Sunday, 12 October 2008

Decapitation leads to necrophilia

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There I was, over on some Cult of the Dead Paedophile forum and was just clicking a bookmark to return to the world of normality after reading a very, very long article on why Moslems should not vote in the UK Elections, when I thought I should check out a few other threads before leaving.

Well buried in the reports of their daring does in Iraq and Afghanistan, I found the Beheading videos is forbidden thread.

Well we all know the turnips are barking mad and are so sexually repressed that they now wish to make their women only show one eye but I found this thread mind boggling.

You can visit the link or click on the top image to read just how crazy the turnips are.

The sooner we send these head bangers packing the better.

Make that day sooner rather than later by voting and supporting the British National Party.

Anybody spot my little message?


Anonymous said...

Three fantastic articles Green. Keep up the good work, as we must wake the masses as to what is happening.

Aberdeen Mega Mosque has been put on hold due to a trial I believe.

It is alleged that there is infighting between the turnips up here in Aberdeen and that one of them ran off with 100K of Muslim money that was to help with the promotion of the mosque.

I will fight the building of this with all my might, as the numbers of Turnips in Aberdeen is growing at a staggering rate. Who the F### is letting them into the country, and WHY.....

This is the Aberdeen that my father fought for, my uncles, my grandfathers, every last male member of my family has fought for our nation, and I will die rather than see it turn into a Muslim run shithole that will brutalise my children.

We can’t trust our government to protect us, so we must start to protect ourselves and our children’s future.

Well done government you are radicalising your own people because we have no choice.

Anonymous said...

Who the F### is letting them into the country, and WHY.....

Try lib/lab/con and snp for your answer mate.
Why? because the UK has to be broken up, no more United Kingdom.
Why did snp win with supposed one vote due to voter confusion over the new voting forms?
Snp will take more seats at each by election then put independance vote to the people, and guess what? a landslide win for independance! Rigged results? Never, not in the UK, home of democracy?