Friday, 3 October 2008

The rise of the British National Party

Soon my kinsmen. Soon.

I have said it on numerous occasions and will say it again for new readers. When the British National Party come to power, it will not be over a matter decades or even years. It will happen almost overnight.

The new councillor here, the new councillor there, are grains of sand being added to the political weighing scales. On the left you have the Tri-Axis parties and assorted rubbish, all united under the Destroy the United Kingdom banner and on the right you have the resistance, you have the British National Party.

But for every action there is a reaction and for every crime committed against the True British people by the Tri-Axis of evil, then another voters jumps over to the scales on the right and Tri-Axi scale of power grows lighter and the scale of justice in the form of the BNP heavier.

Even the biggest ostrich of them all, The Guardian has woken up to the fact that change really is coming and for the British People - finally first hope and then justice;
But there is another "change" taking place, at present below the mainstream political radar, but it is a change that could sweep through the political establishment if not quickly addressed. This change is reactionary – it is the rise of the British National party.

The BNP is a growing force in Britain. In May's local elections it averaged 13.9% in the 612 wards it contested across the country, while in London it polled 130,714 votes in the London assembly elections. Locally, its results have been even more startling. It averaged 41% in the wards it contested in Barking and Dagenham in 2006, and this year it averaged 28% in Rotherham and 27% in Stoke-on-Trent.

Next year the BNP could win the Stoke-on-Trent mayoral election and has a strong chance of gaining several MEPs in the European elections, particularly in the North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber constituencies. Victory here, with the respectability and finances the job carries, will transform the BNP into a major political force.
Now that the British National Party has led the way in getting the truth out to the people of Our Country through the magnificent leadership of their chairman Nick Griffin and his motivation of the hardest working activists ever seen in the history of British Politics success is now assured.

And the BNP will prevail and Our Land will, one day, really be the home fit for heroes that our ancestors have fought and died for.

The British National Party is the only party that says
what it means and means what it says.


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

All that the Metropolitan Elite have to do to defeat the BNP is to demonstrate to these hideously white knuckledragging proles that:

(1) Islamic supremacism is not a threat.

(2) Immigration does not cause overcrowding, environmental degradation and a strain on resources.

(3) Anti-white racism does not exist.

(4) Certain third-world ethnic groups are not disproportionately violent.

(5) The EUrabian project will benefit us all.

Simple! Easy! So why don't they just go and do it?

ivan said...

Spot on green arrow,we know whats coming and the enemy certainly know whats coming.When you see the LAB LEADER and now the CON LEADER speaking out against us it a sign they are running scared.With the european election some eight months away it seems we in the BNP are already in place and off the mark.Phones going,emails landing and bulks of our new leaflet "where we stand" already being delivered across our towns and cities.NO WONDER THEY ARE RUNNING SCARED,BRING ON THE BNP

Rufus said...

Perhaps with Richard Edmonds back on the executive, there will be a chance for radical Nationalists to rejoin the mainstream struggle. Unity within one organisation isn't vital, but unity of purpose is. Time is running out.

AbertaweBNP said...

I am Mr Average, just like everyone else, I am in my 40's now and have always voted lie bour but not anymore, I became totally disillusioned with polictics in general, it seemed to me no matter who was in power they didn't do anything for us average people, so I looked into what the BNP stood for, I liked what I saw, I talked to one or two members from Swansea about the BNP and I found out, the BNP and myself had a lot in common, so there you have my reasons for supporting the BNP, there are 100's of 1000's like me, just waiting to find an honest political party who says it like they see it, no heirs or graces, please or offend but it's refreshing to see a political party telling it like it is.
I sincerely hope for rapid growth until one day, we are in government.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if its pissing down. I'm going out leafletting again this Sunday!

Howard Hawks said...

Three cheers for the BNP from a Transaltantic cousin!

Please be advised that we nationalists on this side of the Pond are inspired by the growth of the BNP.

In America we have the Dempub Party that has sold out our country to the radical Left and failed businessmen of Wall Street with a TRILLION DOLLAR bailout just recently.

Thus the triumph of the BNP when it happens will serve to encourage the creation of an American National Party whose first constitutional amendment would be that English is made the official language of the country.