Friday, 3 October 2008

UAF frothing at mouth over BNP success

Some of the great merchandise on sale by the BNP

The UAF, in a very thinly disguised attempt at intimidation are calling on their ever diminishing band of brain dead zombies to step up their attacks on the owners of the premises in which British National Party merchandise is stored.

In a previous article the UAF say (but they say anything except their prayers) that lots(ROFL) of their readers emailed the company complaining but no replies were received. Perhaps that might be because no one reads their pathetic site except myself and a few other wild life watchers.

Now they are stepping up their campaign and listing names of individuals with their email addresses and telephone numbers after uttering the following implied threat.
It's up to us to stop Excalibur churning out this offensive racist crap and it's up to Evans to do what it can do to stop this garbage being spread around. Let's get emailing, phoning and faxing so that Evans are shown in no uncertain terms that there are a lot of people out here who are getting angry at being ignored and who are demanding that action is taken against Excalibur.
Beneath is the list, thoughtfully provided by the state funded UAF for you to contact them and inform them of your support and their courage in resisting the undemocratic demands of people who are not even prepared to stand in elections.

Clearly if there are any illegal threats or damage to property made, then the first people to be questioned should be the UAF and Searchlight who originally published the Company's details and demanding action be taken against them.

Interesting to note also is the fact that they have pulled the story mentioned in my previous article about the incredible rise of the British National Party.

Tom Stokes, Managing Director

Bradley Cooper, Finance Director

Simon Bottomley, Projects Director

Ian Frostwick, Operations Director
Mobile: 07818 075131

Sarah Cooney, PA to MD and FD

Terry Boytler, Projects Manager
Tel: 0870 876 8000
Mobile: 07884 118823

Maxine Nathan, PR & Marketing Manager

Rob Catton, Business Services Technical Manager
Mobile: 07824 452854

Karen Ely, Business Services Operations Manager

If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise
we do not believe in it at all.

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Anonymous said...

Green I have e-mailed th MD and said thanks for standing for the same freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for in the face of communist threats from the Labour funded UAF


Anonymous said...


Give the baby its dummy back and shut up the Reds, for Christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the UAF make this statement on their site....

"The majority of people in this
country abhor the BNP."

.....surely, if that is true then what do they have to worry about? They'll never get into power, will they? So why do they seem scared?

Also, I'm not surprised by the amount of black and asian faces on the site.......of course they're anti BNP, they're pro their own. I wonder if they'd have the same opinions if it was their native homeland being swamped with immigrants?