Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Respect! Respect For Whom?

Respect men like these? Never.
By Albion.
A member of the Green Arrow Forum

Should I have respect for our institutions? As an ordinary loyal citizen do they return my respect? Respect is a two-way agreement; but respect to me is noticeable by its absence and is devoid of sincerity as is true Western Democracy, and about as non-existent as white history month.

Tell me, why should I respect a government that was voted in by just 27% of the people and is hell bent on passing governance of my country of ancestry to a foreign power, a power which is not even a legally constituted body?

A unelected body that with connivance of our own government wiped out our fishing, boat building and agricultural industries and sold off the bulk of our gold reserves to buy Euros, a currency that is not even ours, and props up a Disney Lilliputian government using our taxpayers money.

Should I even have faith in our monarchy? Our defender of the Faith whose oath at her coronation promised to govern the people of these islands, but puts her royal assent to all treaties placed in front of her that passes that governance to an elitist group of pretenders in Europe.

I am also very uneasy when all these treaties have been decided by consensus by a few people representing a multitude of foreign nations, and may not be in the best interest of my country. No-one asks me, though I am expected to show loyalty and respect for our politician’s decisions.

Do they respect the wishes of the people who would like a choice as to whether they WANT to be governed by an unelected, unaccountable, body of people, some of who have morally and ethically suspect backgrounds? Why are all their decisions made in private? Is this the democratic New World Order we are hearing so much about from our leaders?

I am supposed to have respect for the police. Would they show respect for me if I were protesting quietly and in a non violent manner, holding our national flag high, mourning the loss of our freedoms of expression and our people’s right to decide whether we actually want a violent murderous, archaic desert religion setting up shop alongside us in a Christian country; to intimidate me with full on riot gear, armed with shields, mace, truncheons and dogs.

Why are the police terrified of arresting desert Bedouins carrying signs that encourage the soldiers of Islam to behead the unbelievers, crying death to Europe, kill the police, kill the infidel and death to everyone? But let a man fly his national flag then the whole of Sun Hill will descend on them with the rapidity that would take precedent over any riot on the Cockcroft estate.

I suppose its all about the ugly face of nationalism. We must show respect to these visible minorities, even though they harbour hate towards us, and show us no respect.

Why do the police discriminate against the indigenous white people of this land and selectively use the race laws to terrify their own kind but willingly accept the word of the silent invader.

One never questioned the respect paid to teachers, it was tacit. But times have changed. Why does the school syllabus now include teaching sex to our children, and in many cases against our wishes, children who are years away from puberty; teaching them of crimes against nature, perversions such as same sex marriages and homosexual behaviour. Let them be, they will find out soon enough.

Why do they force our children to learn of religions whose basic tenet is violence to the non believer and encourage the acceptance of a religious cult who place females in a totally subservient role and who stone them to death if they accidentally get raped.

Perhaps teachers too have been frightened and threatened by draconian legislation and intimidation that threaten their jobs and their future if they dare question this madness. This stinking rot has permeated throughout the core of our society.

No wonder the ‘established system’ is terrified when a patriotic party appears that threatens the cosy status quo, a party that promises to reverse this madness, it is then the combined weight of the traitors proceed to vilify them by accusations of Nazi’s, Fascists, thugs, skinheads, and extreme right.

As Goebbels once said tell the people lies enough times and they will begin to believe it, and like Nazi Germany this government too has a powerful propaganda machine using the Government TV propaganda station to disseminate these lies and demonise any perceived threat. Meanwhile the people are losing their country to the invader and to the criminals in Europe.

An Alice-in-Wonderland time; I realise we are living in bizarre times but it does not come more bizarre than this, a political party that actually calls itself the Respect Party. It is p***s taking to the extreme, I hear maniacal laughter from our communists friends, the Red orchestra led by George Galloway; a Scottish admirer of Stalin and Saddam Hussain.

I ask for your patience while I chronicle the greed and self indulgence of just one of our politicians. These are the fruits paid to a man who is a failed politician. Mandy’ Mandelson will pick up a £1m "golden goodbye" package following his departure from Brussels, despite walking out after serving only four years as Britain's European Commissioner.

The new Business Secretary will receive a £104,000 salary as a minister in the House of Lords, and qualifies for a total of £234,000 in "transitional payments" over the next three years to help him readjust to life outside the European Commission.

He is also guaranteed an EU pension when he reaches 65 – in 2018 – starting at £31,000 a year and rising in line with the cost of living. The overall cost of funding such a pension is put at £750,000. The gold-plated package will help Mr Mandelson pay off the mortgage on his £2.4m house in Regent's Park. Bloody leeches! These imposters are laughing at you!

If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.


Anonymous said...

The biggest threat to our freedom comes from the left's push to have us swallowed up by the EU. That disgusting perverted belief system named islam is just one of their weapons they use to try to beat us into submission. I believe one of our best counter attacking moves would be to get behind, and emulate the courageous Albert Burgess in his quest to bring charges of treason upon the few still living co-conspiritors of Heath swanning around in the Lords.
what do you say, GA?

watling said...

why should I respect a government that was voted in by just 27% of the people

It was actually only 21.6%. i.e. about 1 in 5.

Anonymous said...

And guess what, there will still be people voting them back in.
Just WHO are the turnips?

Fyrdist said...


The illegitimacy of the government is evidenced in the staggeringly meagre 21%, rather than the 27% you mentioned above, when vote abstention is duly incorporated into the figures.


Frightening, isn't it.