Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Green Arrow is taking flak

Lots of flak but the attack continues

Well it as been said a thousand times before but there is nothing wrong with repeating the truth. "You know you are over the target when you start taking flak".

And boy, does the Green Arrow site take flak from our enemies. Not a day passes without incoming crap.

Amongst all the unofficial patriotic British National Party support sites, this one is proud to say that that it takes more than its fair share.

I have had threats from the Moslems, The Hindus, The Homosexuals and even so called fellow Nationalists and fly through it all. But those who hate me the most are the red shite of the state funded UAF. They really hate me. I on the other hand find them to be pathetic cowards.

Spoof web sites have been put out portraying me as a paedophile, homosexual, pornographer, Nazi and various combinations. I am sometimes impressed with the various ways they come up with trying to silence me.

Subscriptions to gay sites are sent to me. False accounts setup using my name to post racist comments. The blog hacked. Threatening comments left. emails received and much worse. The Green Arrow continues to attack the enemies of our people and refuses to be silenced.

And silence me they wish to. This blog is hugely popular. It is popular because it speaks the truth. It has great guest writers of articles and its readership grows daily. Page hits are rising and most important, to gauge the success of a site, return visitors increasing all the time.

The only way to silence Theo van Gough. The only way to silence me

Now the red cowards have launched a vicious attack which could well lead to my death. Sounds dramatical doesn't it. But as we know there are those living amoungst us now who are prepared to kill those who do not submit. And the Green Arrow will never submit to threats or intimidation. Not even death threats. Bring it on. If I go, I will not go alone.

After many years in this game, I knew from day one what I could expect when I set this site up and the different tariffs that the final bill might be and have always been prepared to pay the final price.

The Tri-Axis parties know they are losing the war for the hearts and minds of the people they have betrayed for decades. They see the British National Party gaining ground everywhere.

They are frightened. And frightened, they become desperate. They let loose all their jackals to attack the BNP and its supporters everywhere. And those attacks are no longer now just with words. They have started to damage property, attack activists and intimidate supporters.

They seek to provoke a backlash from the British National Party that could then be used as a weapon against us in the struggle to take back Our Country. But the BNP is a democratic party and believes in the ballot box. Their attempts will fail.

The entire press both at National and Local level launches attacks portraying the BNP in as bad a light as possible. They accuse us of all manner of crimes and hope that some of the mud sticks but the people are wise to them. Thanks to sites like this. Keep us going.

Their game is up. Their days are numbered. The British National Party will prevail and if some of us should fall along the way, then hundreds more will spring up to replace us.

Show the Nationalist support sites that you appreciate them. Leave comments. Join our forums. Conquer your fear and fight back or live as a slave. Me? I would rather die fighting.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.


ivan said...

never a true word spoken green arrow im 100% behind you my friend.

Stuart said...

Thank you Green Arrow and all your writers for all your hard work and dedication.
It's very much appreciated.

Take a look at this report about yet another anti-white attack that the police say is not racist.

howwid waycist said...

Bust the dam of political correctness so the pent-up waters of nationalism can sweep away the LibLabCon tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Arrow,

Why don't you put a counter on your site to show the reds how popular it is.

Show them how many people are getting your message.

We have a counter on ours and since sept have had a total of 10,632 hits.

We have had 7,570 visitors to the site who are new and 1,497 who have returned for more.

Thats 19.7% that are so far interested in the content of the site.

One night we had 80 visitors on the site at the same time either reading the posts or watching our TV Channel.

The UAF won't put a counter on their site because they know the results are poor and that they're losing the battle.

They also know that over half their traffic is us watching over them.

We are winning, You are winning, so why not rub it in.

Thurrock Patriots

The Green Arrow said...

TP, Could I have your link please. For some reason I have not linked to you. Either that or I have gone blind.

Yes I should put a counter up. My stats Since 1st Sept this year are

Page hits 56,567
Unique Individuals 32,864
New Visitors 18,748
Return Visitors 14,116

Since I started sometime in 2007 have had over a million page hits.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Arrow,

Your site stats are very impressive, well worth a counter.

Many thanks, our site is here

Anonymous said...

Your not alone! An Ode To The Left Notice how Doitmyselfagain also cops flak from the leftist morons in the comments section of his/her videos.

Strider said...

I'm not behind you, GA... I'm side by side with you mate.

They don't like it up 'em, do they?

Here's one for the blog, from today's Radio 1 show. At almost 32 mins in (07:00 hrs real time), Chris Moyles says,

"There is no music of white origin."

Give it a listen and knock up a killer article my friend.

Anonymous said...

Onwards & Upwards,
The patriots will win!

Airborne said...

Excellant article!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post over here, Looks like this person could be the next on the hit list.

Keep up the fight people you are the pride of the British.

odin said...

Good work GA! You keep me well informed with this blog!

Anonymous said...

I've sent your site all over the world GA and those people have sent you to everyone in their address book. That's the way we win, spread out like a virus that will poison these rotton traitors to our country. God Bless and keep up the good fight.
The BNP are the last hope and chance for Britain and could be an example to the rest of the free world.
(it wouldn't be the first time has Britain taught the world the meaning of defiance)

Felicity xx

Finlandia said...

You're doing a grand job Green Arrow, and you have many more friends than enemies.

Peter said...

Well done GA. You are doing a grand job. Roll on the start of the rugby internationals, then maybe we can have that pint eh?

Half of the drug fuelled dimwits who throw abuse at you I bet dont even know why they do it. Most of them cant think for themselves I would imagine. Keep sticking it to them my friend.

Anonymous said...

The blogs were what woke me up. First it was godhelpbritain then I found the green arrow. Since then its mushroomed.
A friend of ours who is an English teacher now runs a blog supporting the BNP. Sorry I cant link it but you understand I'm sure.
Sammy S

Anonymous said...

"At the beginning of great national change, the patriot is a scarce man; scorned, ridiculed and forgotton. When his cause succeeds, however, all men will join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot"

Mark Twain (US humorist, novelist, short story author & wit
(1835-1910 )

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for your support guys. It means a lot. Only one negative comment that had to he rejected. I wish I had let it through now though. Just a general insult.

Anon 18:11

I like your Mark Twain quote. I loved his books when I was young. I am very tempted to read them again.

Because when the BNP starts to show real results, all the "carpetbagger" councillors will be asking to come over.

Sadly we may have to accept their contrition at face value.

Why not write an article on your favourite quotes and why you like them and email it to us.

Your privacy will be respected.

Fyrdist said...

Great stuff, GA. Your resilience is an inspiration to us all.

I love this blog, but (as I'm sure I've confided in your previously) the "Liars..." blog is an invaluable asset.

I am constantly amazed by how on-the-ball you are with that "Liars..." blog: it seems to be updated every single day. (Are these your updates to the crimes already posted, or new additions to the blog by the crimes against the People from the societal excrement that masquerades as politicos?) The latter, methinks.

Anyway, please accept a little donation as a token of my appreciation. At least by yourself a pint with it ("on me") then put the rest into the cause.

Your fight is my fight is our fight.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Be assured we will stand with you my friend. You have many friends and many supporters, and we will prevail.

I have seen some of what your enemies write about you, and the lies they tell, so I know what you have to put up with. We all get some of the abuse, but you are their primary target.

However, I have known you long enough to appreciate your metal, and I know they can't defeat you in a fair fight.

But take care they do not fight fair, and they are vicious.


The Green Arrow said...

Fyrdist, thank you for your kind comments and donation.

I believe that the Liar, Buggers and Thieves site is probably of more value to our cause then this site.

I wish I had more time to do it right. This site here that uses the information I post(I update all information posted whenever possible) gives a good idea of what the site should really look like.

In the past I have helped manage on-line banking sites. I would love to do an on-line interactive site for Liars, Buggers and Thieves using something like SQL Server or Oracle.

Thank you for your donation. Believe me kinsman every penny helps. But your comment as given me an idea.

Anonymous said...

First Timer here.

Dear dear they must be getting desperate those 'liberal' lefties and indeed showing exactly what they are made of (), just like the criminal counterparts in Government.

From what I hear from people, ordinary intelligent, honest people they are sick of this circle of degradation and death this unholy alliance of Lib LIBLABCON. The people know thay have been marginalised in their own country and made second class citizens. They for teh most part see right through it and they have had enough.

The BNP show the light of REASON.

Stand firm.

Anonymous said...


several times you mention the Homosexual 'contribution' to your blog.

I think they would be better off taking a peek at Amsterdam the once proud city of gay freedom. It seems our 'liberal' 'democracy' that once gave these people freedom from attack are now under attack by those who are in greater favour and can do no wrong. I am talking about those Asians I mean Muslim immigrants into Holland and elsewhere who make great sport out of 'correcting the environment' they live in to fit in with their 'ideology of freedom'.On a near daily basis young Morrocan Muslim Immigrants beat up gay men on the streets of a once safe city. The Dutch Government meanwhile are too busy appeasing Islam to be concerned about such things.

It seems when ever these incidents are reported to the gay media and the gay freedom and equality groups there is SILENCE.

johnofgwent said...

The anon post at 20:26 set me thinking.

Just after I got home tonight the Beeb's PM programme I think it was did a magnificent piece on the duplicity of Dubai and the Emirates. I'm off to grab myself an audio track. Prepare for an article !

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear about what you have to put up with just to keep us all informed.
Your courage and hard work is much appreciated.

BFB said...

In terms of support for GA I can't add to what's already been said. But I can say that I have seen the post GA refers to (thanks to GA himself) and it is makes for sad and pathetic reading.

I fully understand why GA considers the post a threat to his life (potentially) and support his decision not to link to it.

The post is particularly nauseating coming just days after GA buried his younger brother, but that's unwashed junkies for you!

Rock on, GA, here's one Nationalist Nutter from London who supports and appreciates your salutory blog!

Anonymous said...

These people are sad and confused cretins GA but they are also mortally wounded.
They see the change in the country and they are scared stiff because there is NOTHING they can do about it.
They keep trying to tell us that its great having millions of muslims in the country, the evidence suggests otherwise and villages and towns and cities throughout the UK are slowly waking up and seeing its not good.
Small communities are having to absorb thousands of "white flighters"and this affects their infrastructure too.
When these small communities hear the horror stories they wake up.
The BNP has shone a strong beamed torch on the state of the country and there is nowhere to hide for these apologists for Islam.
Muslims cant help behaving badly, their evolution was halted in the 14th century, its the Lefties who would use them as foot soldiers against those who have National pride.
Islam will vanish from these shores like a puff of smoke when the white traitorous protecters are defeated.


Ronbo said...

Letter To A British Cousin

Anonymous said...

G.A. You know that the clock has sped up recently for the global takeover, and consequently so has the gradual wake up of the European peoples, with the excellent result in Austria and the subsequent murder. The evil ones hovering in the background of the political facade know that they have limited time to install their totalitarian ideal before nationalism spreads throughout the whitelands, so these are dark dangerous times for any one of prominence involved in the struggle. For that I salute you. Fight on brother.

Cllr John Oddy said...

Gay sites, pornography and Nazis!!!, I must say your circle of friends have improved since we last spoke, you must have changed your after-shave.
Your demeanour, under such circumstances, is as expected from a chap such as yourself “*uck ’em”. Good on you GA you do your cause the world of good and I wish you and yours a safe and happy life.