Monday, 6 October 2008

Prescott reckons he's Churchill now.

Up Yours Galtieri, or Victory will be ours again, eventually ? You decide.

by john of gwent

Hat tip to the ukdebater 'eorb' for spotting this, and I couldn't resist the chance to show a leopard hasn't changed his spots when it comes to spin and lies.

On this bbc news website page you will find a tale of john prescott, the once and thank god not ever again deputy prime minister, taking a leaf out of the winston churchill book of political mannerisms.

Well, actually, this was his reaction when confronted by elated supporters of Alex Salmand's Scottish National Party cheering off their newest recruit to Westminster. The one who so spectacularly trounced the New Labour candidate in Glasgow East. A conbination of a 26.1% upswing in support for the SNP and a 19% fall in support for "Not Flash, Just Gordon" bought John Mason a ticket to ride, and caused Margaret Curran to get the 'Anne Droid' treatment (you are the weakest link, goodbye, you leave with nothing).

Prescott is well known round these parts for rubbishing local journalists seeking to gain the great man's insight on local issues. He also has a record for thumping one or two of them, he did it to one South Wales Argos reporter right by the battle bus at County Hall Cwmbran because the intrepid reporter refused to ask about the national politics he's rehearsed his script for, and kept asking annoying quuestions about tensions between the Welsh Assembly and the Westminster Parliament. Until he had his teeth realigned by the former merchant seaman's bunch of fives, that is.

So, is this a gesture normally (but apparently falsely) assumed to have been originated by the men of gwent that did their stuff at agincourt ? Or is it an attempt to usurp Winston Churchill's gratest gesture ? You decide, but I say Prescott is one cigar short of a victory salute myself.


Anonymous said...

Quentin Letts of the Dialy Mail,in his list of the 50 people who buggered up Britain describes him as "A flatulent caveman who spoke English like a bibulous chimp,Prescott cranked up the class war as he licked the plate of privilege"

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for that JOG. I needed a smile.

Anonymous said...

This man is an absolute disgrace, although coming from a family that was allegedly involved with criminality including drugs, then what do you expect?

johnofgwent said...

When I saw the news that it was an [b]SNP[/b] member of parliament, I confess an old jasper carrot joke came to mind.

"SPICE GIRLS TAUGHT MY SON TO WALK" says the National Enquirer ...

"ONLY ONE LETTER WRONG" yells carrott.

We live in hope, ladies and gents.