Saturday, 11 October 2008

Joerg Haider dies in "accident"??????

We will not forget. We never forget.

According to the BBC, Joerg Haider has been killed in a road "accident" and I believe them. Or rather I believe the bit about Haider being killed. Do I believe it was an accident? No.

Do I believe that the man who exposed the British Government for lieing about the threat to our country from Iraq, Dr David Kelly committed suicide? No.

Joerg Haider
was the the former Leader of the Austrian Freedom Party until he left to become Leader of the Alliance for Austria's Future that both recently done so well in the Austrian elections.

He had constantly tried to warn the world about the true nature of the European Union and their plans to create Eurabia and eventually a New World Order.

Back in 2000, the European Union, ignoring the democratic rights of the Austrian people to elect who they wish, spat their dummy out and imposed illegal and vicious sanctions against Austria for having the temerity to vote for a nationalist party.

An intelligent and very charismatic man, Haider was tremendously popular with the Austrian people and worked tirelessly to stop Austria joining the European Union in 1995 and attempted to force a referendum on whether they should join the single currency. He failed on both issues but he continued to oppose the European Union and stated that it was a;
"declaration of war against all working and upstanding people".
I understand the grief and feelings of the Alliance for Austria's Future, Deputy leader Stefan Petzner when he said on hearing the news of his comrades death;
"For us this is the end of the world,"
For patriotic Britain's, it would be like waking up and hearing that Nick Griffin, the Leader of the British National Party was dead. Truly awful.

No I do not believe this was an "accident". I believe it was a political assassination carried out on the orders of the "elite", who are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise of patriotic parties across Western Europe.

They think by killing this one man they can frighten into silence the voices of others like him. Dream on boys dream on. One day we will bring you to justice.

To silence criticism is to silence freedom.


Anonymous said...

Things are becoming serious arent they?. The evil do-ers must be be sufficiently rattled to start killing people. Theres no doubt about it, things are speeding up for the EU/Globalist takever, and the stakes are high. The epilogue of civilisation is upon us. Glad I'm just a little man!.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

This does seem too convenient to be a coincidence, however, my guess is that we will never know the truth as to what actually happened.

Fyrdist said...

I really hope that a phoenix rises from the ashes of this devastating news: the unification of the Freedom Party and the Alliance for Austria's Future.

This alliance would be the best response to what was, in all probability, a state execution of Mr. Haider.

Check the brakes on your car everyday, Mr. Griffin.

The Green Arrow said...


I thought the same within one minute of reading the news but figured I would not mention that possibility just yet.

Now you have broached the subject, I hope you are right.

The combined nationalist vote was closer to 54% then the 30% report according to figures I looked at.

No link sorry. I really must be more diligent.

Fyrdist said...

Cheers, GA. Yes -a link to report would have been most enlightening. It would have been a bit like New Labour's 35% in the General Election of 2005 suddenly being reduced to 21% when the figures took cognizance of the millions of people that abstained from voting. (Those who didn't vote where in excess of 39% -making "The Abstainers Party" our LEGITIMATE government):

British "democracy": as much a sham as it is illegitimate.

Whilst on the point of links: people -facts, accusations, etc., carry far more weight when they have a link. Links provide evidence and this evidence is what will differentiate (in the eyes of the public) a "deluded unfounded rant by those stupid Nazis" from the more telling and ultimately more convincing "Wow! I never knew that fact. The link supplied has certainly opened my eyes. I'm now getting involved in the defence of Britain..."

I'm sure you see the point. Information is valued; supported information is priceless. Please copy links and bookmark useful pages.

Thanks, everyone. Onward to success!