Sunday, 12 October 2008

Betrayer of Serbia win Nobel Peace Prize

Kosovo is Serbia and will be again

In these modern days, when the New World Order seems to have full control, it is no surprise to read that Finnish diplomat Martti Ahisaari has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his betrayal of Christian Serbs by giving half of their Country to the Moslem Colonisers.
"This is some kind of a sick joke," one Serbian listener told the Belgrade radio station B92 last night, before denouncing him as a "Nazi." Another asked: "So the Finnish guy wins an award for managing to split a country in two? What is the world coming to?"
Not so much "What is the world coming to?". More a question of "where is it going?", when lickspittles of the New World Order hand over a Christian Land to the living cancer called Islam.

Ahtisaari was never there to broker peace. Even his supporters admit to him not being a neutral or of having an impartial approach to peace negotiations. He was just carrying out orders. One day hopefully that defence will not work at his trial for crimes against humanity.

The fact of the matter is that he did not broker "Peace". It was the Wests shameful bombing of Belgrade civilians by our air force that made Serbia surrender a part of their ancient land to the alien invaders of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

Of course if you dig a little bit deeper, you find that this dirt bag was the Finnish President who betrayed his country by taking it into the European Union and adopting the euro. Another reason why he should be tried for treason, then hung.


Anonymous said...

the nobel prize is worthless. i think they once gave it to theterrorist arafat.

Birmingham Patriot said...

After recognition of illegal Kosovo UDI by Montenegro (itself a knife in Serbia's back) this is sickening rubbing of salt into Serb wounds.

Viva Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia and Romania - don't back down to the American bully