Sunday, 26 October 2008


I am reminded of the film "The African Queen"

Well here we go again. I have noticed that it happens every week. Sunday. Regular as clockwork. Got up and sure enough here it was again. Sunday.

I used to love Sundays. These days, not so much, but thats life.

Just realised that this is going to be a long post. Best get yourself a drink first before settling down to read it. I myself have gone for a can of Worthington. Early I know but it is Sunday and I am thirsty.

Up fairly late, done the usual rounds and checked the mail and news sites and then wasted a couple of hours just following links and trying to wrap my mind around some of the troubles facing Our Country.

The sad thing, is that the troubles of Our Country could all have been avoided if only the True British People had woken up decades ago about was is being done to them by the self anointed "elite" of the New World Order.

The old, sick and unemployed might not believe it, but ours or rather what was once ours, is a wealthy country. How else could we afford to pay for our enslavement to the tune of a staggering £99 billion into the undemocratic EUSSR every year?

How else could we afford to send £825 million pounds to India. That is more than enough to cover the cost of their Space Program, estimated to cost around £45 million?

Think of that when one of your friends or family are told that if they need drugs to live they must pay for it themselves or die.

Think of India's brave venture into space when you are told that you will have to go blind in one eye before you will receive treatment to save what is left of your sight.

Oh well, the sheep people who continue to vote for the Tri-Axis of Evil parties will learn the truth soon enough. Come the General Election, David Cameron who has now been "approved" and briefed by the New World Order will take over and continue the work of the real rulers of the world.

He will continue doing the same task that was set for his predecessors, milking Our Country for all it is worth and increasing the obscene wealth of the international bankers of the world living on their Islands in the Sun.

Periodically he will fly to meet one of their spokesmen on one of their many luxury yachts and receive his instructions and then come back and sell them to the sheep people who are still unable to join the dots and see the big picture.

But whilst the sheep people slumber, the British National Party will join the dots for them and will soon show them the Big Picture and when they see it the sheep people will become Lions. And angry Lions at that.

During Cameron's government, things will only get the opposite of better, sadly much worse in fact and the people will be forced to turn away from their TV's and look at the big picture and then they will remember that the only party that has ever told them the unpleasant truth is the BNP.

Moving on, you might get the impression from reading sites such as the Liars, Buggers and Thieves and Enemies of the People that all the Tri-Axis politicians are perverted crooks. But that is not the case. Some of them are decent people who do genuinely care for the communities they serve.

And some of them have learnt the truth and realised that the parties they originally joined as young men have betrayed not only them but their believes and so they are coming over to the BNP in increasing numbers. The BNP welcomes these people with open arms.

And this trickle of defectors will become a flood as others politicians realise the truth also. Sadly amoungst these new members of the BNP will be carpetbaggers who have seen the way the political wind is changing and decide to jump ship whilst they still have a chance of acceptance.

But you will be able to spot these people, the ones who come now and join the battle at the beginning are genuine, those who attempt to come when the war is over will be the carpetbaggers. They will never be allowed in or given a chance to redeem themselves.

Finally before I crack another can. Let us have a think about the motley crews of Searchlight and the SWP/UAF thugs.

They are announcing their intention to hold a demonstration outside the British National Party's coming annual conference. Glad to hear it. All political conferences need to have some light entertainment and you can bet those clowns will provide it.

Referring to their pathetic showing last year in which they have stated that "hundreds" turned up to protest, they are calling for more effort from their dwindling supporters. But do their ill informed supporters know who they really are. Of course not.

They are Stalinists who proudly fly the Hammer and Sickle and display images of Stalin on their marches. They care not for democracy. It is a concept as alien to them as a tolerant Turnip is to me.

They are paid out of our remaining workers subscriptions to the trade Unions who are more concerned with foreign affairs then the British Workers they are overpaid to represent.

They live in council houses that were "gifted" to them by grateful Labour Councils whose work they do as an illegal third party during elections. They deprive genuine people of homes so they are free to work full time for the state. They are filth.

So f you are still in a job and you object to your union subscriptions being used to fund these thugs who creep around in the night like thieves, vandalising and painting swastikas in pathetic attempts to smear the BNP. Then you should consider joining the patriotic independent Trade Union known as Solidarity.

So that is about it for this Sunday. Now let us go see what the other sites are saying today. Good Morning to you all.


AbertaweBNP said...

Who are these people who are leaving things like this happen, we are being eaten from within and it's only the monority want to see it and stop it.

Anonymous said...

Good day to you GA, great post and enjoy your Sunday drink and I hope you're going to enjoy a traditional British roast Sunday lunch?

What I wouldn't give to enjiy a properly coked roast beef with all the trimmings...

Cheers mate


Wolfblood said...

Another 1st class entry, GA.
Well done and many thanks.

No doubt the twisted little liblabcon-sucking turnip-lovers will be excited again ;-)

Well fuck 'em!
They'll be dealt with soon enough.

odin said...

Quote]Sadly amoungst these new members of the BNP will be carpetbaggers]
Set BR on them he has a nose for these things, & a great toilet humour! :)

Anonymous said...

You know, in a way I feel quite sorry for the mixed up kids that make up the shock troops of the "antifash", and even the dangerously misinformed Svengalis who lead them into trouble. Do they not realise that in the eyes of the four horsemen types featured earlier in the story (and others like them), that they are seen as human junk, beneath contempt, just how they view the rest of us?. Instead of fighting the BNP and other nationalists/enlightened people, who are trying to take power out of the hands of what can only be described as parasitical demons and restore it to the people, they ignorantly do their bidding. Can they not see that the "elite" are as far removed from humanity to be alien (and not of the little green man variety), and will show them no gratitude for their misguided actions, and are more likely to despise them even more due to their treason against their own lower caste?. The deserve to be remembered for all eternity as the zombies of the real world.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

'They are announcing their intention to hold a demonstration outside the British National Party's coming annual conference. Glad to hear it. All political conferences need to have some light entertainment and you can bet those clowns will provide it.'

Hahaha! So true. Did you see the video on the Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics blog (I didn't want to use the acronym)of the woman singing Ebony and Ivory? I was laughing for five minutes. I don't suppose anybody knows if it is on You Tube?

A great post, Green Arrow. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post GA.
I am going to ask you all for an indulgence. Please send the following link to American bloggers who are battling to stop a Muslim being elected in the White House, with his finger on the nucleur button.
Every little helps them in waking up their wavering people. We can do no less

Excerpts from Barack Hussein Obamas writings on his muslim upbringing.
Heidi T