Monday, 6 October 2008

Moslems planned to blow up BNP building

I do not know what game the Yorkshire Evening post is playing at, but to me, two moslem teenagers who plotted to blow up a British National Party building are not schoolboys. They are terrorists. Plain and simple.

Dabeer Hussain and Waris Ali, now both 18 and from the Ravensthorpe area of Dewsbury are accused of possessing a terrorism manual called the Anarchists Cookbook on their computers and of discussing a plan to spy on and blow up a building connected to the far right politicals group, British National Party, the jury at heard.
Then again, seeing as the article was written by some creature called Aisha Iqbal, I suspect the author of the story might be somewhat biased.

Caught with chemicals that could have been used to make a bomb, a book on how to make the explosives and the intention to damage property and possibly kill, one can only ask. Why are they on bail and not on remand? Frightened of a riot are we Bill?


Elizabeth said...

The report was written by an Iqbal because there are a majority of Iqbals in Dewsbury rather than Joe Bloggs. A riot in Dewsbury would be counter productive as they'd only be smashing their own shop windows & firing their own cars! There's hardly anybody left to riot against! Or so it seems when I walk round Dewsbury.

If push comes to shove we Northeners will need to be fit as it will be two against one.

It has taken 2 years to get to court?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, no comments page, as usual these days when the media know that they are going to be told the truth. And as for the online poll, "BNP banned in Britain", surprise surprise the poll's result is anti BNP. Wonder how many Iqbal's voted against?. Apparently more and more Mo's and Mamoods are waking up to the fact that Common Purpose are using them for their own ends, so in fact we all have a "common" enemy

Anonymous said...

Leave these poor little muslim children alone,they were only making fireworks to give to the nice bnp man, for bonfire night. They are good muslim children.

Anonymous said...

One strange thing that has always stook in my mind about this story. Why was Shaid Malik Dewsbury M.P. in America at the time ? Its some how kind of strange as he got pulled by the F.B.I. the same time Nick Griffin was doing a tour in America.Maybe the yanks know more than M.I5 and M.16 put together ?

Anonymous said...

The Screws..sorry News of The World, that political giant of the media(sic) has launched a politics blog where they sycophantically suck up to Jon Crudass for his "principled" stand against the BNP. Not surprisingly they aren't publishing anything supporting the BNP and there has been ONE comment allowed all day!
Not much point in a political blog if only Crudass supporters (1 of them)can make posts.
Ho hum.
Just how many t*ts can one rag endorse?
(Sorry ladies couldn't resist!)


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this? I've had 'flu and haven't been up to speed. This happened a couple of weeks ago in Cologne. Nothing on our media of course but I cant find it on the Nationalist blogs either except BFB and Gates of Vienna. Its shocking how the police turned against peaceful protesters.
We should ALL be very wary.