Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The road to nowhere

I wonder what is down here?

They say the road to somewhere or other is paved with good intentions. And mine certainly were this morning. Up fairly early (0600), I decided that I would write two articles for the blog.

The first would involve a bit of research (tedious) and be about the coming Mayoral election referendum in Stoke and would reveal the hypocrisy of the Labour Party. The second would be about the continued attacks on whites by the colonisers that the press call "Asians".

But first I do the rounds and then my butterfly mind is immediately sent off in a new direction, as I read a link send to me by AbertaweBNP of the Green Arrow Forum. Very interesting but you shall have to wait for another day to learn more.

Then there is a video to check out that was pointed out to me by one of my own personal favorite bloggers, English Rose. Excellent video and I shall post it straight after this post.

Then I think "bugger", better put something up to start the day and decide to put the Geert Wilder speech up with links to the Crazy Gangs Islamic Human Rights Commission.

That done, I check out all the usual news sites and leaving UKTabloid in a dark depression I decide to drop the Stoke story and concentrate on the continued assault on white youth by the gangs of roaming turnips.

Again I am prevented from starting because I waste an hour or so hunting for more information about this story here from Birmingham in which a young boy was chased by a gang of thugs armed with machetes (horrible weapons), caught and then hacked about and is now fighting for his life in hospital.
This was a big armed group of teenagers against one person. It was unbelievable. They hunted him down like an animal. There are gangs in Washwood Heath but it has never been on my doorstep before.”
So what colour was the victim? Was he white? What colour were his attackers? I do not know. I could find no further information. Perhaps some of our Birmingham readers can enlighten us?

Then I follow a another story(7 lines) concerning an attack on a 12 year old boy by "two Asians". Again the story does not state the colour of the victim. Why not?

But I suppose at least this time, they gave a description of the attackers. Then again Asia is a big place. In fact it is big enough to have room to take all the ones we have here back.

Well I am lost now, because one of my Search Engines beeps and I am off to look at this story in the greatest rag ever. The Guardian.

They have come up with a novel approach for burying their head in the sand, to hide from the continued growth and success of the British National Party. They are going to stop their support for advertising current polls taking place across the land, after they linked to one asking the following; 'Does the BNP speak for you?'. Well bury your heads pillocks. It will make it all the easier for us to kick you in the butt.

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