Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Green Arrow Forum - Update

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

OK, well the Green Arrow Forum has been up for just over two weeks now and the membership is growing slowly but surely. But it could be faster, hence this post.

First, lets reiterate the purpose of the Forum. It is to provide a place, not just for members and supporters of the British National Party but also those who broadly support the majority of their policies to meet and swap ideas and comment on the issues that interest them.

There will never be complete agreement in any political party, forum or group on all things. That is the way things are. A forum gives you a chance to read others opinions and voice your own. It gives those who read the posts the opportunity to consider their own opinions or to put forward counter arguments. It is the British Way. It is freedom of speech.

So what is on the Forum? Well if you are just visiting the forum you will have read access to some areas of the site.

You can check out the News Links to information that you might miss in the normal course of events. Check out some of the statements made by a senior Muslim Policeman. Fascinating insight into the mind of a Muslim with authority over us.

There is the Local Economic and Community Activism area dealing with such things as community service and generally helping each other out in these increasingly difficult times.

You have the Music Area where people post their favourite tunes.

Book reviews. Read the review on Camp of The Saints. A frightening glimpse into our future should we not prevail.

Then you have the Video Clips on the BNP that you might not usually get a chance to see. Watch them and judge for yourself about what sort of people the BNP are. I already know. They are you, they are me. If you are a True Brit that is.

Plus, there is the Blogger area, where more and more bloggers are posting summaries of their articles in their own areas with links back to their own sites. The bloggers are the moderators of their own areas and free to post what they wish in their part of town.

And of course there is much more that is open to the casual viewer. But the place to be is inside the Forum as a registered member. That is where it is really at.

Registration is simple but requires an email address. If you are worried about security (no need to, you have my word) then get an hotmail, google or any other online mail reader account if you prefer.

Once registered you will have access to the entire forum and be able to post. Obviously, extreme bad language and statements that could give the establishment an excuse to stamp on us are disallowed, besides there are a lot of female members and it is a rather British Club that does still have standards.

Finally, a Forum is like a Club. And a Club can only survive and grow if the members support it. Well in this Club, it is words that make it turn.

Don't just come in and sit in the corner and listen in on the conversation of the regulars, nodding or shaking your head. Sit down with them and have your say. Right or wrong, they will listen and respond.

With regards to the Green Arrow Blog, this site is ALWAYS looking for articles to post on almost any subject under the Sun. The readership is really growing and its appetite for the truth is voracious. Help get the truth out and contribute an article.

Thank you. Normal service will now be resumed.

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What about a Sado-Masochism area where we can meet your "Mistress", you sicko!

What's your "safe word"? Nick?