Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mr Phillips' flawed analysis

By Sarah Maid of Albion

The ever hectoring Trevor Phillips, Chairman of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights has announced, in a manner which might otherwise suggest that he has discovered the meaning of life, the universe and everything, that knife crime in Britain is fuelled by immigrants, whom he prefers to refer to as “brutalised refugees” from war torn parts of Africa. Information which will not have come as a huge surprise to many of us.

Of course, being the inveterate racist he is, old Trev can't resist the temptation to heap the blame for what black people do onto the shoulders of white people, who he accuses of “failing to integrate with refugee children who had witnessed untold horrors in their early lives.”

However, if I may be so bold as to draw attention to a flaw Phillips' argument, it should be noted that a significant majority of those who are involved in knife crime are the children or grandchildren of immigrants. That is to say young people who have never set a Nike shod foot in Africa and who's closest encounter with “untold horrors” will have been via their iPod, some shared happy slapping on their mobile phones, or those they have, themselves, inflicted on some unlucky victim.

Could it not follow, therefore, that what we are seeing is less the result of trauma or lack of integration but rather a cultural phenomenon? Many of those causing havoc on our streets do originate from war torn parts of the dark continent, but what was it that made those parts war torn, and why are they being replicated here?

Recently a lot of the knife crime has involved members of the Somali community, who do indeed originate from one of the most violent countries on the planet. However, what is it that makes Somalia so violent and dangerous, is it the sand flies?, the camel spiders? Odd Indian Ocean breezes? or the Somalis themselves? If not. why is it that the children of Somali immigrants, most of whom have never seen a war zone, still behave as if they are in one?.

Brutality is nothing new to that region, during World War II, allied troops involved in the East Africa campaign feared most being captured by the Somalis, who were at the time fighting on the Italian side, for it was well known that death at their hands would be neither quick or kind.

Somalia aside, Phillips makes a particular reference to the Congo, where certainly the atrocities there have been particularly gruesome, however, gruesome atrocities are nothing new to the Congo, the horrors of the 1960 uprising are often compared to the Cambodian Killing fields under Pol Pot. It is said that few white female escaped the Congo uprising without being raped multiple times, be she grandmother, nun or toddler, and they were lucky when compared to the indigenous Congolese who belonged to the wrong tribes and whose victimisation continues to this day.

“Ah tribal conflict!!” Trev would no doubt splutter if confronted with such an argument “That was all the fault of Colonialism!” which, of course, is what he and the other multi-cultural fanatics shriek whenever confronted with the reality of inter-tribal violence, such as that seen in Rwanda, the DRC, Kenya and Uganda to name but a few. “That was all the white man's fault!”. NOT SO! Ethiopia was never a colony, there are no arbitrary colonial frontiers drawn across Ethiopia, however, like most of Africa, the country has been beset by tribal conflict for centuries, the most recent example being the attempted genocide of the Anuak tribe in 2004.

It seems that not everything is the white man's fault, and that ethnic culture can involve more than spicy food and a sense of rhythm.Trevor and his cronies are only too ready to tell us how we can benefit from exposure to different cultures, yet what they fail to mention is that other cultures have their downside, sometimes it comes waving a machete and that side too can be and frequently is) imported too.

A further source of street crime, and ongoing conflict with the African community comes from members of the West Indian community, specifically Jamaica. Most Jamaicans of African origin have never been near Africa, neither have their parents, grandparents and even great grandparents, yet Kingston, like the majority African American cities of Detroit and New Orleans in the USA, ranks amongst those world cities most beset with with crime, violence, rape and murder.It seems culture may travel down the generations, good or bad.

Africa is not alone in importing the less welcome aspects to their culture, in many areas the violence and conflict we see, but which the media avoids reporting, comes from members of the Asian community. This also is nothing new, read the history of Asia and you will find that it is a violent one, the Afghans, for instance, did not discover their talent for torture pnly by practising on young Russian soldiers in the 1980's, their cruelty was infamous for centuries before that. Further south, inter-ethnic violence across the subcontinent started long before the Raj, let alone patrician, and wasn't our fault either.

Cultural violence is not the only unwelcome result of opening our doors to all-comers, foreigners can have other bad habits. Recent allegations of electoral fraud, in for instance, Birmingham, primarily involved members of the Asian community whose origins are in nations where such practices are endemic. Likewise, when considering London, where millions of pounds of taxpayers money vanished in odd deals involving black and Asian businesses, it is not unreasonable to remember where African and Asian countries languish in the International corruption league tables.

This is not a message of hate, although some will portray it as such. I do not wish harm on anyone. However, there are many huge problems in Africa, Asia and the rest of the third world, which need to be addressed at their source, not just spread around so that everyone shares the bad luck. A problem does not cease to be a problem by relocating it, that simply creates a whole new set of victims.

It would be ludicrous to suggest that, crime and violence, and some forms of corruption, did not exist in Britain before such high levels of third world immigration was imposed upon us, or that we may not have had a few cultural flaws ourselves. However, we are importing new ones, reintroducing cruelties which we long put behind us, and in many respects they are far worse than anything which existed here before.

Moreover, should not the aim be to solve the problems we had, rather than introduce new and worse ones.

It is often said that one has to take the rough with the smooth, but the British people may one day realise how few smooth features there are to mass immigration, and quite how rough the rough bits can be, and that those rough bits are not our fault whatever the likes of Trevor Phillips may accuse us of.

I pray the British wake up soon because we have not yet seen the worst.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis Sarah, I couldn't agree more.

This violence happens wherever black goes - Detroit, LA, Chicago, Atalanta, New York, London. Look at Johannesburg a one time jewel of Africa, a first world city goverened by whites now reduced to a third world crime ridden hell-hole where black government has failed its own people spectacularly.

But do you know what really rankles with me? It's the win-win situation of racist commisars like Phillips. They claim credit for all of the diversity and variety immigration brings and avoid totally any blame or responsibility for the serious problems this colonisation brings.

In other words, multiculturalism works it is because of the vision of the politicians and the industry and initiative of the immigrants. But when it fails and the immigrants turn violent and murder each othet it is because of us and our "intolerant racism."

It was ever thus with snake-oil salesmen.


Anonymous said...

Exactly, it is not the country that makes the people, but the people that make a country.

Someone should tell Trevor that if white men were so evil, then what the hell is Trevor still doing in Britain? Go and be with your "peaceful" tribe then.

Anonymous said...


finally made the Telegraph, they're still not allowing comments though. Wonder what Trev would make of this home grown jihadi child, or Boris or Jowell for that matter?

realist said...

The problem isn't cultural, it is genetic. When our Caucasoid/Mongoloid ancestors migrated out of Africa about 100,000 years ago, the colder Eurasian climate with its seasonal variations and potentially lethal winters selected for more intelligent brains, more forward planning, greater family stability, better parenting and a reduction in aggressiveness and uncontrolled sexually driven behaviour. Hence the high civilisations of Europe and China.


However, the original inhabitants of Africa and their transplanted, unevolved Negroid descendents in Europe and America are not genetically adapted or suited to anything other than a nasty, brutish and short tribal lifestyle. Wherever Africans gather in numbers, the same social dysfunctions arise - even other Muslims despise and fear the Somalis! There is no cultural or economic cure for this genetic disability.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great comments above. We deserve to lose our countries if we lack the courage to speak up. The mortgage crisis is because of lending to 3rd worlders in the US and likely other Western countries. The sub-prime borrowers are 3rd worlders with affirmative action mortgages.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning.If brilliant articles like this and the comments generated were allowed to appear in the general media then the BNP would sweep to power and Britain would be a far better place. One day the truth will reach the general public, it's trickling through gradually and thanks to sites like this it cannot be long delayed however hard the lib/lab/con traitors try to supress it.

Anonymous said...


Have a look at how the odious Christine Blower of some teaching union thinks teachers shouldn't have to report "every little thing"
It was a teacher God bless her who helped foil the bomb plot against the BNP in the trial taking place now.

watling said...

Great article Sarah, although where you use the words "culture" or "cultural" I think you really mean "race" and "racial". We shouldn't give even an inch to the doctrine of political correctness but instead tell it like it is.

I fully agree with realist. It's absurd for anyone to suggest that races which evolved separately for thousands of years could somehow magically have exactly the same brains and physiology.

For example, natural selection developed over thousands of years means that when a black person's skin is cut it heals quicker than a white person's because in a hot climate there is a greater risk of infection. Moreover, the different environments the races developed in (hot in Africa, cold in Europe) meant that different types of skills were required to survive.

Natural selection favoured those in Europe who were clever enough to make clothes and build shelters for themselves. Africans had less of a need for such things due to the warmer climate. To me this is obvious. If African brains were identical to Caucasian ones then why didn't Africans independently invent: the light bulb, the aeroplane, the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, the zip fastener, etc.?

Wherever blacks go in the world they bring noise, savagery, disorder and filth. In the New Orleans Superdome after hurricane Katrina blacks rapidly reverted to the law of the jungle, as many eye-witness accounts have testified. Meanwhile in the flooded streets predominantly black looters helped themselves to other people's belongings.

However, blacks aren't so stupid. They know that in the West when you turn on a tap clean water comes out. When your house is on fire you can call the fire brigade. When you go to the shops the shelves are fully stocked with high quality food. In particular they know that if you can't be bothered working the state will provide for you.

So, despite all the alleged racism they experience in the West they still prefer to live here than in some stinking shanty town in Lagos, Haiti or Mogadishu. Don't they, Mr Phillips?

Anonymous said...

Its akin to putting a rabid starving wolf in a pen full of sheep. Bringing in millions of people from war torn and disease ridden countries was never going to be about our "enrichment", the peoples of the west have become lardy and comfortable, and too trusting in their leaders. They are easy targets as we are witnessing throughout the world, although the cynic in me says that this was part of the plan, what better way of destroying civilisation?. Lets face it, it isnt the first time in history that the nation makers and breakers have done it.. light the blue touch paper and stand well back, then step in and pick up the pieces and do with them what you want.

watling said...

I have a suggestion for Mr Phillips. Why doesn't he go on permanent secondment to the Congo or Somalia or Rwanda or just about any sub-Saharan country and preach peace to the inhabitants? While he's there he could also explain what a bunch of racists the British are - although he still prefers to live over here.

There would be two benefits:

1. Some of those charming Africans - with their highly original interpretation of what a necklace is - might be dissuaded from coming here.
2. We'd be shot of Mr Phillips and therefore wouldn't be subjected to any more of his politically correct bullshit.

If he could take Diane "I've sent my son to a posh white school" Abbott and Lee "I'm the black community's pro-Apartheid spokesman" Jasper then so much the better.

xoggoth said...

Rough with the smooth? That's the whole point, we should only have the smooth.

We are stuck with our own criminals, and possibly have a duty towards them since our society made them, but generally we have no duty whatever towards citizens of other nations and we should only take the best. Would we expect Canada or Australia etc to take feral kids from our sink estates? Of course not.

Migrants should not just be as good as us, they should be much better.

Anonymous said...


While searching for BNP news I came across this.
What does it mean? s this Islams way of avoiding our credit crunch and cleaning up?