Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Thick as a brick Police Sergeant

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Well I needed a laugh and in all fairness you can always get one from what passes as a police force in these enlightened times where up is down and right is wrong.

Police Sergeant Robin Moorcroft of Cornwall has spat his dummy out big time and vowed to track down the person who put graffiti on a tax payer funded, purpose build wall, that was ... wait for for vandals to write graffiti on.

Whatever next. Purpose build green houses so the hooligans can smash the glass in those?

You would have thought the Sergeant would have been pleased to see it being used. But no. When, some obviously irate taxpayer painted : 'I paid my tax and all I got was this lousy wall.' on it before the dozy cop "opened" the wall officially, the brain dead, blue clown had this to say.
"But it is now going to cost the taxpayer, as we will have to crime it, investigate it and paint over it.

"We have been working hard to try to provide something positive for the community and this coward and their juvenile delinquent act has set a terrible example to the youth of the town.

"All residents were given the opportunity to raise objections during the planning process. This person could have come and spoken to us instead of committing this petty act.

"To paint graffiti on the wall and remain anonymous shows this person has no courage, I would have more respect if he or she came forward and admitted responsibility."
Laugh. When I read the above, I laughed so much, my socks came off. I laughed some more and fell of my chair. "Something positive for the community"? More laughter echoed around my room. Respect? Do you wonder Sergeant why the public no longer have respect for the uniform you shame? You Cretin.

Well the Sergeant, who instead of just painting over the wall is now going to "investigate the crime". Whoopee doo. No real crime in Cornwall Sergeant?

As for the "coward", if he has any sense he will not come forward. He would probably wind up with a sentence of ten years in jail.


odin said...

Thanks for cheering up my evening GA! Had a good laugh at this!

odin said...

Thanks for cheering up my evening GA! Had a good laugh at this!

Fyrdist said...

I did it. [Whilst thumbing his nose] Ner, ner, ner-ner-ner!

Catch me if you can.

xoggoth said...

A dirty great purpose built concrete wall just for that? Much cheaper just to let people scribble on lavvy walls surely?

The seargent certainly should have other things to do, has anyone else noticed the increase in serious crime news from the West country recently?

Guilty said...

Piss off, Fyrdist -it was me. I did that. Don't you dare try to claim the credit.

I can't get the black spray paint off my hands and clothes. That's my proof, if ever it was needed.

Go and jump somebody else's train!

Lousy Wall Tagger said...

Shame on the pair of you. I was there in 1988 spraying on the Berlin Wall -on the frigging East side of the wall, for Christ's sake!

The Stasi had a file on me (the Lousy Wall Tagger, they named me) and have recorded my fatal "crime" that night I was caught.

I also did this piece -look, I've even signed it "Lousy Wall". Plagiarism is a crime -that's the only thing you two are guilty of.

The Green Arrow said...

Robert H.

I was about to publish your comment until I saw the email address.

I cannot post comments because the address given may be that of someone else.

If you would like to resubmit your comment without the address I will post it.

The Green Arrow said...

I held the paint pot so I know the truth which one of you it was.

Anonymous said...

What side of the lunatic asylum wall am I on GA? Inside or outside?

It's driving me insane not knowing!

Please can someone help me?!


watling said...

They did something similar in Hemel Hempstead.

I saw some of the "art". It was utter crap and a complete eyesore.

Anonymous said...

GA, thank you for making it clear why you chose not to publish the comment - being rather busy at present I will refrain from retyping my entire post (foolishly I failed to keep a copy) and instead make a new contribution at a later date - hopefully when my blogger account feels able to cooperate.

Knowing how often posters on this blog like to rake the same arguments, insults and accusations over more topical ground, I'm sure I will have every opportunity to make the same points and questions in the near future.


Anonymous said...

The {Common}purpose built wall, jeez you just couldnt make it up. the country has gone stark raving bonkas, all part of the plan no doubt.


It was me that did it!