Monday, 27 October 2008

Did I not mention

I think we understand them all to well.
Keith Browns family certainly do

Thats the trouble with cracking cans on a Sunday. It makes you forget some of the things you meant to mention in your postings.

Let us correct those omissions now. The patriotic British National Party has a spin off site called British Pride , its contents are truly excellent and should suck up hours of your time and make you late for your leafleting and paper sales session. So ration your reading time.

The site was created to rectify the fact that the New World Order "elite" have suppressed the teachings of Our Country's long and glorious history. They know if they can wipe the roots of our history from our memory and prevent our young learning about their past they will lose their sense of identity with Our Land.

Not going to happen sorry scum bags. The True Brits now have a site where they can visit with their children and start them of on a wonderful adventure into Our Past and give them their pride back. Please bookmark the site and if you have children, lead them there to learn.

Well that is one omission corrected. Now for Saturday Night. I do not always "cower behind closed curtains" as the reds would have their dwindling band of buffoons believe. I like to get out and about and meet other members of the resistance.

So Saturday Night, I was off to Newport, South Wales to listen to some great speakers and meet the members of the Gwent, British National Party. I expect there will be a post about it soon but here are my impressions.

The room was packed and every seat taken, with a few younger members having to stand at the back where our hosts had kindly laid on an excellent buffet for the mid meeting break.

But what a turnout for a Saturday Night! I doubt whether the shrinking parties of the Tri-Axis Destroy our Nation Party could have mustered so many activists without paying them to attend.

And what a pleasant surprise to see a face from my past. A face I had not seen for over twenty years. A wonderful Lady, now 82 and still carrying Our Flag and supporting Our Cause. As the Newport Organiser said: "She is a diamond with a heart of gold". I must agree. I hope that the younger members there listen to her advice.

I remember well the night the odious Paul Flynn, now an MP rushed out of his home and shouted into our faces that we were cowards delivering leaflets in the dark. I politely pointed out to him that the time was only 19:30, the season was winter and that we had day jobs to do before we could leaflet and that we would be more than happy to call around and see him during daylight hours on the weekend.

Well Paul the political wheel is turning. Your days on the gravy train are numbered. The BNP never forgets and that Lady and I have never forgotten you. We have been watching you for twenty years and one day you will have to pay the bill.

I will not go into the speeches, although they were excellent, it was all common knowledge to a news hound like myself and so I watched the faces of the members to gauge their reactions and interesting they were. Disbelief at the perfidiousness of the European Union, outrage at the betrayal of our people by Parliament. Disgust at the promotion of homosexual teachings to children. These meetings are important to make the real people with lives outside politics aware of the big picture. We must join the dots for them.

Then finally during the closing speech, I saw hope in their faces when the speaker spoke of the continued growth and success of the British National Party and then closed the meeting to thunderous applause. Although the Lady and I smiled at each other when he said that we could achieve power within ten years. We had heard that before:) Actually I think it will be within five or six years.

Damn but the closing speaker was good. So good, that I dipped into my almost empty pocket and managed to find a £1 for a raffle ticket and £5 to donate to their election war chest.

Congratulations to John Of Gwent on winning the Whiskey. Perhaps we might share a glass of it together some time? Oh and thanks JOG for the article you just posted.

Oh, you want to know about the image at the top? Well that is a photo that was taken at the meeting of book that was passed around for activists to look at. A £5 book that some councils around the country are handing out to the remaining whites who have not yet fled from the pleasures of enrichment.

They colonise Our Country and we are supposed to "Understand" them. No I do not think so. You do what you do with all invaders. You repel them.


Anonymous said...

Understanding your muslim neighbour....
That should be..Understanding the country you decided to live in.

Wolfblood said...

The architects of the systematic genocide of our people, from their tax-free luxury yachts and private palaces, issue orders to the corrupt politicians, enablers and media whores, while their paid, "antifascist" lackeys attack those who resist being exterminated in the most hideous crime in human history.

Anonymous said...

Understanding your Muslim neighbour without the taqiyya.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Fortunately, I do not have moslem neighbours and I already understand them only too well. It must be bad enough having neighbours from the white underclass which has been created by lib/lab/con with their feral offspring and vicious,drug/drink life style but when the BNP are in power we can take steps to bring these people back into civilised behaviour patterns by cutting their dependancy on handouts, getting them back to working for a living, cutting off their supplies of drugs and punishing severely any anti social behaviour. Oh, and educating them in school instead of trying to brainwash them into docile acceptance of being under priviliged. In short, by reinstating a proud and politically aware working class, the kind who have always fought for our country and kept it safe from invaders.Such people would never allow our country to be taken from us, either by stealth as is happening now, or by all out armed invasion. We dont need to try to re educate islamists or hindus or any others. They would be happier in a country where their "standards" already exist and the sooner they are back there, the better for all concerned. They can be neighbours to each other and try to understand why, for many centuries, they have been unable to live in peace and harmony with each other and always resort to violence and slaughter whenever they feel the need.Once they are gone, we can all say a prayer of thankfullness for our deliverance and another for their well being in the under priviliged hell they inevitably create and call home.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Thanks for the link, Green Arrow. I forgot all about the BNP's educational project! I now relish the opportunity to learn about my history.

johnofgwent said...

Go Read THIS PDF document.

I found it most interesting.

Most interesting of all were the pages towards the back which are a potted guide to religions as our armed forces may need to understand them as they arise within our ranks. Predictably the document covers diet, clothing and burial rites. I daresay the Roman Centurion's Burial Clubs maintained similar records two thousand years ago.

But most interesting of all are the figures for worshippers of these religions as taken from the last census. That shows the degree to which the tail is wagging the dog here.

I would really like to write a companion volume, "understanding your christian neighbour".

When I do, I would really like to demand schools in birmingham be forced to buy it from me and distribute it to the muslims free of charge.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Paul Flynn M.P., that winds the hell out of Fido at Lone Voice? Where-ever you go on the internet,from B.N.P sites to moderate Labour ones, this vile man is utterly detested.

AbertaweBNP said...

I am sorry but I want nothing to do with moslems. I do not even want to begin to think about them.

The Green Arrow said...

So am I take it Swansea that you are not about to rush out and buy this book?

He said with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek:)

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Paul Flyn. The man who told country people to stop hunting and backed the legalisation of all drugs. When a mate of mine confronted him on a radio programme he told Flyn to look after his deprived inner city druggies and leave country people, who knew what they were doing, alone. Naturally, being a leftie low life, the maggot decided that he knew what was best for us all and, in an epic act of class warfare, voted to ban hunting. Nothing to do with protecting the old fox. Just a chance to put non labour voters in their place. Workers rule.OK? The smarmy bastard is a prime example of todays establishment politicians. And now, try not to laugh, Jack Straw is telling us that he is on the side of the victim, not the criminal. Labour. Worried, or what?.

AbertaweBNP said...

GA, I would rather pull all my teeth out with a pliers and I am not joking