Friday, 24 October 2008

Edith Crowther - BNP Candidate Kentish Town

OK, all you British National Party Knights in Shining Armour. Time to help out a Lady. A True British Lady at that, Edith Crowther.

Edith is standing as our candidate for the Kentish Town ward in Camden, where elections will be taking place on 30th of October. So if you live within striking distance why not help out this coming weekend. This is what Edith has to say over on Votewise, where you can leave her a comment of good luck.

"I have lived in the borough, at the same address, since 1985. It has changed a lot, and not for the better. My politics haven't changed over the years, LibLabCon have. They have ignored ordinary people. I have been forced to join the British National Party because the other Parties do not represent the likes of myself."
We wish you well Edith. You have a hard battle on your hands but we are sure you and your campaign team will do us proud.

You can read Edith's Election Address here, where you can also view and read one of her very professional election leaflets.

On the subject of elections, here is the result from yesterdays by-election in Loughborough.
  • Labour 838
  • Tories 490
  • BNP 234 (13.9%)
  • Lib Dem 107
  • NF 16 (0.9%)
Those sheep people are still determined to sleep their way into self annihilation by voting for the rotating dictatorship. Guess we will have to shake them a bit harder to make them realise the danger they are putting us all in.

And also the result from East Wittering where the troops beat both Labour and UKIP

  • Graeme Barrett (Con) 410
  • Mary Green (Lib Dem) 364
  • Andrew Emerson (BNP) 125
  • Joe O'Sullivan (Lab) 69
  • James McCulloch (UKIP) 49

Well done to both candidates and their election teams.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Edith.

Might be a day though, not too far off, when if you dont vote for the right wrong lot instead of the wrong right lot they will set the dogs on you. Check this out.