Friday, 3 October 2008

OK let us get down to it

These badges are not illegal. Wear them with pride.

I have been away carrying out a very sad duty that always falls on the eldest brother. That job was done in style. Now it is back to work and I have a lot of "catching up" to do.

Let us kick off with the news that yet another policeman has been forced to resign from the new Dhimmi Police Service for wearing a British National Party badge at an England football match whilst of duty. Get ready for this. Two years ago.

The former policeman, Stuart Janaway, who is not a BNP member (might as well be now Stuart), who will one day I hope be reinstated and compensated by a British National Party government, once studied for the priesthood and was in the headlines for treating a shooting victim and also responsible for saving the lives of several would be suiciders.

Acting on "information", the Gestapo obtained a search warrant and discovered photographs of Stuart wearing a BNP badge at a football match and was forced to resign for the wearing of an "inappropriate badge whilst off duty" at a kangaroo court hearing held last week.
Acting Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney, head of the Professional Standards Branch, said: "The Chief Constable's Order of 2004 makes it clear officers are banned from being members of the BNP. This requirement extends into the private lives of officers.

"All officers and staff are aware that non-compliance will likely result in dismissal. The officer failed to live up to the high standards we demand."
Well Sweeney, you lick spittle of the establishment, the British National Party as a long memory and your actions and comments are noted and just as you have now forced the dismissal of an exemplary officer with 14 years service and caused him loss of pension, so to will you suffer the same fate.

Your likely excuse that you were "just obeying orders" will not save you. When the deportations begin, pack your bags and go also, for you have no future in Our Country that you have played a part in betraying.

Support the BNP. Go buy a badge for and wear it for Stuart. Click here.

Interesting link by serving Police Officer here.


ivan said...

What has this country become ? i have totally lost faith in the police force over an incident i had with them earler this year.a friend of mine who i would class as "a good rooky copper" has had enough and has been off with depression beacuse all he is does is go to work in the morning,does paperwork all day and very seldom sees daylight.they are simply trying to force out the cops that use common sense and only want yes people who they can train into EUSSR machines. said...

I believe one of your buttons suggests that the bombers of 7/7 were Moslems - the ones who bought round-trip tickets for their "suicide" mission.