Thursday, 9 October 2008

Richard Barnbrook, BNP Vrs the Dhimmi Traitors

Fighting alone. For now.

The GLA today passed a motion in favour of an illegal immigrant amnesty but came up against strong opposition from the British National Party representative Richard Barnbrook.

A plenary session of London Assembly today saw the two Green members put forward a motion concerning an amnesty for the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants currently residing in London.

The move sparked a fierce debate with the BNP’s Richard Barnbrook who argued that this country didn’t have the resources to sustain unlimited levels of population growth and stealth immigration.. In response Labour’s Navin Shah accused Mr Barnbrook of engaging in a “deplorable rant” and group leader John Biggs described his comments as “disgusting”.

The motion was passed after leading Conservative, Richard Barnes, who had also attacked the BNP representative, abstained.
The motion was as follows:

( i ) Motion in the name of Darren Johnson AM:

"This Assembly notes the election commitment given by the current Mayor and other leading contenders in support of a one-off, time-limited, earned regularisation of suitable irregular migrants, many of whom live and work in London, which would allow those who have been in the UK for four years or more to be admitted to a two-year pathway to citizenship.

This Assembly now resolves to make representations to the UK Government in support of such a regularisation, and calls on the Mayor to join it in making these representations, including by commissioning supporting evidence regarding the impact on London from GLA Economics."

Jenny Jones AM will second the motion.

The motion was passed


Finlandia said...

For those unfamiliar with LibLabCon doublespeak, I offer some clarification of the terminology in the GLA resolution:

'one off' = until a few years hence, when there will be another million illegals here, attracted by the unspoken promise of further amnesties (because the government is bereft of ideas for dealing with the problem);

'earned regularisation' = free-for-all;

'suitable' = all of them;

'irregular migrants' = illegal immigrants, criminals;

'supporting evidence from GLA Economics' = ideologically driven research whose foregone conclusion will be to show the glorious social and economic benefits to London of hordes of welfare dependent foreigners.

Well done Richard Barnbrook for opposing this motion - I have no doubt that the majority of Londoners support the BNP position.

Anonymous said...

Words like a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre come freely to mind

Fyrdist said...

Blatant Gerrymandering. Further illustration, if ever it was needed, that the State and its latchkey kid "Government" are both illegitimate.

Flood a nation with outside sources; the nation is then run by outside sources -confirming my accusation and incorrigible fact that the the State and Government are as illegitimate as the repressive and unelected Communist Party of China; the 21% mandate of New Labour (meaning the other 79% didn't vote for them); a bastard child born out of wedlock (the State); and the fact that this fact is not currently inferred or reasoned.

In a word -ILLEGITIMATE. Just what, exactly, are the People going to do about this clear dictatorship? There are many things that can be done: refusing to pay tax, Council Tax, etc.; be purposefully late with your payments of utility bills; do not co-operate with this regime by filling in its forms; do not pay your TV licence; do not purchase newspapers; withdraw all your money from the bank and close your account (unless you need it for the payment of wages, of course) and invest your money in property, land, allotments, etc; complain -again and again; remove your kids from school; sow the seeds of discontent within your community by talking to neighbours and making people aware of the dictatorship we are living under (provide the evidence that I have); inundate the system with requests, complaints, emails, telephone calls; agitate the councillors of the Lib-Lab-Con with superficial requests and queries; boycott foreign goods and products containing the mind-controller "aspartame"; place a patriotic leaflet or information inside books within a public library; forge links with other and other groups working for the same end; COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR BROTHERS in the cause: don't drift apart and out of contact...

I could go on, but the message is clear and load: DO NOT BE PART OF A DESPOTIC SYSTEM THAT HOLDS YOU IN CONTEMPT.


Good day to you all.


English Rose said...

It's disgusting that they would call him disgusting for talking common sense

watling said...

It's clear that the spineless Tories are almost as complicit in organising the destruction of this country as New Labour are.

Habitual Tory voters need to remember that at the next General Election - assuming the EUSSR permits us one.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, what else would you expect from a body that did the utmost to make sure only one BNP representative got in, as surely they must have known that motions like this would have been dificult to get through had the indigenous peoples voices been heard through two or maybe three BNP members?. Secondly there will be more attempts by the establishment to encourage immigrants to this country as potential voters and no doubt shock troops should the occasion arise, given that many many people have woken up to the treson being carried out in their name. I dont think there can be one person left with the slightest grasp of politics that hasnt seen the truth recently, the embezlement of millions of pounds of their taxes to foreign banks should be enough to make the most out of touch prole realize the extent of the criminality going on. Just when are the majority going to oust this cabal of gangsters from the public feeding trough?