Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Convention of the Left

The place was as empty of ideas as it was of people. Sad.

I honestly do not know why I am bothering to report on this non event of the year. Other than perhaps to gloat over the demise of the "visible" left. The smarter and more devious ones are embedded in the government and also in the conservative party. Ready to take over and carry on with the same wet marxist dream, come the General Elections.

After pushing "The Convention of the Left" that took place from 20th - 24th September for close on a year, less than 300 people turned up. And those that did were mainly the supposedly crowd pullers of their sponsors.

By all accounts there were more on the top table than seated in the hall, that had the sad appearance an empty dance room waiting for people who were not coming.

Among their sponsors and speakers were the same old tired faces and names;
Confirmed participants include Tony Benn, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Mark Serwotka, Colin Fox, Pam Currie, Frances Curran, Sue Bond, Jeremy Dear, Matt Wrack, Maria Exall, Jane Loftus, Carolyn Jones, Rahila Gupta, Tariq Ali, John Lister, Jonathan Neale, Kate Hudson, Andrew Murray, Lindsey German, Bill Greenshields, George Galloway, Abjol Miah , Ken Loach, Rob Griffiths, and Derek Wall.

Sponsoring organisations include the Labour Representation Committee – and the Left Women’s Network and Left Economics Advisory Panel; Scottish Socialist Party; Communist Party of Britain; Green Left; Respect; Morning Star, Socialist Workers Party, Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils, Manchester Trades Council, Liverpool Trades Council and many others.
Like the pathetic T-Shirts with Revolucion, Cuban Flags and images of Chez Guevara printed on them, that were on sale, their ideas and discussion were just as outdated and long past their sell by date. Dinosaurs who do not know they are dead.

The theme of the event was "The Break up of the United Kingdom" and "pride of place" was given to the Scottish National Party(SNP) and Plaid Cymru of Wales. Both committed to the destruction of Our Island home and (I thought he was dead), Tony Benn.

representative at this event was the toad and Welsh Assembly member Leanne Wood and for Scotland, Chris Harvie of the SNP. Harvie's speech went down like a lead balloon when, sounding like a Scottish laird, he stated that he liked Wales so much he had bought a second home there! Considering that this meeting of minnows was made up of a mix of Stalinists, Trotskyist and Marxists there is little wonder there was no applause at the end of his speech.

Although there was bitter rivalry between the different factions attending they seem to have come to some agreement that the only way to counter the continued growth of the British National Party was to move towards the right!
The same message was hammered home again and again. When the occasional speaker chose to mention Marxism, Trotsky or Lenin, a collective groan went up from those present.
Perhaps they have decided that they will sacrifice or rather conceal their true principals in order to help labour continue in power?

It seems that there might also have been a kiss and make up between the SWP and the Moslem funded Respect Party(dont know which version) but the blood letting within the SWP continues with their central committee voting to replace their leader John Rees.
On August 27 the SWP central committee voted by 10 to four to remove Rees from heading the party’s election work. He was national secretary of the Respect coalition and led the much reduced Left Alternative SWP electoral front following the split with Galloway.

Rees was instructed to resign from the Left Alternative national council. The decision was endorsed by the party’s national committee on September 14 by 42 votes to none, with three abstentions. German, who is Rees’s partner, resigned her own position in protest and reportedly even threatened to resign from the SWP.

The SWP’s Party Notes make clear that Rees is being targeted for a debacle for which the entire leadership is responsible. Since Rees was singled out by Galloway as his hate figure, this makes possible better relations and possible regroupment with Respect and other left groups. It is also bound up with a retreat by the SWP from mounting electoral challenges to Labour.
The only other item that I found of interest was the lefts disillusionment with the Trade Union Movement and the amount of funding that Labour receives from them.
Without the support of the trade unions, Labour would be finished. They provide fully £9 out of every £10 received by the party. Yet far from mobilising against Labour, the TUC’s most strenuous efforts were made to oppose any leadership challenge to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. TUC President Dave Prentis said of Brown, “I believe he will continue to be [prime minister] until the next election. Of course we want him to. He is the leader of the Labour Party and he is Prime Minister of this country.
And really that is about it. I honestly do not know why I bothered to plough through the reports. Actually I do now. It was reading the old words like bourgeois and reactionary that got me going. Those words and a reference to the "putrefaction and decay of the Labour Party and Trade Unions". Pure nostalgia.

Time now to turn our attention away from the dead left and move on to winning over support from the conservatives and UKIP voters.


Anonymous said...

GA, the demise of the left? half "our" cabinet is stuffed with (EX?)commies.
Don't ever underestimate these totalitarian freaks, they really do want to control not only what we do and say, but what and how we think. They hand down the batton through generations,devote their lives and the lives of their children to their cause. Three generations of Milibands for example. And the Benns. At the fag-end of the Labour conference Wedgie's granddaughter started gobbing off about something or other. We must put our efforts (and you do so well) into building up the BNP. Right now we are just a small fringe outfit,vilified by the liblabcontrick and their media pals. We have much work to do before we can crow about the demise of the left. And crow we will, but not for a while, I suspect.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 09:21.

You are right. I should have said the "visible" left. The smarter, devious ones are in government and others of their kind are in opposition with the conservatives ready to carry on where the last lot left off, come the General Election.

Anonymous said...

Notice how many foreign names are on that list?.

Anonymous said...

All that BBC pandering and appeasement, cuts no ice with the religion of peace.

Furious Muslims have issued threats against EastEnders bosses over a storyline that showed an Asian character breaking his Ramadan fast.

Postman Masood Ahmed was spotted snacking on a chapati during the holy month.


Fyrdist said...

A few points:

1) The majority of so-called Marxists occupying this panel will undoubtedly have mortgages. Furthermore, George Galloway (who I must admit to regarding as one of the best speakers I've heard -sorry, folks) is notorious for forever being resplendent in Savile Row suits.

2) Their Marxism is Neo-Marxism: Communism by the dollar that is culturally Marxist but now favours the rich and is STILL funded by Zionist capital.

3) Just how do the Reds reconcile the fact they are funded by Jewish Gold, that Communism itself is a construct of the Jews (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Engels, Stalin... were all Jews), while "fighting for the Palestinians"? Why can't they see that by occupying the position of the ultra Left they little more than International Zionism's foot-soldiers?

3) "Another World is Possible" was the mantra of the convention. Yes, Reds -YOU'RE ALREADY OCCUPYING THAT OTHER WORLD! (though God knows where it is -in the bedroom of all your mother's houses?)


5) "... the only way to counter the continued growth of the British National Party was to move towards the right!" HAHA! What a bunch of traitors! Very indicative, wouldn't you say, of the fact that the political Left is insecure and flimsy. A "move towards the right"? What are they to do -take out second mortgages, buy only British produce, and start reading the Daily Express?

6) With all these points outlined above it is clear that you must not take seriously these cretins of yesteryear. They have had their day -now it is time to get Britain back on track. The lion has woken and is hungry.

7) Will everybody in the Nationalist community please step up a gear their activities. Get involved and be part of the movement that will go down in history as the biggest comeback of all time, the greatest popular democratic revolt ever.

Come on people -LET'S FIGHT BACK HARDER!

Fyrdist said...

Haha! Threat to blow up Eastenders! How many punchlines can we get out of that one?

I hope that the Islamists -enroute to planting their bomb- take a "ball and chalk" around the "Jack Horner" and firstly stop of for some sustenance of jellied eels (and maybe a West Ham match).

Anonymous said...

read this one and weep for what once passed for a police force.

xoggoth said...

Yeh gods, Wedgie Ben, Tariq Ali, Ken Loach. Those takes me back, aren't they making any new lefties anymore?