Monday, 20 October 2008

The BNP goes West on a Quest

Now I am serious. Please watch all six minutes of this multi-music clipped video. The ending is superb. What am I saying? All of it is superb. 1kewldude3 is going to have to come up with something special to top this. Good luck Brother, you can do it.

Whilst here I would like to point you in the direction of another new BNP Support site that as come to my attention. The Bedfordshire Beacon. Go on, drop them a comment and wish them luck.


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant GA, just brilliant thanks for posting it. Rest assured that I will be passing it on.

Keep up the good work mate.


Anonymous said...

It was great but how does one pass it on

The Green Arrow said...

You can get to youtube from the image by clicking on the screen a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Great stuff. The opening sequence brought a tear to my sentimental celtic eye, the middle section brought rage, the end filled me with hope. We can still win, even at this late stage. As I look in disgust at the scum creatures shown on this clip I am reminded of a quote from Godfather 1 "They are animals anyway, so let them lose their souls". But let them lose it where they belong. In their own countries, not ours, back where they came from. Roll on the day.

Anonymous said...

Came in to find my lads and their mates cheering what I thought was footie. They were watching this video.
Griffin has a bit of a following here . This was the two sides of the "5 a side"caked in mud but for once I didn't hunt them out to wash.
The more of our young that get angry and politicised the better.
The BNP has given them and us hope that the crunch is coming and we'll be ready for it.

Paul Mack

Anonymous said...

Don't ever forget, the real enemy is the liblabcontrick. These 3rd world savages are just a weapon they use against us.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile sit back and have a laugh at Mo the blogging prophet.
This was the site called that you have in your links GA.
He has to keep changing the name as naughty Muslims dont believe he really is the prophet, its hilarious.
Above all else the devil cannot stand to be mocked; CS Lewis
Go mock!
Dont forget to listen to Frank Sinatra brought back from death to sing "Strangers On my Flight, two smelly peiople and they're not talking right"
and the famous dress up Mo game, see Jack Straws sensible solution to the burka problem.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Green Arrow. Thanks for sharing.

Peter said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, thats cheered me right up.

Anonymous said...

Good video. At first I thought just the same old rehash of pictures with some new ones thrown in, but I was wrong, it gets better and the video really does hammer out a message that more people need to wake up to.

I was at a local store yesterday and speaking to a staff member who just seemed to need to get something of her chest. A couple of trigger words and phrases, Ill let you work them out, from me, and she opened up like a dam bursting. The subject matter was not dissimilar to the video.
She looked drained yet relived after 15 mins or so of getting the pent up thoughts and feelings out to someone who listened and understood.

Her main points were, her job, her husbands job,he's in the building trade, the mortgage, the kids when they leave school shortly and the seeming lack of future for them, the yobs, the drugs, the PC strain she and her colleagues work under etc.

I could detect a few agreeing slight nods from those within earshot.

After plugging BNP and telling her to speak to those she could trust and get them to talk freely amongst themselves and find other trustworthy people to group with.

This was just one person. How many others are like this poor soul up and down the country? I think a safe bet would be not hundreds or thousands, but millions.

Yes dear reader there are millions of people like us thinking and feeling like this woman all over this country.
Do you realise just how much power is there? Do you realise the potential of that power if it is harnessed and used properly, for our benefit and that of our children and country ?

Dont expect the lib/lab/cons to help you out of this mess we are in, they got us here and are digging us in deeper, intentionally.

There is only one party that has the potential to harness the power we, the disenchanted, pissed off public have and that is to channel our power throught the BNP by way of voting for them and supporting them in any way we can.

The sooner you rid your mind, dear reader, of the media contrived image of the BNP as knuckle dragging waycist thugs the sooner you can achive the future you want. If you have thoughts and feelings like the lady I spoke to yesterday then you are a British Nationalist. Now join the party.

This country is sitting on a powder keg and we dont want it to go off, much as our masters would like it to as that would rush in the draconian state control that is waiting to be unleashed on us all in the western world. Dont give them the excuse to use it!
It is better we realise just how powerful we are and harness, control and direct the energy and power for the good of all in this country. And I mean the good of all, all decent people, no matter your race, religion or colour.

If you came here to better your way of life and that of your children and contribute in a positive way to this country mindful of its laws, religion, customs and its contribution to the civilised world then you are welcome and have my hand in friendship.

Now that's not the media version of the BNP is it? No, it's the real one, so join us and see just how great it is to feel you are doing something positive for yourself, family and country.


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

Here's an interesting article on the best strategy for dealing with sociopathic groups, such as jihadis and gangstas, who regard themselves as predators on the rest of society and have no intention of abiding by the law or cooperating with anyone outside their group.

It seems that once they have made their true intentions clear, the only effective course of action is to hit back at them very hard indeed.

Even the Buddhists are learning that pacifism is no defence against these sorts of predators.

Anonymous said...


Red Squirrel said...

Cheered me up as well GA, Excellent video!