Monday, 6 October 2008

Do You See?

Do You See?

Do you see the darkening of the clouds above?
Do you see humankind embracing hatred instead of love?

Do you see the darkness taking away the light?
Do you see evil becoming epitomised as what is right?

Do you see our children’s future dashed upon the rock of greed?
Do you see the forlorn poor with hands outstretched in need?

Do you see that there is no longer room for God?
Do you see the growth of corruption and the proliferation of fraud?

Do you see the old with labels do not resuscitate?
Do you see that their social liability sealed their fate?

Do you see the paranoia and fear that is abound?
Do you see where the origin of the source can be found?

Do you see the liars in their political nests of deceit?
Do you see you have the power to rise from beneath their feet?

Do you see, do you see, do you see?
If not open your eyes to reality.


The above poem was written by one of the guys from the Bridgend Patriot. Theirs is a fairly new BNP support site and they produce a steady stream of mainly articles relevant to Bridgend and the surrounding districts.

I would be grateful if other BNP support sites(especially Welsh) could add their link to their own BNP support sites link lists and drop a comment off on the Bridgend site saying this as been done.

Please also leave a link for Bridgend to reciprocate. The more links a site as, the better the search ratings.

As an experiment I am monitoring their page hits to see what impact adding their web address to their hard copy Bridgend Patriot as. I shall keep you posted.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a BNP Cardiff?