Sunday, 12 October 2008

Judges R Us

"Wait for me girls. I can't run in these high heels"
By Albion.

The crimson robed, ermine trimmed learned buffoon wearing a silly wig, a man that incidentally had for years been plagued with piles and flatulence had admitted to a close colleague on a number of occasions of trying on his wife clothes. He confessed to this close friend and confidante that his wife had some ‘right good gear’. He was particularly taken by a green wig she had secreted from a previous Christmas party.

Carrying on in the same vein, it would also make sense if the Clown Prosecutor wore a clown outfit, sporting a big red nose and oversize boots, instead of terrorizing erring poor peasants whose only shortcomings were being sired by parents who by dint of being in the wrong place at the wrong time were sired by other poor peasants who never got to mix with people like Justice Sir Gordon-Pelham Spacecraft at his Riviera playground during the summer holidays, the only reason for this was probably because at that time the miscreants mother was working for a Jewish tailor in Hoxton.

As an aside, it also appears that Black Rod on advice from his wife has handed in his resignation. He told reporters after years of hammering on doors and demanding unseen persons ‘open up’ that his hearing had become severely affected and that he now suffers from Tinnitus. He has since retired to the country; his passing words to reporters on leaving parliament were “Pardon, what was that?

These people have absolutely no idea about the ‘Real World’ and in many cases only by accident of birth do they judge over us. They set the standards applicable to themselves not to the struggling mass of humanity they preside over. They would not have a clue what it would be like surviving in say, Tower Hamlets or on any festering, violent racially diverse, graffiti adorned sink council estates.

A very nasty case came before the judge only this week when a person who we shall only refer to as ‘Nationalist X’ was alleged to have shouted out to another person “Why don’t you go back to theWestIndies/TheCongo/Pakistan/TheSudan/India/Morocco/Albania/Bulgaria/Kazakhstan/Poland/Ethiopa/Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran/ Turkey/Somalia etc, you get the general idea.

He admitted in court that he was a patriot (an old fashioned word from pre WW2) he also said he was concerned for the continuity of English life; this didn’t go down too well with my learned judge either.

The judge who between the boring bits of police evidence, shifted the position of his posterior continually because of the onslaught of his piles, daydreams and on occasions experienced hot flushes recalling the fine he imposed on a failed Sri Lankan asylum seeker whose application for a visa had been refused and had driven without a license, insurance and without an MOT and killed a young girl.

Yes, a one year suspended sentence, but I am going to make an example of this nasty racist, let me see; what about a custodial sentence of seven years to serve as a warning to any other ‘patriots’ who dare raise their voices.

BRITISH JUSTICE; Jaswinder Lakhvinder Singh a hit and run driver who had no tax, no insurance and no MOT who KILLED 20 year old Abigail Craen was jailed for………wait for it 18 MONTHS

AUSTRALIAN JUSTICE; a wild pack of 14 Lebanese Muslims gang raped a young 18 year old girl 22 times, (she is still alive) The Moslem leader of the pack a Bilal Skaf received a 55 YEARS JAIL SENTENCE.

In passing I would like to add that the Vice president of the Australian Lebanese Muslim Association Keyar Trad said quote “It was rather unfair’ that the rapist’s ethnicity had been reported”….nuff said! As we all know the BBC is painfully aware of reporting the ethnicity or colour of these savages.

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Ccan I be the judge when all these traitors come up for trial? It would be the high point of my life and I could then die a happy man to see these perverts beg for mercy before the rope goes around their neck. None would follow the example of Sadam Hussein who, as he went bravely to his death, taunted his killers with the words."Let the monkeys laugh in the trees, the Lion walks on". Much better than blubbering, screaming pleas for mercy from these maggots who infest our country and gnaw away at our decency and freedom. If I cant be the judge I would settle for the executioner job but would favour a magnum pistol over the rope.