Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hindu nationalists demand arrest of raped nun

He might listen but the World will not

Over in India, where there is currently "open season" on Christians. The Hindus not content with murdering at least 59 of the followers of Jesus, burning down over 4,500 homes and Churches and injuring 18,000 people, have driven into the jungle or refugee camps, 50,000 more Christians, have come up with a new way of showing Christians which is the top religion in their part of the world.

Strange they can plan on sending a rocket to the moon that we help pay for but cannot even comprehend basic human rights for followers of other faiths.

Hindu nationalists are demanding the arrest of a young Nun who was gang raped in front of a crowd and then paraded through streets.
The nun was raped on August 25 in K Nuagaon area in Baliguda sub-division in the Kandhamal district. The perpetrators also attacked a Catholic priest who resisted their attempts to force him to participate in the rape. Both victims filed a police complaint at the Baliguda police station, but the police did not make any arrests till a national newspaper, The Hindu, highlighted the case on September 30.

“The gang rape of the young nun, whose ‘virginity [was] grossly violated in public’ (and whose identity is being withheld by this newspaper to protect her privacy) took place in front of a police outpost with 12 policemen from the Orissa State Armed Police present and watching, according to Father Thomas Chellan, the priest who was dragged out and badly beaten,”
Depressing stuff. I wonder if these were the Asians that David Cameron was referring to when he said;
"Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around. "

What a stupid man. Makes you wonder how stupid are those who support and vote for him and how stupid are our Clergy who still believe in an "open door" policy of immigration.

I also wonder what Our sad Country's "Quota" of fleeing refugee Christians will be.


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Just been watching the news. It appears 10 of our finest were killed in Iraq becuause a Hercules plane wasn't protected well enough (lack of funds) and maybe 20000 OAP's will die this winter because they cannot afford to keep warm. India has enough money to send rockets to the moon,but our scum in westminister see fit to dole them out £825 mill.
We really need to get off our backsides and make some serious changes.

Fyrdist said...

Muslim or Hindu the aim is the same: the banishment of Christianity from their land.

As a Nationalist I believe firmly in the racial, religious and national integrity of a country (a political construct) -without which the nation (its indigenous people) would be meaningless.

It follows, therefore, that I believe in the right of the aforementioned nation to act within the parameters of its nationhood: its historically constructed set of values and self-determination. That is to say that Christianity is not homogenous to this nation; it is an alien construct and should therefore remain so. It is not a part of India, nor a part of its ethnic make-up or religious and racial integrity.

So it follows, people, that we cannot be hypocritical in wanting to banish Islam and other faiths from these Christian/Pagan shores whilst harbouring an illicit exception to this view and considering Christians welcome in other peoples' countries. This stance, I'm sure you'll agree, would be double standards.

Now, just as you are preparing to condemn me, I shall qualify this point: the difference between us (Christians/Pagans) and them (Hindu, Islam...) is that we have, at our bedrock, the moral guidance of righteousness, fair play and values. That is to say we will not resort to the savage behaviour and animalistic tendency that is more akin to the Third World than it is to decent society.

These "people" are butchers with a sub-animal disposition and predilection to vulgarity and savagery not seen since the homosapiens.

While we Britons fully endorse the return of all peoples to their respective lands -in order to uphold the idiosyncratic and racial diversity so demanded by an intellectually superior and manifestly progressive world society- we nevertheless pursue these aims through the (although constraint) system we presently have in place. We do not resort to behaviour more befitting of rabid dogs.

Sickening, truly sickening.

Red Squirrel said...

The sick bastards! How 'diverse' has our Nation got to become before we rise up, get rid of the traitors in Government, and kick All these Neanderthals OUT! I, for one will be boycotting Hindu shops as well as the Muslim ones!

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Those who thinking keeping quiet is the safe course, should think of this nun. Waiting to be raped is not the safe course.

Speak up now. Join up. Be a part of your own survival.

Until we can say we have a right to survive to our politicians and media and schools, they will continue to treat us as cowards who don't matter. They will continue to treat us as this nun was treated. More of us will suffer the same fate each year. The rest of us will live in fear.

How can living in fear be safe? Speaking up makes you feel better. Lose the fear. Take a stand. Make your feelings known. Support BNP.


What is even more illuminating is the latest news that the pakistani government feels that its soverignty in its own country is being undermined by having kuffar military within its borders of "pure land"and "pure"people,it is a pity that we are not entitled to the same ,but then we are only kuffar!

Anonymous said...

Different cultures and religions deserve tehre own lands and own peoples.

It seems evberyoen can have this outside of Europe and the peoels rise yp agaisnt masses of aleins and alien religious practioners, yet the apparently intelligent leaders of the west persist with the importing of the same whilst thinking they will prevent any similar reactions as we see in India, with endless 'race hate' and 'religious hate laws. Those laws exist because they KNOW that these cultures are incompatible and that diversity is a failure.

These laws really are FOR the support of those other religions NOT Christianity and culture of the host races.

We have no such reaction (as do the Hindus to the Christian faith), to the encroachment of these aliens religions and peoples on our culture. We just want our culture and our traditions in tact and left to prosper. Thsi is best done in everyones native lands.