Saturday, 25 October 2008


You have no Freedoms only illusions

Some time ago, the West Wales Patriot brought to our attention a truly frightening story about the kind of powers the state now as over us and our children.

As a result of that article, draconian measures were taken against them and the "offending" article was removed from their site. However, not before it had been cut n pasted across the blogosphere and so the truth is out there for those that choose to Search for it.

Below is a copy of the post now showing up instead of the truth.
Regular readers and contributors to this website may notice that one particular story has been pulled.

Because of severe draconian measures taken by an unelected body, I cannot even tell you the subject of this article, when it was posted or who wrote it.

I cannot even tell you whose authority under which this action was taken.

For fear of imprisonment for myself and others within the British National Party, and others who we are striving to help, we can say no more.

We have been silenced and are not even allowed to talk about it any more.

Good bye free speech, and may God help us all.

This is the beginning of the end. We have been telling you about it for years and now it is well and truly here.

Welcome to Browns Britain.
Well it looks as though the Swansea Evening Post has picked up on the story and given some of the details that you can use in your search engines to reveal the truth.
COUNCIL chiefs are staying tight- lipped over shocking allegations into the way a child custody case was handled.

One of the authority's own councillors has also voiced concern about the case and said it was now up to the council to "rubbish" the claims.

The claims were made on a British National Party website but have now been taken off after legal action brought by Neath Port Talbot Council.

It was claimed the girl was "kidnapped" by police and social workers while in hospital abroad, with her grandfather threatened at gunpoint.

She was then said to have been flown back to Britain using a false passport.

It was also claimed the youngster was diagnosed with a medical condition while overseas after doctors in this country ruled there was nothing wrong with her.

The authority took out an injunction at the High Court of Justice. It says that, for legal reasons, it can make no comment. Under the terms of the injunction, no information can be published identifying the child. At the time of the alleged incidents, she was 12.
However, that child is now 22 and wants the truth. You can read the rest of the story yourselves. As the West Wales Patriot said. Welcome to Browns Britain.


Anonymous said...

This story comes under the council money spinner Forced Adoption,which has gone on for years bringing in much needed revenue.
My own council makes as much as £250.000 a year from this practise.
When people vote into power the expert Eugenics party why the shock when thats'what they do?
22/10/2008 is anyone aware that a law came into force after a debate in the commons which allows DNA without permission to be taken from the mentally ill and used in whatever way these nazi's see fit?
We watch the wrong people!!

Anonymous said...

Scroll down

the truth shall set you free said...

They can gag the British bloggers but thanks to the first amendment, they can't yet gag the American bloggers. As this case involves a kidnap in Florida there is a legitimate US interest and I hope the American bloggers will take it up.

There must be a full and open enquiry, and if the abuses are as described then ALL those responsible for them, as well as ALL those responsible for the subsequent cover up, must be sacked with loss of pensions and never be allowed to work with children again.

Furthermore, as there seem to have been criminal offences committed it is to be hoped that a future BNP government will bring to account ALL those responsible for the crimes and subsequently perverting the course of justice, and if found guilty will ensure that they are PUNISHED WITH THE FULL SEVERITY ALLOWED BY LAW.

In the meantime we must keep hounding these secretive jobsworths.