Monday, 10 March 2008

Call them Tangerines and Turnips

I personally dislike turnips

I just read over on Simon Darbys site the following:
News comes in of an event on a bus in Lancashire in which a young woman was overheard by the bus driver to say the word "P*ki" on her mobile phone. The bus was immediately brought to a shuddering halt by the driver,the woman arrested by the police and held in a cell for five hours. She was eventually released on the basis that she attends a series of race awareness courses. While I don't like the use of this word, this kind of overreaction is simply not on and our legal people are currently assisting her.
Strange though isn't it how Pakistanis can refer to themselves as Paki's and blacks delight in calling each other Nigger. Although why their women don't hack their peckers off when their men refer to them as bitches is beyond me.

Then you have the homosexuals referring to each other as Queens, fruits and faggots.

But if a white heterosexual uses one of those terms then it is a case of stop the bus, do not pass go, go to jail and only escape life imprisonment by agreeing to go on a race awareness course.

So I have an idea, don't play their game. Call them Turnips and Tangerines and let us see how long it is before those words are classed as unacceptable. Then we could pick new words to describe them. We could start at the very beginning of the dictionary or publish a list where the words change on the 1st of Each month.

Remember then, the next time you meet an homosexual Pakistani greet him with "How you doing, my raving tangerine turnip?".

So there you go. For all those tangerine turnips who read the site. Go iron yourselves. Word substitution will make watching our tongues fun.


Red Squirrel said...

Hi GA,

So true, and absurdly hillarious!!

Recently, in Swindon there have been issues with parking around a mosque in a residential area known as Broadgreen.

The minutes of the Broadgreen Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting state:

"At times, feelings have been so high over the parking situtation, there could have been a riot. Some younger people [read : young muslims] intimidate and crowd around the parking attendants. The mosque users feel the parking department could 'back-off' for that hour. People rush in at the last minute from work and are desperate to pray."

"B&Q offered the mosque use of their car park on a Friday - but they refused as it was "too far to walk."

We measured the walking distance using Google Earth: 984 Feet, 0.186 miles. The lazy ******* (insert word here).

Instead, the arrogant turnips, park where they like and piss off local residents. And what do the council do? ....absolutely nothing.

In nearby St Lukes church, Indigenous Christians get no parking concessions whatsoever. Just another small example of the cowardly people in power appeasing turnips to avoid any muslim backlash.

But it's not all rosy for the turnips because the Goans' have now moved into the area,;-) they apparently don't mix and 'tensions are on the rise'.

Well well, What a surprise, nor do the rest of us Infidels!

Wolfblood said...

Another liberal dhimmi traitor:

dizzyfatplonka said...

Who is training these bus drivers everyone is brainwashed, a bus driver in Lancashire put a call out for an armed response unit for me last week, just because I had the wrong ticket for his bus.

Its going MAD! I tell ya MAD!

Anonymous said...

Up here in Yorkshire "people from elsewhere" or "incomers" are referred to as OFFCUMDENS.

The term is used in a slightly humerous & affectionate manner so I wouldn't besmirch it by using it on the Bradford etc. incomers.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

No DFP, it's not going mad. It's GONE mad.

Anonymous said...

Abandon Skip
No more running

Polygamy follows Africans to N.Y.

Mar 23, 2007, NY Times:

She worked at the Red Lobster in Times Square and lived with her husband near Yankee Stadium. Yet one night, returning home from her job, Odine D. discovered that African custom, not American law, held sway over her marriage.

A strange woman was sitting in the living room, and Ms. D.’s husband, a security guard born in Ghana, introduced her as his other wife.

Devastated, Ms. D., a Guinean immigrant who insisted that her last name be withheld, said she protested: “I can’t live with the woman in my house — we have only two bedrooms.” Her husband cited Islamic precepts allowing a man to have up to four wives, and told her to get used to it. And she tried to obey.

Polygamy in America, outlawed in every state but rarely prosecuted, has long been associated with Mormon splinter groups out West, not immigrants in New York. But a fatal fire in a row house in the Bronx on March 7 revealed its presence here ...

The city’s mourning for the dead — a woman and nine children in two families from Mali — has been followed by a hushed double take at the domestic arrangements described by relatives: Moussa Magassa, the Mali-born American citizen who owned the house and was the father of five children who perished, had two wives in the home, on different floors. Both survived.

No one knows how prevalent polygamy is in New York. Those who practice it have cause to keep it secret: under immigration law, polygamy is grounds for exclusion from the United States.

Under state law, bigamy can be punished by up to four years in prison.

... the picture that emerges from dozens of interviews with African immigrants, officials and scholars of polygamy is of a clandestine practice that probably involves thousands of New Yorkers.

Mar 7, 2008, Lisa Schiffren
A Polygamist State of Mind:

In any event, now that a year has passed since the fire, the Post decided to catch up with Moussa Magassa and his family, which is growing again. Manthia, 36, the mother of the four dead children, gave birth on January 4 to a son. Aisse, 25, gave birth to twins the very next day at the same hospital. (One of the twins, the girl, died a few weeks later.) But Mr. Magassa’s family is also growing in another way: Lo and behold, in the interim, he has taken an additional wife — and now lives with all three. The new, youngest one is named Niekale ...

It’s time for the Magassas to be sent home, and for an example to be made so we can avoid the situation the French find themselves in. France has so many people living in polygamous families — somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 — that politicians are powerless to rein in the practice, since the polygamists can vote and riot, and they have the critical mass in their own neighborhoods to elect their own representatives. Nor do they assimilate. If we allow the same thing to occur here, the next thing you know, parts of the United States will live under sharia law. Failure to prosecute is an invitation to just that.
Lawrence Auster:

Lisa Schiffren ... Departing from neoconservative orthodoxy, she recognizes that the people who follow such practices are not assimilable in our society; that they should be made to leave ... if people who practice polygamy should be expelled from America and should be kept out of America, not just because polygamy is against the law here, but because, as you argue, their increase among us will inevitably result in sharia being imposed in this country, then doesn't the same argument apply to sharia believers generally? And who are the sharia believers? All believing Muslims. Therefore, by your reasoning, which I fully agree with, all believing Muslims should be kept from immigrating into America, and the ones who are already here should be encouraged to leave (if they are citizens), or made to leave (if they are not).
And, since I'm in the mood, Lisa Schiffren can have a standing ovation too.
And, before I sit down, one more round of applause for Lawrence Auster for relentlessly leading the way.

Britain First said...

George Orwell must be spinning in his grave. We are dangerously close to becoming a police state.

ivan said...

arrow i was at a gig the weekend and the singer asked for any requests i shouted "hey mr tangerine man play a song for me" they were an old seventies band and wore big "turnips" on their trousers

Infidel K9 said...

OT but a must read

Now this you wont believe

Zarei was in charge of the programme for the 'moralisation of Tehran'.


There was an import/export company in business a couple of years ago,wether it is still trading i do not know,but it was registered as ,PAKI . COM,now if they can call thier businesses by that title,it is fair game for any-one else,so tell the thought police to stick it up thier arses as far as they can get it.

Anonymous said... still exists, check it out, some interesting stuff and some fun stuff too.


Finlandia said...

This reminds me of a story from the Falklands war, when allegedly the British troops were in the habit of calling the locals 'Bennies', after the slow-witted Benny character from the TV soap Crossroads. When the military brass heard about it they immediately issued a directive banning the use of the word, as it was deeply offensive to the local population.

A week later, an officer overheard one of his corporals referring to a group of local people as 'Stills'. Curious, the officer asked why, and the corporal replied, "Because they're still Bennies, sah!"