Saturday, 4 October 2008

Loyalty, Loyalty To Whom?

This Old Lady has had enough

Patriotism, loyalty to ones country? If I lived in say Bedford, Luton, Bradford and a host of other towns and cities in this country I might have to ask myself, loyalty? Loyalty to whom.

As a newly arrived visitor I would have to inquire as to what country I have arrived in. If as a young man thinking of joining the military I would also have to ask myself who I will be defending, would I be defending the status quo, a government who refuses to give the people a voice as to who governs them, an overbearing stifling totalitarian socialist system?

Would I be defending OUR people? That would be a grand gesture indeed; our government is not defending our people, they appear to be hell bent on diluting our culture, blurring our sense of identity and removing our right to free speech and forcing an ideology on its people by force, threats and intimidation and by the use of laws especially crafted to achieve these ends and to hold its frightened people in meek subservience .

Do I have to flee to a foreign country for fear of being incarcerated for telling the truth? I have these words continually echoing in my head first uttered by a bewigged, crimson-robed man of the law “The truth is no defence” now that is something to be really concerned about.

The aging English lady in a headscarf walking slowly to the shops tries to avoid making eye contact with threatening alien people. She is a battler, she just scrapes by as many people do, she might have to go to the doctor and will not be surprised by the fact she is the only one of her colour and of her race in the waiting room. She might be referred to the hospital but there are no beds for her people, they appear to be full of aliens.

You must understand the people who should be looking after her have to pay another government £1.2 million pounds an hour of every day of every year, subscriptions to an unelected pseudo government; they can’t afford to use her people’s taxes to give them comfort in their latter years. Is this just a bad dream?

A visitor has every right to ask, how long has this been going on, but more importantly why don’t the people throw these disloyal traitorous, treacherous, self interested leeches out of government. Well it might be that the people have given up hope. They might ask what the alternative is. With the three main political parties all with identical political ideologies there is no alternative.

The people are being socially conditioned, it’s a grand experiment. As long as they understand that they were born to be ruled, and not to question, upset nor threaten the status quo the fat cats can continue to feed at the tax payer funded subsidised trough in the Parliament house restaurant.

If a saviour does appear it’s almost impossible to believe this might lead to true democratic freedom for the people, the country and a bright future for its children. But when the government sees this threat looming they will do everything it its power to smear, crucify, vilify even going to the extremes of equating them to Nazi’s and fascists and enemies of the people.

If the citizens of this land don’t know by now who are the enemies of the people, maybe there is no hope. Ask the old lady in the headscarf, she can tell you.

This is the sheer desperation and self interest and depths of moral depravity these anti British traitors will sink to hold on to power and they reside in all levels of government.

By Albion. A member of the Green Arrow Forum


Anonymous said...

Do you know the circumstances behind the photo?

The Green Arrow said...

Urban11. I wondered that myself but no I do not. I just thought it would go with the article and my general feeling towards the establishment and that of the old lady mentioned in the article.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, if the pensioners could be targeted by the BNP, they may well save the country from fascism for the second time. Along with the teenagers, who also have had first hand experience of being discriminated against daily, and often the target of the imported gangs that now outnumber them in most city centres, a coalition between the very young and the elderly may well bring salvation. You can forget most the 20/30/40/50somethings, most of whom have been through the further education system which has brainwashed them into apathy, and if not are now happy sat in front of the viper watching Corrie or Big Brother being manipulated.


We also need the army to be firmly on the side of the people to protect the INDIGENOUS population,but if it is further diluted with third world scum,we will have to take up arms ourselves and impose our will upon this country,the time will very soon be here when we will have no alternative but force,so gather whatever weapons you can and be ready.

Anonymous said...

It worked for the IRA, As much as I loath them for what they did and for the fact that they are now happy to sell their own people down the multi-cult river in the guise of Sinn Fein, they were prepared to fight what they perceived was their own homeland.

The same can be said of the UVF etc, who at least have stuck to their national principles.

I don not want a armed struggle in Britain, I want the people to wake up and vote to save our nation, but I am telling you and I am telling the politicians I will fight and that day is getting closer and closer.

Do we really have to have a BVF (British Volunteer Force) because the Marxist destroyers of Britain are leaving us very little choice.