Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Do as you are told white boy - or else

This will only happen in La La Land

What is wrong with our young white men? Have they learned nothing from the state controlled press and TV? No wonder they get themselves assaulted and sometimes killed when out walking.

How foolish was this young white boy who made the mistake of walking alone in an area where the new owners of what was our country, cruise around in their cars?

Whilst walking down a back street he was told to move a wheelie bin out of the way of a car driven by a Moslem and refused. Stupid fool. When a turnip tells you to jump, the only reply you make is to ask; "How high?".

For this "lack of politeness", the naturally outraged Turnips, jumped out of their vehicle, placed him in a headlock,racially abused him and then proceeded to kick and punch him to show him the error of his ways.

Perhaps now, whilst the wounds to his face and back are healing he will have time to think about what to do next time a turnip tells him what to do.

Alternatively he can join the British National Party and join in the fight to take back Our Country so that his children of the future can walk the streets of their own country without being assaulted by aliens.

No doubt we shall see this story on all the tv networks and splashed across the front pages of the press tomorrow. We shall also see Elvis Presley doing a come back tour with The Beatles.


Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

How do I become a follower of your blog, Green Arrow? I have just tried - clicking on the 'Posts' icon and selecting 'Add to Google', which gave me the option og 'Add to Google Reader', which I seleceted. It now appears that I am informed of your updates, but my profile isn't listed under 'Friends of Green Arrow' for some reason. I'm sure this was much easier on Simon Darby's blog!

The Green Arrow said...


There is a difference between the
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You are already added I see. Nice image. You found it yourself:)

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

The 'Follow this blog' option wasn't working for me, but I added myself by clicking on my profile and using the 'Manage blogs I follow' option and adding your url - in case anybody else has difficulty.

Thanks anyway.

ivan said...

just another day in paradise.alum rock Birmingham.

Teen fights for life after machete attack in Alum Rock
Oct 13 2008

A TEENAGER was today undergoing emergency surgery after being hunted down “like an animal” by a machete-wielding gang in a Birmingham street.

The slightly built 16-year-old fled in terror as he tried to escape from the 10-strong mob, who slashed him repeatedly across his neck and face when they finally trapped him.

The youngster begged for help from passers-by seconds before the savage attack in Alum Rock Road, Alum Rock.

Three of the gang, two armed with large machetes and a third with a wooden baton, caught up with the victim and rained down blows during the broad daylight attack at 5pm on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses saw the boy being chased from Woodwell Road by a gang of at least 10 youths in their late teens, who hit him indiscriminately as he pleaded for mercy.

It was only when shopworkers, neighbours and passers-by closed in on the gang that they fled towards the nearby park.

Interpreter Iftikhar Ahmed, who was cleaning his car when the attack unfolded, said: “The boy was only small and ran up to an old man in the street screaming ‘help me, help me please’.

“But then one of the gang with a machete leaped over and struck the boy in the head. He fell backwards and stumbled a few steps before falling to the ground. He was lying on the floor when another youth with a machete struck him straight across his forehead.

“I was rushing forward to help when he was dealt the second blow and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It made my body tremble. Blood was pouring out of him, it was terrible.

“The machetes were about 18 inches long, they were identical with massive shiny blades.”

Onlookers were surprised by the pack mentality shown by the armed gang.

“The youths attacking him had no fear,” said Mr Ahmed.

“ They didn’t think twice about doing this attack in broad daylight, on a main road with people watching. The boy didn’t stand a chance.”

The victim suffered terrible wounds to his neck, back and face while the mob also came close to slicing off his ear.

He was taken to Heartlands Hospital in a serious condition but had today improved to become “stable” and was expected to undergo surgery this afternoon.

Resident Naseem Ahmed, a father-of-two from Alum Rock Road, said: “My wife rushed out to help this poor boy with the woman from Muskaan Tailors Shop, and were wrapping scarves around his wounds to stop them bleeding.

“His ear was hanging off and there was a large gash down his neck. There was also a big cut across his face and a wound on his back. He could hardly speak.

“This was a big armed group of teenagers against one person. It was unbelievable. They hunted him down like an animal. There are gangs in Washwood Heath but it has never been on my doorstep before.”

The attack comes after repeated calls on how to stem youth violence in Britain following a series of stabbings in London.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “A number of people were thought to be involved in the attack but details are unclear.

“Police would like to hear from anyone who was in or near Monk Road, Woodwell Road or Alum Rock Road at the time.”

John Hawker, spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service, said paramedics treated the boy for serious head injuries following reports of an attack.

The Green Arrow said...

OK I found the link. Any other info would be appreciated.

Will start searching.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

CEO's loot our banks and bring killers here to keep our wages down.


"Steve Bird

A teenager called 999 in an attempt to escape her kidnapper minutes before being raped and murdered and her body dumped at a roadside, a jury heard today.

Hannah Foster, 17, an A-level student, dialled the emergency services in the hope that the operator would be able to hear the nature of her conversation with Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, a man said to have snatched her off a Southampton street as she walked home. "

The CEO's who looted the world's banks are the same ones who brought this killer here. You can see the girl's photo at the link above. If you ever think about keeping silent, look at this photo. Remember the worldwide looting of the banks by the CEO's who bring them here. Speak up. There is no safety to keep silent. Look at Hannah's photo when you are afraid to speak up.

Anonymous said...

just heard the tail end of a news item. In a Wolverhampton kebab shop,a member of staff who had DIED some time before was lying on a sofa in a food preperation area!
(probably eaten something) Flies were swarming over defrosting chicken,whilst a "chef" was constantly spitting on the floor.Dead rats were found on the premesis (also probably eat something) Anyone who uses takeaways staffed by 3rd worlders deserves everything they get.

howwid waycist said...

Could someone please remind me again why we need Muslims in this country? I'm beginning to think that the risks that they pose detract from all the vibrant multicultural diversity and culinary enrichment that they have contributed to our formerly hideously monocultural society:

"The threat is huge. It dipped slightly and is now rising again within the context of 'severe'. There are large complex plots. We unravelled one, which caused damage to al-Qaeda and the plots faded slightly. However, another great plot is building up again, which we are monitoring. We have done a great deal to protect ourselves and to look after our water supplies, our resilience, underground trains, our preparedness and communications.
We have done all the things that we need to do, but the threat is building - the complex plots are building."

"... Security officials are particularly worried by a growing threat from within the Algerian, Somali and Yemeni communities in Britain along with the established threat from young men returning from the al-Qaeda heartlands on the Pakistan-Afghan border.