Saturday, 18 October 2008

How do you follow that?

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Just how can anyone follow an article like the one just put up by Mister Fox?

The answer is you do not even try. Instead you paste some links and move on.

No wonder our blog readership keeps increasing with writers like Mister Fox and Co producing such quality. The image above is of where recent visitors to the site are coming from.

For some strange reason we appear to be quite popular in the land of the barking mad, baked beans people. Fed up with using the word turnips, so have decided to either use the word beans or tangerines. Not made my mind up yet. Ideas welcome. Nothing offensive please.

I have also added on the recommendation of Thurrock Patriots displayed the site counter which is normally invisible. I have no control over the numbers displayed as they come from software owners server. My only input is my dynamic IP address list so I do not count as a hit when I visit the site as I sometimes do:)

This is my second counter and I started counting again about a year ago with a gap in between of a couple of months. Since startup the page hits are in fact over a million. But as John of Gwent would point out, it is the return visitors that you should be interested in. And those figures are good. Thanks to donations. I have the full version of the software for statistical purposes. Thank you guys. You keep us rolling. Keep visiting and keep the clock counting.

Finally a couple of links to sites of interest. First there is the new unofficial BNP support site called Unrepentant British Nationalism. A good start and I am sure it will shine.

Finally an interesting cut n paste as been done over on the Bridgend Patriot concerning some deranged enricher who, when he comes out of prison "may face" deportation.

So that is it. I can quitely now, watch Mister Foxes post slowly slip down the page until I am no longer remined of my own inadequacies. Way to go Mister Fox. Thank you for your continued contributions to the blog and forum.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I could tell instantly that that something had happened as my traffic increased 500%.

Have you a link to Martin Wingfield's blog?

The Green Arrow said...


Your site has real potential and the more sites we have the better. Different articles, different views on different subjects, different styles. Every new site helps our cause reach the people.

We wish you well kinsman.

If you need any assistance please email and we will do our best to help and advice.

Good Luck

Fyrdist said...

While on the subject of links, three of my favourites:

Troy Southgate's SYNTHESIS:

Woden's Folk:

The ChesterBelloc Mandate (the way ahead, economically):

Fyrdist said...

The ChesterBelloc Mandate is thus:


Fyrdist said...

Ga, that is the lowest percentage of U.K. visitors that I have ever seen.

On the FEEDJIT mechanism we (British) are on 49% and the Yanks are kicking arse with the rest of the world with a staggering 38%.

This is the type of Internationalism that the puddled Reds don't like.

This blog is seemingly the future!

Anonymous said...

See this article. Boris Johnstone is learning Arabic and has publicly taken the Islamic declaration of Faith.
There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger"

Anonymous said...

A few vegetables to ponder over.
Celeriac - a bit like maniac.
Cardoon - rhymes with something?
Pumpkin - I just like it.
and then there is Loofah or Luffa
(a type of gourd, used to scrub your back ie. it gets up your back!

Anonymous said...

Numpty, says it all GA.