Thursday, 16 October 2008

Liars, Buggers and Thieves

Freedom of Speech. Do not let them silence us

Of course another reason the Tri-Axis of Evil parties and their agents hate Nationalist sites like the Green Arrow is the fact that we point the people to the truth. Sites that contain irrefutable information about the crimes being committed against our people.

Yesterday I pointed a link to The UK Enrichment News. Over 100 new readers visited that site and will now link to it and refer to it in the future. Those links will then become thousands.

But we do not just point to sites that show the crimes committed against us by the "enrichers", we also point to sites like the Liars, Buggers and Thieves, which records the crimes committed by the Tri-Axis of Evil politicians. And they are many. Yesterday I added yet another conservative Paedophile to the ever growing list of criminals that we have information on. This information will be useful in the coming elections.

Every time now, one of the gutter journalists points to a BNP "supporter" for breaking wind in a bus, we can now respond and point out the real criminals embedded in Our Council Chambers.

Link these sites. Use the Follow and Subscribe options on the right to follow Our Sites. Pass the links on to friends and family. Add them to your signatures on your emails. Spread the word and we will win. Do not let our enemies shut us down.

The British National Party. The only way forward.


Anonymous said...

Check this GA.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I wasn't aware Muslims had a sense of humour or if comedy, laughs and high jinks were sanctioned in Islam or got you a VERY short back and sides in Chop Chop Square.


However this guy and a troop of Ethnic "actors" are going ahead with a non white comedy show despite antifascists complaining,
If we get sent up and offended can we sue for distress?

Tom Baker

xoggoth said...

Since start of year I have kept a log myself of ALL crimes in England (Scotland has its won severe indigenous problems) involving serious injury that make headlines of the BBC and main papers and can confirm that the disproportionate involvement of some immigrants and some minorities (not all) is not a BNP invention.

I would suggest that that site might be more effective if it equally logged all crimes and showed the stats.

Fyrdist said...

With regard to the link in the opening comment by Harry:

I could have sworn that, on viewing both clips within this link, I saw anti-BNP posters attached to the side of their stalls. This is an aside; I mention this because the arrested pair and their supporters were claiming to be nothing more than concerned altruistic citizens "campaigning, among other things, for the NHS".

Now, this statement might shock one or two people who use this site, but here goes: I do not find any justification in closing down a political stall -EVEN IF THOSE PERSONS, OR EVEN REDS, WERE ACTING TO THE DETRIMENT OF OUR CAUSE.

You see, I believe in free speech. I believe that everybody -EVEN the Reds- should have the right to voice their opinion, as we nationalists should have that right also. We are better than them, we don't need to shut down their stalls. We take the moral high-ground.

My response will probably confuse the Reds (it is not in keeping with the lies about patriots that they have been programmed with).

We nationalists can beat the Reds by force of argument alone. They know it only too damn well, hence their policy of "no platform for fascists" (which is, of course, fascist in itself, but -bless their puerile minds- their Zionist backers haven't provided them with a viable response to counter this truism and so they can't refute its underlying reality).

It seems that the "Lefty" public, those who were victims of this outrageous state-crime displayed within these clips, have now borne the brunt of New Labour fascism. Most of Liverpool are Labour voters. They have, by voting for these enemies of the people, laid their bed. NOW THEY MUST LIE IN IT.

A message to all Reds: not very nice, is it, when you have your voice silenced by the state and its armed wing the state police? Now you know how we feel. Hurts, doesn't it?

The state is quite evidently our mutual enemy. We have patriots have for years been aware of who/what is our true enemy. It is the state/system/Establishment. It is they that are our greatest threat, not the Left-wing "macho" street fighters who do their bidding. We can, and have effectively, dealt with the mentally unhinged Red element. It is not they who are the problem (sticks and stones may break our bones...) It is their political masters -the ones pulling the strings, the ones giving them pocket money, the ones polluting their minds, the ones corrupting any rational thought they might have been born with... Our enemy is clearly...


I am thoroughly ashamed to be living in this totalitarian nightmare state that Britain now is. This outrage, in the clips shown above, is a mere drop in the ocean to the extent of what is to come -courtesy of the Red's backing of the State both at the ballot box, in the factories (unions) and on the streets.

How does it feel to be finally on the receiving end of the system you have all supported?

Wise up, Reds, wise up for f**k sake.

Wolfblood said...

We always told the reds they would be the first to feel the fascist truncheons and then the muslim blades, but they ignored us and screamed at us the slogans fed to them by their puppeteers.
Soon the stupid reds will learn the hard way, but we will not intervene.
Then it will be our turn.
They deserve everything thats coming to them!

The Green Arrow said...

Keith, I am sure you are annoyed. As if I give a fig.

I have send you an email and I was not impressed by your auto reply so now I am annoyed also. Happy?

The Green Arrow said...

Sorry Keith. As requested I did not post your comments.

Keith said...

The "Auto reply" is generated automatically by my host. I do not have any control over it. I should imagine that it is to notify people that their email has been received in my inbox.

So you don't "give a fig"? I am disappointed in you, I thought you were above making such remarks.

Anonymous said...

This guy could do with some support from fellow Nationalists.
I'm eh,um, er, hoping its a different Aberdeen Patriot then the last one?
Coud you confirm GA?

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 10:15.

I believe it is the same person. He appears to be carrying on the fight in his own way.

If it is the same AP perhaps he might drop me a line and confirm it.

Anonymous said...

Seems some of those lovely Tories are waking up too I thought I'd grab this before they cleaned it up.


The dogma of Climate Change is yet another example of politicians hitching themselves to any passing bandwagon.
How the wheels have suddenly come flying off.
"Are we Green enough" has been replaced by "are we warm enough or do we have enough to eat this week...can I pay my mortgage without selling a kidney?"
The Global Warming scam was always a middle class indulgence, a harmless time-out for down shifters or those who call their daughters after flowers or sons with an old biblical name.
Try riding a bike with a sick kid to the nearest A&E?
I rest my case.
Nowadays previously fooled people worry about the true destination of foreign aid and if its going to be enough to keep those hungry trillions away from the fast sinking lifeboat of the UK.
Dont think its happening?
Wait for the photo's of the first of those evictions of a "hard working" (current buzzword)white family as they stand outside their newly repossessed former council house, bought by the Islamic Relief Foundation to become a mosque.
It'll never happen of course. You're right I'm mad.

Posted by: Freddie | October 17, 2008 at 11:47

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm it is the same person.
Following links sadly gives more of the same. The blog name should give away the sentiments behind it.


The Green Arrow said...

Keith, please accept my sincere apology for my rudeness to you. It was uncalled for.

Thank you for your email. I assure you and others that I will never reveal information that could lead to a person being put in danger.

I recommend all readers, to use an hotmail or google account when joining sites or forums for security purposes.

Anonymous said...

RE: Enrichment News

Did the likes of Jaq think that the enrichment was going to be so erm 'rich'? NOT naive. Just acting like 'it wasn't supposed to be that 'enriching'. Right.