should having to do so offends me.

Yes you would see change, I would hope you would, an end to this sham of a war on terror, an end to global evil and a return to normality, should we respect Islam refuse to back tyranny, would then we be targets, I believe not, should crime not pay would the criminal still prowl our locale, should a man have freedom would not a man work to keep it, if the twisted predator became hunted would our children not be so.

No our way is best, better than this, of course the initial stages would be turbulent, they have made it so, many Windrush’s leaving and many tearful goodbyes, many estrangements for the betterment of all mankind. To some reading this it is a terrible vision, yet is it not better, than the slow killing off of an entire race, a race refused free speech and controlled by ever more authoritarian laws, have we not the right to freedom or must the freedom of the minority supersede our own.

Imagine it if you will, imagine your life, a home of your own, a job, your labour gaining you whilst gaining to the nation, no interest, no greedy banker, no global elite, imagine the rise of the law-abiding and the decline of criminality, imagine freedom from attack and a benevolent protective state. Imagine our soldiers defending us, rather than sent to wars not in our interests, in fact contrary to our interest, imagine a homogenous society no inter-racial conflict, no walking on egg-shells lest you offend, imagine the greatest of things, a future for your children, in a country safe and of their culture.

That’s what nationalism offers, merely a return to order, I have not lied, it will involve distress for some, yet for the majority happiness, so which do you choose, do you wish for this to continue, working for the banks, feeding the parasite and scared to live or our way, a return to nature and the rebirth of the nation. If our way it must be true nationalism not Nu-nationalism, we cannot have half measures, some repatriation, temporary improvement delaying the inevitable, we must for all our sakes, return non-whites to their rightful homes and begin again, our children and theirs deserve no less.


the truth will make you free said...

"I doubt, investigate and try to find the truth by weighing the facts. My motto can be summed up in Buddha’s words: “Doubt everything, find your own light”.

It is not that I see all religions as totally wrong. I see truth and beauty in many religions in various degrees. The only religion that is bereft of truth and beauty is Islam. I cherry-pick the good things in all the religions and philosophies, choose the best and leave the rest.

I think all religions are manmade, but this does not mean they are bad. Some parts of them are very good. Although I do not think they are divine guidance, I think one can find pearls of wisdom in many of them.

The only religion that no pearls is Islam. Other religions are manmade – that is why they are a mixed bag of good and bad.

But Islam is made by a psychopath. It is only deception. This is the difference."

Anonymous said...

take heart from this small but passionate town and its return to patriotism.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have put it better myself Mr Consignant....

Anonymous said...

The current world is a disorder and decline.

Order and normality is that which we call Tradition.

It will return.