Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Make a noise for freedom!

We are happy to give a plug for following important demonstration (info taken from http://www.solidaritytradeunion.org/ ) in support of Adam Walker (left)

13/10/2008 - Solidarity support for Birmingham demo

Make a noise for freedom!

17 November 2008
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: General Teaching Council
Street: Victoria Square House
Town/City: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Solidarity today gave backing to the protest outside the General Teaching Council on November 17. The demonstration has been called by Civil Liberty. The GTC is currently attacking freedom of expression by charging our President Adam Walker with expressing views 'suggestive of racial and religious intolerance'.

The GTC is largely controlled by the rival NUT Union and its former President (Judy Moorhouse) is currently sitting on the panel judging his case. The NUT have a stated policy that no member of the British National Party should be allowed to teach. Adam is a member of that political organisation.

Hundreds have signed the petition to get her to stand down. If you haven't already please sign now at:- http://gopetition.com/online/22038.htmlOur Brotherhood defends freedom of expression. The attack on our President is an outrage. Every member of Solidarity should make a special effort to support the Civil Liberty demo in person. Freedom of expression is worth defending. See you in Birmingham! Together we are strong!

Dress: Smart.
Special Instructions: The theme of our protest is 'Make a noise for freedom'. We would like you to bring drums, whistles, bells etc. If you play a musical instrument bring it along. We want to show that freedom of expression is alive and well in our Country and we invite you to help register our protest in sound!


tomorrow belongs to mo said...

The GTC (General Teaching Council) is a Marxist quango set up by NuLabour to extort a compulsory tax from teachers and impose thought-control. It serves no useful purpose (in fact quite the reverse) and should be abolished as a matter of priority once the BNP come to power.

The GTC is to education what the BBC is to news-reporting. I'm sure an investigation into its finances would prove interesting and informative.

Any members of its kangaroo court found guilty of harassing teachers for their political opinions should be liable to provide compensation out of their personal assets and pensions.

ivan said...

Will be there green arrow.Adam Walker,he is a superb chap and deserves a lot of support against these facist marxists,enough is enough Britain is arising.Every failure,every dig they have at the BNP just equates to more support they will never learn together we can bring this iron curtain down and we will..!!


This from an organisation that can not be bothered to give the indigenous population thier own tick box on thier application form,white british?shove it!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there in full voice!

Yes on the SO CALLED EQUAL OPPORTUNBTIES MONITORING FORM I have never filled in ''White British''--the English as a race and indeed the Welsh are also denied a race (tick box)

That makes these organisations and the governemnt who have this equal opportunties / positive affirmation implemented Racists and INTOLERANT!..

To legislate against people the right and freedom to express their political views in a alleged democracy is no democracy its a form of dictatorship