Sunday, 5 October 2008

The BNP and the Midwich Cuckoos

"Out you go. This is my home now."

Over on the most popular British political site ever, the British National Party are reporting on the large numbers of unaccompanied minors being literally dumped at UK ports every year.

However this is not a recent phenomenon, the Cuckoos have been arriving here for quite some time but the figures show that the top ten nationalities of the parents that dumped their children like discarded waste in 2007 were:
  1. Afghan - 1,135
  2. Iranian - 360
  3. Chinese - 315
  4. Iraqi - 305
  5. Eritrean - 280
  6. Somali - 200
  7. Bangladeshi - 125
  8. Pakistani - 75
  9. Nigerian - 70
  10. Sri Lankan - 65
Remember those figures when you hear the Cameron Clown shouting out about how we can learn from other cultures, especially Asian. They can teach us nothing. Except perhaps waste disposal.

I think some of our newer readers(they increase daily) might like to check out these two previous articles from this site. The first The Midwich Cuckoos was published back in March of last year and the second, More Midwich Cuckoos saw the fresh air of day in May of the same year.

Remember this. Just as a cuckoo deprives other young birds of food and eventually life, so to will these human cuckoos do the same to our young.


Anonymous said...

What kind of human being can just dispose of their kids like this? wonder the Common Purpose inspired CSA doesnt chase non whites!. Yes we have scum amongst our own who arent responsible enough to have kids, but generally we do our best and put our children first under increasingly difficult circumstances. They say a nation can be judged by the way it treats its elderly, and equally its children, nobody has to mention white supremacy but the facts speak for themselves whichever way the criminal left try to disguise it.

Anonymous said...

"Yes we have scum amongst our own who arent responsible enough to have kids"

Huh? So people who don't have kids - which may be for a variety of reasons - are scum?

That is an ignorant, crass comment and way OTT.

Solution to this: Find out the country of origin and dump the child on their port saying: "This is one of yours, you take care of it."

We're already a dumping ground for third world over-population we don't need to become its kindergarten.


The Green Arrow said...

Reconquista, I think you misread the previous posters meaning.

The way I read it is that we have a few parents who are not fit to have children but do.

I do not believe the poster was implying that people who do not have children are scum.

No offence. I often make similar mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Please read my comment again, I did not imply that those without children were scum, indeed some of those who dont may not have because they cant afford to, which shows responsibility for not bringing a child into the world and expecting others to fend for it-just like all those poor kids dumped on our shores.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

An excellent analogy GM, very apt!

Anonymous said...

Apologies all round GA, I did indeed misunderstand the meaning.

Reconquista, red-faced, makes a note that posting after a, ahem, indulgent and late Saturday night may not be a good idea...

Hic, Reconquista :-)

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Reconquista,

I am sure it will be accepted with the good grace that it was given.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Apology accepted ;-)